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San Antonio College Protective Services Department.

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1 San Antonio College Protective Services Department

2 Developing Interest In and Recruiting Students for The Emergency Management Degrees 1.How do we start? 2.How do we create a student base? 3.How do we market the program?

3 How Do We Start? 1. Needs Assessment 2. Develop a Curriculum 3. Recruit Qualified and Experienced Instructors

4 How Do We Create a Student Base? 1.Try to Develop Interest From The Emergency Services Professions 2. Try to Develop Interest From The Private Sector

5 How do we effectively market a new program to persuade the protective service professional to seek a degree in emergency management? Make the degree transferable to higher institutions Encourage local protective services officials to offer educational incentives. Lobby state certification agencies for course recognition.

6 SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE ORIGINAL PROGRAM 2003 Concentrated on Emergency Management courses in the Professional Development Series 2 + 2 agreement with West Texas A&M Very low enrollment

7 Modified EMAP For Fall 2006 Removed some Advanced Professional Development courses from curriculum Added 12 hours of Homeland Security courses

8 Offer Additional Options to Other Degrees Fire Science Degree with an Emphasis in Homeland Security Criminal Justice Forensic Science With an emphasis in Homeland Security Level I and Level II Certificate In Homeland Security

9 What Do We Expect? Former Program: 4 declared Majors 3 have left to go to other colleges New Program Starting Fall 2006: 5 declared Majors

10 Demographics San Antonio Area Large military presence a. Fort Sam Houston b. Lackland AFB c. Brook Army Medical Center d. Randolph AFB e. Brook-City Base g. Camp Bullis

11 Should the curriculum reflect aspects of both public and private sectors?

12 Department of Public Services

13 North Carolina Community College System 58 Colleges Emergency Preparedness Technology –5 Colleges with Programs –2 Colleges with Collaborative Agreement

14 North Carolina Community College System Fire Protection Technology –9 Colleges with Programs –1 College with Diploma –4 Colleges with Collaborative Agreements Criminal Justice Technology –52 Colleges with Programs –1 College with Collaborative Agreement

15 Durham Technical Community College AAS in Emergency Preparedness Associates Degree in General Education – Concentration in Emergency Preparedness Technology Agreement with Western Carolina University

16 Emergency Preparedness Tech 6 General Education Courses 8 Fire Protection Courses 5 Emergency Preparedness Courses 3 Major Elective Courses from one of three tracks –Fire Protection Track –Criminal Justice Track –Environment, Health & Safety Track

17 Associate Degree in Gen Ed with Concentration in EPT 44 Hours in General Ed –English 6 Credit Hours –Humanities12 Credit Hours –Mathematics 6 Credit Hours –Science8 Credit Hours –Social Science 12 Credit Hours 21 Hours in EPT

18 James D. (J.D.) Richardson San Antonio College (210) 733-2187 Randy Egsegian Durham Technical Community College (919)686-3520 We need to share information

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