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2 1988 – Marine Dept was introduced in PETRONAS 1990 – Department was renamed Marine Safety Dept, under the E&P Division of PETRONAS 1994 – PETRONAS Maritime Services Sdn Bhd (PMSSB)was formed. Setting up and commissioning KPSB and SUPSB and Upstream Our History

3 1996 – Marine Services Dept was formed in PMSSB with 5 surveyors. Ship Vetting was introduced. First database constructed by Avonautical – VIS Version 1.0 1997 – Policy on Maritime Activities were codified and given assent


5 Authority to Approve PMSSB is vested with the authority to exercise its expertise on behalf of PETRONAS when any reference to the requirement of an approval by PETRONAS is made in the Policy.

6 Sect. 5.0 of the Policy: Vessels calling at PETRONAS Terminals and Vessels which are to be chartered by Operators for the carriage of petroleum or petrochemical products in bulk, shall be vetted by PMSSB

7 buy-in from traders Lesser upstream, more vetting PMSSB begins to enforce Vetting requirements VIS version 2.0 developed by GIRM to cater the increased volume. PMSSB POST 1997

8 2002 – High volume of inspections forced a re- structure within PMSSB which resulted in an independent Ship Vetting Dept headed by a manager reporting directly to the CEO. 2005 – That baton was handed over to current Manager Taufiq Ben Sari Nov 2005 – Certified as an ISO 9001-2000 by BVQI workscope Ship Vetting. Dec 2005 – VIS Version 3.1 (web-based) was officially launched.

9 Our Current Strength Ship Vetting currently has 1 Manager, 1 full time Screener, 4 full time Inspectors, 6 vetters and 2 Admin Supervisors. PMSSB has since November utilised the services of two 3 rd Party Inspecting Companies. Zenith Marine – based in PMSSBs office - 4 inspectors. Redstar Marine Services (Singapore) – 4 inspectors. Reports submitted to the SIRE Program. Average Inspection per month = 60 - 70 Inspections Average 6 inspections per Month per Inspector Total - 720 inspections / year

10 Inspections statistics.

11 Whats new? PMSSB has since 01 st Oct 2007 revised the inspection tariff. In April 2007- VIS database has been upgradeed to Version 3.2 and the Version 3.3 will be rolled out in Feb/Mar 2008. All PETRONAS Inspectors are now SIRE accredited and able to submit reports to the SIRE database.



14 SCREENING Documentation check - PETRONAS database (VIS) - SIRE latest report - Other database (Equasis, Maritime Data) - Class Report - Other Oil Majors Report - Terminal Feedback - Port State Control database

15 INSPECTION Physical inspection / verification conducted by PMSSB Approved inspector PMSSB uses the OCIMF VIQ 4th Edition Rev 1 2007 as a guideline during the inspection.

16 EVALUATION Deliberate on findings & determine status PANEL Review (Evaluation committee ) consisting 2 Senior Vetters & the Manager. Deliberate on inspection findings and inspector report Seek clarification if required Decide on acceptability of corrective action or responses Determine the vessel status and its validity (Vessel validity ranges from 1-24 mths) Ship owners / ship operators must submit their comments toh the attending inspector when responding to the inspection observations.

17 PETRONAS PREFERED METHOD OF ADDRESING ANY OBSERVATIONS RAISED Define the situation - Identify & describe the problem »Eg. T & P Corrections have not been applied to voyage charts Fix / Quick fix - Temporary Repair »Eg. T&P Corrections were immediately applied Identify root cause(s) »Eg. 2/0 had not applied the corrections as required by companys directive. Take Long Term Corrective action »Eg. Raise a NC in the safety committee meeting. »Enter T&P as an item in the arrival checklist or passage plan Evaluate & Follow up » Ensure that long term corrective action in place will prevent recurrence

18 No inspection at doorstep (PETRONAS Terminals & ports) Meet inspection request notice : Malaysia / Spore = 4 working days Other countries = 7 working days Inspection during daylight hours ( approx 6-8 hours) Within port limit under safe environment No inspection at drydock Vessel which has just completed docking shall be required to complete 1 loading and 1 discharging before an inspection can be considered. Submit the official request via website Vessel of 20 yrs and abv shall hold a minimum of CAP Rating 2 for:- - Structural, machinery system and cargo system. - Vessels abv 10000 Dwt shall include a Fatigue Analysis. - Submission must be received 14 days in advance before the - proposed inspection date. Vessel more than 25 years old will not be considered INSPECTION Requirements:

19 Ship Vetting Department Mr. Taufiq BEN Sari - (Manager) –Tel (Off) 603-2275 6780 –Hp (24hrs) 6-019-3242148 –Email Capt Richard E Gomez -Tel: 603-22756781 -HP: 6012-2361003 -email: Capt. Shahrul Azran -Tel: 603-2275 6784 -HP: 6019-4137679 -email:


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