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AT&T Enhanced VPN Presenter: Sam Levine-866-624-2008 x111.

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1 AT&T Enhanced VPN Presenter: Sam Levine x111

2 Agenda IP Networking Presents Choices
AT&T’s Network-based IP VPN Connectivity The AT&T Network AT&T Global Network (AGN) AT&T Enhanced VPN Services Service Features Benefits Country Availability Service Level Agreements (SLAs) - Our Targets Resiliency Options VoIP Option Class of Service AT&T integrated Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS) Managed Services Support Centers Web-based Reporting Integrated VPNs - Value Added Services Wrap UP / Q&A

3 IP Networking Presents Choices
Network-based IP VPN Integrated VPN Storage Web / App Server MPLS VPN AT&T Global MPLS Network Network Based Firewall VPN is delivered over MPLS-enabled backbone and is built in the network cloud. Data Center Internet Premises-based IP VPN Branch Office Remote Offices and Workers Remote Workers Suppliers/Distributors Headquarters VPN is delivered over the Internet, Public IP or Private IP backbone networks, and requires premises devices and utilizes tunneling protocols such as IPSec, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), L2TP and PPTP. Enterprise networking often demands a combination of VPNs with flexible access, levels of management, continuity choices and enhanced features. These technologies are complementary, not competing.

4 AT&T’s Network-based IP VPN Connectivity
Provides a management continuum of customer managed, hybrid and AT&T managed options Remote Access Remote Access Internet NB FW VPN GW LAN Router DSU DSU Router LAN AT&T Network LAN Router DSU PE PE DSU Router LAN Local Loop AT&T offers our customers with a true management continuum with our Network-based IP VPNs. Customers can choice between do-it-yourself - where AT&T only manages our network from network switch to network switch. AT&T then goes up the continuum offering a network monitoring service with our IP Enabled Frame Relay Plus Service where we monitor your network up to your premises. We then offer a managed router option that provides an AT&T managed solution up to the customer premises. Finally, at the upper end of the continuum, AT&T offers Enhanced VPN Services, which provides a fully managed, fully bundled IP VPN solution that extends the logical network management to the customer LAN. VPN IP Transport Management VPN with Managed Router and Managed Encryption extends AT&T logical network management to the customer premises Managed Network Application Services extend AT&T logical network management to the customer LAN and applications

5 AT&T’s Network-based IP VPN Services
WAN/LAN Mgmt AT&T Enhanced VPN Services Provisioned via AT&T Global Network AT&T fully managed CPE (DSU / CSU and the router) Plan, Design, Deploy and Managed End-to-End Environment Enhanced SLAs to the router 24 X 7 Customer Care with Proactive Management Enhanced Web-based Reporting Monitoring & Management powered by iGEMS Alarms Alerts iGEMS Proactive Management AT&T IP Enabled Frame Relay / ATM PLUS Service Provisioned via AT&T Global Network AT&T managed DSU Plan, Design, Deploy and Monitor Environment SLAs to the DSU 24 X 7 Customer Care with Proactive Monitoring DSU Web-based Reporting Availability Data Proactive Monitoring AT&T MPL Private Network Transport Service Provisioned via AT&T IP Backbone Customer Managed or AT&T Managed CPE Plan, Design and Deploy Environment with proactive management capabilities Network Level SLAs 24 X 7 Customer Care Web-based Reporting Transport AT&T IP Enabled Frame Relay / ATM Service Provisioned via AT&T Global Network AT&T Managed Transport only Plan, Design and Deploy environment Network Level SLAs 24 X 7 Customer Care Web-based Reporting Performance Data Network Services Monitoring & Management Choices - Increasing the Value

6 AT&T Global Enhanced Network
Plus 600+ US POPs $300M Investment Fully Integrated Supports All Services Common Management Platform Global Processes In-country Personnel This is a map of AT&T’s global Frame and ATM services. This network is also the underlying infrastructure for our Global IP network outside the US (within the US all IP traffic is carried on the AT&T IP Backbone). This is a seamless global network. This network reaches 60+ countries and has 209 nodes and is predominantly frame relay with an ATM core. This network is supported by extensive, in-country support personnel who will now be turning their attentions to supporting the AT&T Enhanced Global Network also. AT&T’s global strategy is to be the number one provider of communications services worldwide. We will drive the speed and creation of innovative new services. We will provide services on a global basis—from customer premises to customer premises. We are building upon our existing global capabilities by to create a new, state of the art, global network using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). AT&T Global Network is a seamless, ubiquitous network that has been designed on the same state of the art equipment as in the AT&T Frame/ATM network in the US. Use of the same platform and equipment makes it easy to maintain the network and makes it possible for AT&T to quickly deploy services and technologies consistently any where in the world. This network allows us to offer a seamless suite of VPN solutions on a global basis, with MPLS at the core with the ability to offer Class of Services. To provide excellent service to our customers, AT&T uses our extensive staff of in-country personnel and relationships, and select best-in-class management tools and automated processes to create a consistent global network management platform.

7 Leveraging AT&T’s Global Network Strength
AT&T Global Network Strength *Protected by AT&T’s robust Disaster Recovery Program Remote Access from more than 147 countries covered through more than 7,000 POPs and dedicated data access from over 800 POPs in more than 50 countries. *Enables delivery of full breadth of services from a single platform *More than 1,000 nodes supporting MPLS based services *A leading global carrier of IP and data traffic, carrying 4.3 petabytes of traffic per business day *Industry leading SLAs for global IP performance, including best in class assurances for packet delivery, latency, and offering a % e2e assurance *Investment of over $200m to develop AT&T’s integrated Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS) which provides monitoring of customer networks *Unprecedented visibility & control available through AT&T BusinessDirect R customer portal. Over 400,000 companies, with over 600,000 users now employ the portal to conduct e-sales and servicing transactions The AT&T Global IP Network has been designed with a regional autonomous system structure for scalability and stability; it is considered a wise practice to have regional autonomous systems with very large networks, in order to reduce the size of the routing table in the routers and ensure stability. In addition, in many regions of the world there are communities of countries where the same language as spoken, such as Latin America, and a regional autonomous system structure supports efficient routing for intra-region traffic. The US region of the AT&T Global IP network consists of 34 nodes interconnected by OC48/192 circuits, along with 100 additional nodes connecting smaller cities. We have massive quantities of peering traffic and dedicated IP services can be obtained by any of AT&T’s 600+ US POPs. We were the first ISP to deploy and announce working OC192 link carrying customer traffic. We are also the only ISP with the PeerMon routing stability tool (AT&T Labs has applied for a patent for this tool), which helps keep our network stable and always “reachable” throughout the Internet. The US regional network is MPLS-enabled. Outside the US, we’ve begun a massive upgrade project to upgrade our nodes to an architecture, platform and supporting infrastructure which is consistent with that in the US. This project began in 4Q with our building of our EMEA “core” (8 nodes) and AP “core” (8 nodes). Throughout 2003 and into early 2004 we will continue to upgrade nodes; we expect to complete this project by mid Outside the United States the network consists of several regional autonomous systems, which is considered the best design for network stability and performance. The global regions of the AT&T Global IP Network are also MPLS-enabled. Global MPLS-enabled IP Network at the Core and at the Edge Industry-leading performance: end-to-end reliability, jitter and latency Protected by AT&T’s robust Network Disaster Recovery Program More than 147 countries covered through 7,000+ Remote Access Points

8 End-to-End Management
AT&T Enhanced VPN Services Enterprise Solution Single Virtual Global Network Consistent feature functionality Converged network Access Line Customer Site C Maint. Modem Ease of Operations Comprehensive network design Project management deployment Edge-to-edge service Intimate Lifecycle Care On-line portal for Visibility CE Maint. Modem Access PE Access Line Maint. Modem Customer Site B Customer Site D PE CE CE Access Line PE MPLS Flexible Functions Any to any connectivity Transport independent Classes of Service / Prioritization Global Network AT&T PE Access Maint. Modem Access Line Performance Resiliency options Availability commitments Latency commitments Responsiveness commitments AT&T End-to-End Management AT&T Enhanced VPN Services Private IP offers you with the "Best of all worlds": the reliability, security and performance of a frame relay / ATM network with the flexibility and ubiquitous access of IP that is available via an MPLS-based network. Enhanced VPN Private IP is a globally consistent service with same feature functionality available in 80+ cities across all geographical boundaries, with in-country sales and support. Enhanced VPN Private IP is transport and access independent. This offers you the flexibility to support FR, ATM and, in the future, IP, broadband and wireless within your network, with the ability to inter-mix transport - in other words have a hybrid or integrated VPN - within a single enterprise network while being "access agnostic” with your network. Enhanced VPN Private IP is a fully managed service providing you with: Comprehensive network solution design - leveraging of AT&T engineering and operational expertise to develop solution meeting customer application requirements. Project and implementation management - certified project managers utilizing global tool set to develop, document and drive implementations globally End-to-end network management - proactive management including notice to customer of outages or service degradation and fix often prior to customer experiencing them Web-based Reporting - online access to (near) real-time and historical performance and configuration information Service level agreements / management - proactive adherence to committed metrics or AT&T initiates appropriate credits for failure to meet them "Application aware” supported includes: 4 classes of service (one reserved for voice and three for the different data applications you run over your network allowing you to optimally support applications ranging from voice and multimedia to and Internet browsing. Enhanced VPN Private IP allows you to seamlessly integrate or overlay other managed services onto your network to meet all your communications requirements. You can easily integrate remote access, hosting, firewall, messaging, and (in the future) LAN and premises management services within your network. Best of all is the simplicity that AT&T offers. Enhanced VPN Private IP is a fully bundled service, providing you with one contract, one price schedule, one servicing model (implementation / operation / care), one bill - what could be easier. CE Customer Site A

9 Enhanced VPN Supports Your Network
Headquarters Overseas Offices Networking MPLS Core (Traffic Prioritization) Suppliers AT&T Global Network Global Remote Access End-to-End Business Application View Branch Office Remote Workers Overview: AT&T has the expertise to integrate and manage complex environments for our customers. By teaming with AT&T, customers strengthen their control over their operational efficiencies, financial balance sheet and ability to respond to dynamic and changing market conditions. Discussion Points: How are you going to manage the complexity of your networks? What are your financial objectives/ROI metrics for measuring new investments? What are the operational challenges you are addressing today? What strategic capabilities are you looking to enable? Do you have the skills and staffing to manage the integration of your network and your next generation applications? AT&T Proof Points: Operationally Across all phases of a project life-cycle (Design, Deployment and Management), AT&T has the ability to complement the personnel and investments of our customers. Financially AT&T allows customers to maximize the return on their networking investment from both a flexibility perspective as well as a Total Cost of Ownership perspective. Spend less: By leveraging AT&T’s scale and expertise customers can reduce capital expenditures on managing their network Spend differently: AT&T allows customers to transform fixed costs to variable costs. Thereby becoming much more flexible and demand driven. Spend incrementally: With a broad array of management options, AT&T allows customers to evolve their networking investment according to their business objectives…not ours. Strategically By utilizing AT&T’s ability to deliver best-of-breed technology solutions, customers gain the strategic benefit of improving their time to market and the assurance of being able to future-proof their technology investment. With such dynamic and rapid changes occurring in the technology marketplace AT&T can assist in reducing the risk and expense associated with adopting new and emerging technologies. Closing Point: AT&T helps customers manage their complex and evolving networking infrastructure so that they can maximize the return on their networking investment. Increasing levels of management support to meet your needs Design Deploy Manage Design Centers of Excellence / Solutions Center Experienced Engineers and Designers Define Architecture and Topology Network and Access Security Hardware/Software Engineer for Performance and Business Continuity Creation, Execution & Management of Project Plans Global Procurement & Provisioning Including access connections Global Configure/Test/Installation Establish & Integrate operational Infrastructure (performance reporting, web reporting access, etc.) Trained Professionals using Proven Processes (3,500 global individuals) Service Management (Proactive, Reactive & Predictive) Single Global Platform ( iGEMS) Performance Management (Network / Application) Service Level, Availability and Performance reporting Global Managed Service Support Centers In-country, in-language help desks

10 Service Features AT&T Global Network Any-to-Any connectivity
Globally consistent seamless network Available in 60+ countries Access independent Uniform, Global, MPLS-enabled Any-to-Any connectivity Using MPLS in core and at the edge Predicatable Performance (QoS) Multiple Classes of Service supported to accomodate all types of applications Security MPLS inherent security on par with Frame Relay Additional optional AT&T Security Services High Performance Network Industry-leading Service Level Objectives (SLOs) / Service Level Agreements (SLA) Back-up and Resiliency Options End-to-End Management Comprehensive network solution design leveraging AT&T engineering and operational expertise Project and deployment management utilizing global tool set to develop, document and drive implementations globally Proactive network management with leading edge iGEMS tool Web-based Reporting Layer 3 reports (IP level) Simplicity of One Stop Shop One contract, one price schedule, one servicing model deployment / operation / customer care, one bill Multimedia-enabled Supports Voice-over-IP and other applications Global Help Desk Support - 24X7 Regional Helpdesks supporting multiple languages

11 Benefits of AT&T Enhanced VPN
Global Coverage - Provides ease of global implementation among all locations with consistent feature functionality so that each location, no matter where in the world can perform the same tasks. Management Continuum - Network facilities, network management and monitoring on a 24x7 basis ensuring network reliability and availability and reduces cost of ownership in network technology, thus improving return on investment within the network. Cost Efficiencies - AT&T managed services provide cost savings in the recruiting, training and maintenance of head count. Costs are reduced with a fully meshed network, with no need for large bandwidth and CPE at a Hub site, plus flexibility of bandwidth / CPE can be up- or down-graded for minimal charge. IT budgets are slashed, but return on your communications are up. One-Stop-Shopping - For global ordering and implementation, with in-country support providing ease of implementation saving time and assuring network productivity and your productivity since you do not need to keep track of many vendors - only AT&T. Flexible, Robust Network Architecture - MPLS-based network architecture provides any-to-any connectivity allowing for a unified connection for intranet, extranet and Internet access for constant communications among all locations without the burden of configuring numerous PVCs allowing for operational and cost efficiencies. Simplified Pricing and Packaging - Providing consistent monthly recurring charges for ease of budgeting, accounting, and reconciliation, enabling operational and cost-efficiencies. Service Level Agreements - Available for standard solutions provide assurance that the network will perform as required. Reduced down time keeps productivity up.

12 Benefits of AT&T Enhanced VPN
Operational Efficiencies - Divisions working together, information received faster and direct keep organizations working smarter not harder. Project Implementation Managers (PIMs) oversee the implementation of your network and provide you updates, your network is installed faster - your communicating sooner and productivity is increased. Moves, adds, changes and deletes within your network happen faster, keeping your network streamlined. Reconciliation of invoices completed faster because there is only one vendor, one invoice to reconcile. Operational efficiencies that keep your bottom line healthy. Application awareness - Allows you to define the priority of different applications and assign the appropriate Class of Service to each application at every location enabling a single network to accurately and consistently prioritize traffic, ensuring the delivery of higher priority traffic ahead of lower priority traffic. Superior scalability - Significant reduction in effort and time to install to add new locations, including the CPE, in a comparable meshed frame relay network allowing the network to change as your company does. Flexible access options - Simplification and flexibility of access options provides you with the ability to connect your remote workers and branch offices to headquarters. Increased security - MPLS provides for greater security through the creation and assignment of unique VRF tables to your individual VPN ensuring secured networking - no one but those your want to get your information. Simplified transition - A simple and efficient way to transition from more traditional data networking to IP-enabled networking or from unmanaged to managed service providing operational and cost efficiencies.

13 Country Availability - VoIP Option
Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Estonia Portugal Romania Russia Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand United Kingdom USA Venezuela Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea (South) Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Neth. Antilles New Zealand Norway Peru Philippines Poland Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, South Africa, Turkey and Ukraine available via custom bid

14 Standard Plan SLAs – The Targets
Time to install Set by PIM + customer, dependent on country, type router, line speed etc. Time to implement SW Change (Move, Add, Change, Delete) Set by PIM + customer, dependent on complexity of change Time to implement HW Change (Move, Add, Change, Delete) Site availability Up to 99.99%, dependent on backup options, country Site to site latency Dependent on country endpoints, tail circuit size and CoS Site to site packet delivery Dependent on country end points and CoS Time to restore Generally 4 hours, dependent on country and backup

15 Resiliency Options Resiliency Options
Resiliency Option 1: Single Router, Single Access Line and ISDN Resiliency Option 2: Single Router, Dual Access Line Resiliency Option 3: Dual Routers, Single Access Line (Optional ISDN) Resiliency Option 4: Dual Routers, Dual Access Lines

16 VoIP Option: Value Added Support for Your Applications
Branch Home Office PSTN PBX Key T1/E1 with CAS Voice E&M VoIP on EVPN V+D V+D Voice Gateway Router Voice Gateway Router The Voice over IP Option provides: Reduced site to site phone charges; OffNet for under 3 cents/min. flat rate across the US. This includes internationally originated traffic. Data applications can dynamically use voice bandwidth when voice is not present. (E.G. Faster overnight files transfers) More Voice calls per access line because VoIP uses better compression techniques like G 729a and RTP header compression. Positioned to link up with other service offerings Via H.323 standard Positioned for future VoIP Web applications via SIP standard. AT&T Management Center VoIP Technical Assistance Centralized dial plan Internal QoS auto ticketing by the center Web call detail reports Calls rated for VoIP quality by NPR customer report

17 IP Applications VoIP ERP Multimedia VPN WWW
Low Latency Low Bandwidth Latency Tolerant Bursty Bandwidth Non-Uniform Network Traffic demands Traffic Management

18 How AT&T Achieves Class of Service
By applying several techniques in the customer site router because this is where most of the problems take place ... Classification Classification of packets into different lists is done in the customer router based on customer requirements Marking Controls the amount of traffic accepted for each class Policing Discards the excess traffic Traffic Shaping Queues the access traffic Fair Queuing Provides minimum bandwidth guarantee to each class. One queue used for each class Congestion mechanism In case of congestion, traffic of the lowest priority class is discarded first ... combined with QoS information from the network core.

19 Network-based IP VPN Class of Service Structure
Network-based IP VPN Model – Port, CoS template option CoS 1 CoS bandwidth allocation applied at port level CoS 2 Port CoS 3 CoS 4 Port PVC PVC bursting to port speed Frame Relay Model – Port, PVC

20 Differentiated Classes of Service
Traffic Class Traffic Type Suggested Examples CoS 1 Designed to carry real time applications Voice over IP , high speed video CoS 2 Designed to carry critical business applications Transactional applications, videoconferencing CoS 3 Designed to carry standard business applications Database applications, commercial business applications CoS 4 Designed to carry general business applications File transfer, batch, , Web browsing and database replication Burst to Port available on Class of Service CDRs (Commited Data Rate)

21 Seamless Network Management AT&T‘s agile Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS)
Converged managed services platform Supports the full range of AT&T Services Reactive, proactive and predictive network and systems management Allows AT&T to deliver application-specific SLAs with end-to-end visibility (only provider in industry to do so) Executes more than 100 different third-party management applications Correlates and pinpoints alarms for faster diagnosis and resolution.

22 Service Centers at a Glance
Global Deployment Highly skilled networking professionals 7 X 24 X 365 Support Access to “best in class” technology partners & suppliers Access to the next generation networking professionals through local labor force and universities Integrated Technology Platform Common Processes Alpharetta, GA Durham/Tampa/Schaumburg Amsterdam, NL Redditch/Vilvoorde/Ehningen Toronto, Canada Birmingham, UK Phoenix, AZ Mitaka/Sydney Sao Paolo

23 Global Managed Services Support Centers (MSSC)
Qualified, Trained Professionals 90% of Tier 2 Techs have one certifications, 24% have 2 or more of the certifications, 11% of the org has 3 or more certifications Cisco certified: CCNA, CCNP & CCIE 7.5 average years of experience for Tier 2 support Dedicated trained Network Performance Group High level dedicated Tier 3 Techs with areas of expertise Strong in-depth SNA expertise A number of Level 2 teams exist to support the MSSC within AT&T within their areas of expertise: NetTech – Provides logical router, config support and troubleshooting NetPerf – Provides router PD on throughput issues IP Network Ops – Supports the infrastructure for the Network security and access Change Team – Responsible for implementing scheduled changes to customer routers DIALSW – Remote Access end-to-end support LIGSUP2 – Remote Access gateway technical support Real-Time Call and Problem Management Systems 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week with live call specialists / Technical Support answers the call On-line Website for Incident Submissions / Updates Electronically bonded to customer, requiring userid and password View progress reports on-line

24 Global Helpdesk Support
Managed Data services presently provides Regional helpdesks supporting multiple languages Network Management 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week Integrated Processes, procedures and tools Standardized Ticketing Defined escalation process SPOC, Single point of issue ownership / resolution

25 AT&T BusinessDirect® - Personalized Home Page
Current Tools & Messages Site Management New Services & Announcements Alerts! A single view on all AT&T services Uses iGems technology to underpin multiple different services Secure customized view into your managed infrastructure Service Line specific - Network Topology Maps; Performance Reporting; Ticketing and Ordering

26 Standard Web-based Reports
Monthly Overview Reports Backbone Measurements Availability/Latency/Reliability measured around the clock Site Availability Average site availability for all attached DTEs for the month Site to Site Latency by CoS Average packet delivery measured between qualifying site pairs by CoS Accessed from iGEMS Global Measurements System Traffic Usage by CoS Regular Polling, reporting measurements and exceptions for each CoS per site connection Traffic Behavior by CoS Report lists measured CoS distribution compared with contracted rates CE Statistics Access Link Access Method (ATM, Frame Relay) CE Router Performance LAN Port Exception Reports Measurements compared with thresholds Forecast Reports 30/60/90 day projections based on historic data

27 Gold Plan Web-based Reports
All Standard Level Reports Network operation Site Availability Site to Site Response Time by CoS Site to Site Packet Delivery by CoS Installation and change On Time Installation of New Site On Time Physical Change (hardware) On Time Logical Change (software) Service restoration (available only in the U.S.)

28 AT&T Internet Data Center
Integrated Enterprise VPN - Value Added Services Storage AT&T Internet Data Center Intrusion Detection Managed Router Supplier Branch Web / App Server MPLS VPN Network Based Firewall VoIP AT&T Global Network Internet Ultra-Available Ring VPN Remote Access Managed Firewall Web Site Data Center VPN Remote Access Customer Application Performance Mgmt Voice over IP / LAN Telephony Content Hosting Storage Management Security Management Managed Firewall Managed Authentication Intrusion Detection Anti-Virus Scanning Transport / Access Private Line Frame Relay / ATM Remote Access

29 Customer Scenario Enhanced VPN
Business Challenge Company Information To rapidly replace the existing FR network by the end of March 2002 Common network for all divisions with quality of service and to support future services, technologies and requirements Compliant with existing US network Sara Lee Corporation is a global manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, brand-name products for consumers throughout the world. With headquarters in Chicago, Sara Lee Corporation has operations in 58 countries and markets branded products in more than 180 nations. The corporation employs 141,500 worldwide. In EMEA, Sara Lee operates 4 separate divisions. ( Solution External Reference YES 140 sites connected to the AT&T MPLS backbone based on EVPN service. Four global applications centers connected to MPLS network. All divisions connected to MPLS backbone. EMEA & Asia/Pacific Operations in 58 countries Markets branded products in more than 180 nations 141,500 employees worldwide Client Benefits Americas Open and flexible architecture that meets current needs of migration and future evolution. Meets Sara Lee's functional, operational, global and budgetary requirements. Hundreds of locations connected via fully managed EVPN service

30 Customer Scenario Enhanced VPN
Business Challenge Company Information Global expansion created the need for seamless flow of data and other critical information across all locations Simplifying the frame relay infrastructure of LafargeNet was a strong requisite Lafarge is the world's leading producer of building materials. The Group holds top-ranking positions in each of its four divisions: Cement, Aggregates and Concrete, Roofing, Gypsum. In 2001, Group sales amounted to €13.7 billion. With a workforce of 83,000 people, Lafarge is now present in 75 countries. Lafarge offers all construction industry sectors - from architect to tradesman, from distributor to end user - a comprehensive range of products and solutions for each stage of the building process. ( Solution External Reference YES Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IVPN) connections for remote sites and AT&T Managed Data Network Services (MDNS) and MPLS based services (EVPN) for critical appli. & main locations 50 sites being connected to the Lafarge hub in 26 countries on all 5 continents EMEA All locations connect to LafargeNet Hub EVPN, MDNS Frame Relay & IVPN services 12 EVPN connections Americas Lafarge North America - largest diversified construction materials company and supplier of cement, aggregates and concrete in the U.S. and Canada 1 EVPN site in Canada Client Benefits Asia Pacific Worldwide network connectivity Security policy protecting the LafargeNet against any unwelcome intrusion High-performance multi-protocol solution (EVPN) that supports all kinds of business applications and any to any connectivity Connectivity solution in countries without a local AT&T presence with IVPN Hybrid VPN to meet different specific needs Flexible billing Global MDNS Frame Relay Service in Japan, Singapore, Thailand 1 EVPN site in Singapore Worldwide Lafarge, a world leader in building materials that is active in 75 countries, and employs more than 85,000 people. AT&T was instrumental simplifying the global infrastructure of Lafarge’s intranet (LafargeNet)

31 Enhanced VPN Offers End-to-End Management
Experienced Engineering and Operations Personnel Network design and consultation Solutions Centers Installation and implementation project management globally Proactive and Predictive Network Management Continuous 24x7x365 proactive monitoring with notifications via phone, or pages Fault management Auto detection tools that receive alarms on the network and CPE Automatic maintenance tickets generated with resolution notification Enhanced SLAs offering proactive credits Responsive to your Networking Needs Perform as internal telecommunication / IT Department acting like an extension of your personnel In-country, in-language technical help desk support Historical and Near Real Time Reporting Extensive Performance and Service Level Reporting Common, Unified way to Interface with AT&T Business Enhanced VPN Private IP is a fully managed service providing you with: Comprehensive network solution design - leveraging AT&T engineering and operational expertise to develop solution meeting your application requirements. Project and implementation management - certified project managers utilizing global tool set to develop, document and drive implementations globally End-to-end network management - proactive management including notice to you of outages or service degradation and fix often prior to you experiencing them Web-based Reporting - online access to (near) real-time and historical performance and configuration information Service level agreements / management - proactive adherence to committed metrics or AT&T initiates appropriate credits for failure to meet them "Application aware” supported includes: 4 classes of service (one reserved for voice and three for the different data applications you run over your network allowing you to optimally support applications ranging from voice and multimedia to and Internet browsing. Enhanced VPN Private IP allows you to seamlessly integrate or overlay other managed services onto your network to meet all your communications requirements. You can easily integrate remote access, hosting, firewall, messaging, and (in the future) LAN and premises management services within your network.

32 What the Analysts are Saying
“AT&T is the best in the VPN business …,” demonstrating a “future-proof global VPN architecture,” an extensive breadth of offerings with SLAs to guarantee service IDC rates AT&T top of all US IP VPN managed carriers for market share, performance, and leadership AT&T awarded top ratings of all IP VPN carriers for global reach and leadership in IP VPN functionality AT&T IP VPNs rated “Best in Class” by Telemark based on survey of multi-national corporations

33 Thank You!!

34 Back Up Charts

35 iGEMS Processes: Disciplined Delivery of Predictable Performance
Rigorous Proven Processes Application Due Diligence & Stress Testing Service Level and Configuration Engineering Project, Change, Capacity, Configuration & Inventory Management Customer Acceptance Testing Operational Metrics Time to Respond Time to Restore/Repair Proactive & Predictive Fault Management Availability Monitoring & Management Application Performance Management Quick Fault Isolation & Performance Restoration Ticketing & Escalations Rapid Root Cause Analysis End-to-End Service Views Performance Analysis & Consulting

36 AT&T Network-based IP VPN Remote Access
Regional Office Internet or AT&T IP Backbone Firewall AT&T MPLS VPN DSL Router HQ VPN GW VPN Gateway Routed Connection Secure Tunnel DSL Router

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