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Clearinghouse and OGC Web Services Overview Doug Nebert FGDC Secretariat December 4, 2001.

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1 Clearinghouse and OGC Web Services Overview Doug Nebert FGDC Secretariat December 4, 2001

2 Presentation Overview Web Map CAP Activities –Project Members –Workshop –Architecture –Status Clearinghouse Status –Current Environment –FY 2002 Planned Activities

3 Web Map CAP Objectives To demonstrate the integration of information discovery (Clearinghouse) with OpenGIS Web Map Services for the display of found data To visualize data from multiple map services at different organizations through an OGC spec- based portal To establish 24x7 reliable web map services described in metadata for others to use

4 Approach Awarded to multi-organization projects interested in hosting web map services and map viewing software as part of their Clearinghouse Held a week-long workshop at SAIC in September to introduce free and commercial solutions to projects Deploy modified FGDC data and services metadata in Clearinghouses Use and deploy web map services and viewer software across projects

5 Workshop Participants Projects: NOAA NGDC North Carolina New Mexico Cornell U., NY Mifflin Co, PA MetroGIS, MN Oregon Nevada Idaho MIT Arkansas Alaska GDC Vermont CIA

6 Objectives of the Workshop to educate operators of Clearinghouse and map services on relevant OpenGIS specifications and experimental interfaces to view distributed data to assist CAP recipients in the extension of their map services to support OGC interfaces to introduce linkages between metadata, clearinghouse, and map data display to establish communication between CAP recipients and support individuals

7 Web Browser WMS Interface ArcIMS Data Organization 1 MS Data Organization 2 Metadata Search Gateway Request Response Z39.50 s1 s2 OGC getMap







14 Data Client User Application Server Catalog Architecture RoadmapFGDC Federal Geographic Data Committee Services Web Map Server... Interfaces


16 Plans for WebMapCAP In the life of these CAP projects we intend to: Clarify the relationship between data and services metadata management at the service node (your mapserver/metadata server) Establish a registry of eligible WMS capabilities among the CAP and other projects for use in the Experiment with a broker gateway that will match data content and service requests for the client Stand up OGC WMS services at all CAP projects Establish WMS viewer portals at all CAP project community portals that include search and display of local and national data sources

17 Clearinghouse Status Clearinghouse Statistical Summary 12/01: US Gateways: 6 Total Servers: 281 Active Servers: 248 (Inactive: 33) Activities: Refining search gateways Hosting/coordinating global (GSDI) search Improving server registration/management Participating in OGC to discuss futures


19 Search Wizard Newer user interface to assist in data discovery Includes ISO 19115 topical pick-list Selects servers based on footprint and topics of interest Suggests search words to pass-through Presents some results as Summary (with inset map)









28 Clearinghouse Concepts for 2002 Mine Clearinghouse Gateway connection logs for user numbers and types, success of queries, popularity of services Deploy FGDC-hosted harvester/index/Z39.50 server for metadata from small sites not able to operate their own Node server software Continue prototyping integrated search portals linking mapping services with data discovery Work with vendors to incorporate Clearinghouse (Catalog) search and service in GIS products Participate in OGC standardization activities

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