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Staff and Partners of Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services 2013 1.

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1 Staff and Partners of Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services 2013 1

2 Working together to help Iowans WORK! Employment outcome definition: means with respect to an individual (job candidate), entering or retraining full-time or, if appropriate, part-time competitive employment in the integrated labor market, supported employment, or any other type of employment in an integrated setting, including self-employment, telecommuting, or business ownership, that is consistent with an individuals strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice. 2

3 In 2011, Iowa received a grant to focus on Employment First initiatives and subsequent objectives: Policies and funding dollars align with integrated employment Strong partnerships across agencies remove barriers to employment outcomes Communication and collaboration among partners consider employment as the first and preferred option for Iowans with disabilities 3

4 Includes a presumption that all people CAN work Cultivates the assumption that integrated competitive employment is the norm to strive towards and the preferred outcome for persons with disabilities Not enough to have an EF policy - states must have Olmstead Plan to serve people with disabilities in most integrated settings Delivery of a service in the community (versus facility) is the expectation for services authorized by IVRS 4

5 Develop a flexible, consumer-driven, outcome- oriented service delivery system Implement a statewide system with quality core services and standardized payments Improve IVRS/CRP collaboration and communication 5

6 Statewide system Core services Standardized payments in FY15 Unique services Menu-based with outcome payments One payment made for defined outcome Payment not made until Quality Indicators/Performance Measures achieved Length of service is determined by the outcome Three categories Discovery Assessment and Vocational Preparation Placement Activities 6

7 Provides flexibility to counselors and job candidates in designing an individualized program tailored to an individual job candidates needs Provides opportunities for payments to the CRP as services and outcomes occur Enhances collaboration and communication among IVRS counselors and CRP providers 7

8 Selects and arranges Menu services Communicates and remains involved in the decision-making process Makes certain job match is appropriate Ascertains reports are on time and performance measures have been accomplished and arranges for timely payments Promotes successful application of the Menu of Services partnership Strives for flexibility to achieve success 8

9 Ensures timely acceptance decisions are made and job candidate enrollment occurs based on CRPs ability to meet their service needs Advocates for job candidates Communicates/collaborates with IVRS staff Notifies IVRS before providing any service Provides high-quality services 9

10 Provides accurate, timely documentation of services Documents completion of performance measure before billing IVRS Promotes successful application of the Menu of Services partnership 10

11 Makes informed choices Works with team to identify service needs Participates actively in programming designed to achieve employment outcome Advocates for him/herself Communicates with IVRS, CRP and other team members who are involved 11

12 Each D-code payment has a number of QI (referred to in CRP contract as Performance Measures ) QI are specific activities and actions that must occur before the outcome payment can be approved Each D-code payment is only made after all QI are completed For these reasons, collaboration between counselors and the team is crucial 12

13 is not a required service is NOT as assessment – but an alternative that goes beyond testing to identify the strengths unique to each job candidate answers the question of who is this person? by getting to know the job candidate in settings where they are most apt to be themselves is a person-centered approach that leads to generating information to design a pathway to a career that focuses on the individuals interest, talents, and dreams (not limitations) 13

14 results in a comprehensive profile of a job candidate to identify their unique needs and potential employment options including conditions required to retain employment Two payment points: After the first meeting when accepted into Discovery (D1A) Employment Analysis dialogue and documentation (D1B) Additional services may be authorized simultaneously 14

15 Conducted in the community CRP arranges evaluation/assessment Business is an integrated setting Job Candidates wage subsidized Questions identified Two payment points : Development of site Final report 15

16 IVRS counselor and client identify questions Assessment administered or supervised by a certified vocational evaluator Psychometric and/or situational assessments Personality testing upon request One payment point: Final Report 16

17 Occurs at the facility or enclave Used to determine the job candidates ability to work at a competitive rate, identify transferable skills, determine work habits and behaviors, and provide recommendations for employment Payment approved when assessment questions related to general employability are answered One payment point : Final Report 17

18 Process to research job opportunities to make an informed choice Computerized and other media to explore careers Two payment points: Development of site to explore real jobs in real work settings in an integrated environment arranged for through a CRP with local business Final report incorporates information from job shadowing and career exploration and provides report 18

19 Curriculum-based training program that teaches specific work tasks Training provides strategies on job retention Training translates to specific jobs within the community Training included within the Iowa Model One payment point : Final Report 19

20 A training program that remedies negative work habits and behaviors Training to connect the gap between skill level and job requirements (cannot be used as assessment) Written report includes specific job placement recommendations for payment One payment point : Final Report May use as a trial work experience if done in the community IVRS status 06 20

21 Teaches the job candidate how to use mass transit to get to and from work One payment point: Final Report 21

22 Only used for supported employment services Generally authorized in conjunction with other outcomes expected Identification of long-term funder required for supported employment job candidate Two payment points : Supported Employment Placement Agreement (D151) Written report upon job offer (D152) 22

23 23 Employer Development (D15A) One payment point: Final Report (includes job analysis) Job coaching and follow-up not included

24 Long term follow-up agreed to prior to service Payment tied with status 18-6 within IVRS Job Coach trains employer and co-workers No job development included JC works at commensurate wage at or above minimum wage Four payment points: Job Coach Assessment Report (D20) Stabilization (D21) 45-day report after stabilization (D22) 90-day report after stabilization (D23) final payment Payment tied with status 26 within IVRS If jc loses job anytime prior to 90-day outcome, counselor and jc will determine the feasibility of pursuing another employment opportunity. 24

25 Definitions (d-codes, standard costs) Menu of Services Manual Employment Analysis (form) Includes Discovery Assessment and Vocational Preparation Supported Employment Placement Agreement Webinar & Recording Links for Discovery Customized Employment training polycom 12/5/13 25

26 Questions? Comments? 26

27 Lee Ann Russo Phone: 515.281.4144Cell: 319.290.4526 Email: IVRS 510 East 12 th Street Des Moines, IA 50319 27

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