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Sheree Kornkven and Jared Hall Information Technology Services North Dakota State University.

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1 Sheree Kornkven and Jared Hall Information Technology Services North Dakota State University

2 Located in Fargo, ND Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area has a population of nearly 180,000 Part of the ND university system of 11 universities and colleges A land-grant university Student enrollment: 12,000

3 Information Technology Services (ITS) ITS provides: –Leadership –Planning –Implementation –Support ITS employs 67 full-time staff members

4 ITS Student Employees ITS employs nearly 100 students Students provide core campus technology services Students work in 10 workgroups Application Development Communications Instructional Services Server Systems Statistical Consulting Help Desk Technology Learning Center Desktop Support Classroom and Media Technologies Network Services

5 Independent Workgroups Management Recruiting Interviews Orientation Training Pay scale Policies and procedures –General policies –Disciplinary policies –Grievance policies

6 Moving to the Next Level 2004: Decision made by ITS to establish an STS program Half-time STS coordinator appointed –Full-time ITS staff member STS would be under the leadership of the director of IT Client Services Successful STS program at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee served as a model STS programs are staffed and managed by students

7 STS Program Goals 1.Integrate all ITS student employees into a unified, consistently managed program 2.Enhance communication between ITS administration, workgroups, and student employees 3.Develop more equitable and consistent hiring practices and pay scales

8 STS Program Goals (cont.) 4.Enhance professional development opportunities for student employees 5.Provide a higher level of IT services for the NDSU campus

9 1. Unified Program STS Organization –Three student management positions STS manager STS human resources manager STS professional development manager

10 1. Unified Program- Challenges An environment of change –ITS Reorganization: Reorganizing Service Areas New locations Redefine services Merge servicesRealign staff

11 1. Unified Program- Challenges Apprehension that STS would: –affect well-established management structure in workgroups –impact individual jobs –change long-standing policies Confusion about reporting structure Who do I report to???

12 Change... Its not so much that were afraid of change or so in love with the old ways, but its that place in between that we fear.... Its like being between trapezes. Its Linus when his blanket is in the dryer. Theres nothing to hold onto. - Marilyn Ferguson, American Futurist ©United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

13 1. Creating Unity Developed organizational chart and responsibility charts Developed consistent HR policies and procedures Met individually with workgroup managers Held a kick-off event for all students Cooperation, rather than competition, with workgroups

14 2. Enhance Communication Use of electronic communication tools –E-lists –Web –Blackboard Student employee meetings STS management acts as point of contact

15 3. Consistent Wage Structure Prior to STS: –Current pay scale inequitable –Workgroups independently assigning position descriptions and wages –Limited or non-existent performance evaluations –Salary increases automatic

16 3. Consistent Wage Structure Taskforce appointed to examine all student positions, job descriptions, pay rates June 2005: A new, more equitable pay scale approved Fall 2005: Most students received significant raises Raises would be based on performance

17 4. Enhance Student Development Explicit Training –On-the-job training –Professional development program

18 We cant afford to hire people who have only technical skills. They have to have business and planning skills and financial awareness. -Don Alishio, Network Engineering Manager The Boeing Co.

19 Professional Development Topics include: –Communication –Customer service –Diversity training –Leadership –Career development –Technology training Around 30 training options each semester

20 Four sources for professional development events: –Arranged by STS management team –Campus events –Alternative events –Technology short courses

21 5. Enhance Student Development Excellent work experience –Technology –Leadership –Customer service –Communication – Performance evaluations


23 5. Higher Level of IT Services Better use of resources Increased efficiency Increased productivity

24 Whats Ahead? Create methods to measure program effectiveness and employee satisfaction Develop methods to assess student needs Improve professional development Expand supervisor training Improve employee orientation Plan for management turnover

25 Conclusion 1.Unified, consistently managed program 2.Enhanced communication between students and administration 3.Equitable and consistent pay scales 4.Enhanced development opportunities for students 5.Higher level of IT service

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