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Changing services and systems: Person first system second Clare Wightman Sue Bent.

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1 Changing services and systems: Person first system second Clare Wightman Sue Bent

2 Advocacy Person centred planning Connecting people

3 Employ solicitors to provide legal advice and representation in Community Care Discrimination Debt Employment Family Housing Immigration and Asylum Public Law Welfare Benefits

4 Promoting change network Our project How it complements and extends our existing work How we will influence for change

5 A new troubled families team established in DCLG £448 million identified for local authorities to find solutions to help these families turn around their lives Payment by results methodology, offering local authorities £4,000 per family to achieve outcomes set by DCLG Troubled Families

6 Whatever the presenting issues a family have, there are common themes, experiences, issues and problems.......including: Intergenerational worklessness. Poverty. Debt. Mental health issues. Long-standing illness or disability. Substance misuse. Relationship conflict and breakdown. Domestic abuse. Multiple, unresolved traumatic life events. Parenting difficulties. Issues associated with a family member being in prison. Troubled Families

7 Willenhall One of Coventrys 15 failing communities where disadvantage is stubbornly persistent Poverty - worklessness at 48.2%; fuel poverty at 36.7% High levels of crime and ASB Very poor ranking on health and well-being indicators

8 Reaching Identifying and engaging community guides Immersive attractor events Household asset and network mapping of the strengths and capabilities latent in an area

9 Informing and helping Expert legal advice delivered in a new way Advice services will be a gateway to more effective help from other services:

10 Building informal support networks *One to one engagement *Asset mapping of the person and their communities *Identifying and connecting to opportunities for relationships and valued roles *Formal circle of support building

11 Outcomes Be able to move forward, make decisions and choices about their life, sustained by networks of mutual support to help them through future transitions benefit from expert legal advice to resolve their problems Benefit from services that understand their needs and the impact networks we create will help services reach out to support them Households in the community will

12 Service change The impact networks we create will allow services to Achieve greater effectiveness in delivering positive outcomes Use close collaboration aligning activities to the strengths of the organisations delivering them

13 Theory of change

14 Impact on wider systems Wider systemic impact will come from learning that happens within our work Local Public Service Board Asset Based Working – strategic and operational group

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