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Library Services for Older Adults An Infopeople Workshop Spring 2007 Diane Satchwell

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1 Library Services for Older Adults An Infopeople Workshop Spring 2007 Diane Satchwell

2 Overview of Library Services for Older Adults Target audience Service ideas Technology Partnerships Marketing Funding Evaluation Take one service idea with you!

3 And the Older Adult is…..

4 Demographics Where can you find demographic information? Sources They may not be coming into your library Are all older adults in the library? – The non-user

5 Your Community Demographics Who is an older adult in your community? – Older adults in your library What are you seeing being used by the older adult in your library?

6 Myths and Realities of Older Adults Older people are lonely – Myth #5 Certain ethnic groups live longer – Myth # 8 Older adults are set in their ways – Myth #17 Older adults like new services – Reality

7 Where to Get Service Ideas Websites Literature Audio material Program series – other libraries

8 Planning for the New Service Top 20 services for older adults handout Your library can offer……. – Who should I target? – What service can I start?

9 Older Adults as Planners What value do older adults add? Input What political impact can they bring? Friends of council Other thoughts…

10 Services in Place What services are in place that older adults are using in your library?

11 Barriers to Reach Older Adults Is your library accessible? – Can older adults get to the service? How does staff feel about older adults? Your thoughts…

12 Plan and Develop the Service Technology Older adult inclusion Partnerships Funding Service ideas

13 Potential of Technology in the Library What are some technology service ideas – Email – Genealogy Use your webpage for advertising Needs to be easy to use

14 Technology Barriers How accessible are your computers? What are some barriers? – Small print – Ability to use mouse – Easily accessible with a wheelchair

15 Partnerships What value to partners bring to the library? Who can be a partner? – Finding the right fit – Looking in the right places Where do you find partners? Always remember to thank the partners

16 Older Adult as Partners What can baby boomers bring to your library?

17 Outside Funding for Services Friends of the Library Local organizations Grants – IMLS – State Library

18 Special Funding Opportunities Do you have agencies within the City or County? Local Groups with literacy goals – Rotary – Lions

19 Budget Considerations Funding source – Partnerships/Grants Personnel – Who is best person? Speakers or performers – Do you need every time? Promotions – Special places

20 More Considerations Facilities and equipment – Accessibility Food – Opportunity for nutritional information Miscellaneous – What comes to mind for older adults and budgeting their needs?

21 Things to Consider Before Offering a New Service Audience Partner Funding Budget

22 Marketing the Service Staff and community assistance Getting the word out Advertising techniques

23 Staff and Community Assistance What steps can you take to involve the community? – OASIS ( How can you prepare staff? – Sensitivity What are some trends? – Name: Older Adults

24 Getting the Word Out Gaming locations Assisted living Community senior centers Your thoughts?

25 Advertising Techniques Local newspapers Flyers Brochures Local radio stations Web page Your thoughts?

26 Spread the Message What do you want to say? What sources do you have in house? Timing is important Double check – Triple check – Check again!

27 Types of Evaluations Surveys – One or half page Interviews – Phone or in-house Web page – Survey Monkey Measure the right thing

28 Trouble Shooting What are some considerations that may cause a problem? Record service - ever evolving Communication

29 Keep the History Journal Three ring binders CDs DVDs Videos Remember the fun!!!

30 The Real Deal Now it is your turn to develop one library service for older adults in your community.

31 Questions? Please feel free to contact me anytime.


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