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XTRA Translation Services learning about XTRAs partnership approach.

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1 XTRA Translation Services learning about XTRAs partnership approach

2 what problem do we think we can solve? Have you heard of many multi-lingual translation services provider capable of delivering translations of outstanding quality? The only choice it seems high- tech companies have is to put up with mediocre quality in some or all languages or to find and manage specialized single- language vendors in the target-country in a decentralized approach.

3 what market trends do we foresee? Whether a client today goes with a conventional MLV or takes the effort to manage in-country SLVs, neither option seems to provide the ideal solution. While the first is often expensive and delivers varying quality, many companies find the second option hard to manage and tend to centralize and further outsource their translation requirements.

4 what is our offering to IT companies? Basically, our goal is to provide a translation services offering that allows software companies to manage their translation needs centrally, at reasonable cost, with minimum risk, and with consistently outstanding quality.

5 what clients do we target? Our offering is targeted at large and medium-sized IT companies looking to reduce their in-house resources through a centralized outsourcing approach. To leverage gained competencies we will put a particular focus on the following fields: computer hardware, B2B application software, CAD, ERP, CRM, and SCM.

6 what are key differentiators? Proactiveness – stands for a different attitude and means that we make it our task to spot any issue that can affect time-to-market, cost or quality Creativity – using our knowledge to invent and propose ever smarter procedures Reliability – providing metrics-based quality and transparent, sustainable long-term solutions

7 what is XTRA all about? Founded in 1993, XTRA is a 100% privately held and financed, independent translation services company located in Böblingen near Stuttgart. With its strong and uncompromising focus on quality, the company is working towards establishing itself as a synonym for proactiveness, creativity, and reliability among its clients and partners.

8 how do we intend to market our service offering? Our marketing focus will be 1:1 contact with decision makers of potential clients world-wide, with a particular focus on the United States and EU countries. By offering proven value propositions that address real customer problems we intend to set us apart from competitors from the very start of a customer relation.

9 how do we procure multilingual resources? In order to keep our commitments to clients, we work with professional and well-managed localization companies located in the target country for languages other than German. We very thoroughly evaluate potential partners to make sure they are up to our and our clients high standards.

10 what do we mean by using the term preferred partner? Although we maintain a type of sub- contracting relationship, we believe that the term preferred partner best describes the type of relationship we have in mind. Our intention is to choose two preferred partners per target language. The relationship with and between our preferred partners is meant to be complementary rather than competitive.

11 what are our criteria for partner selection? Partner selection criteria are: company management, use of in-house translators vs. freelancers, project experience, specialization, transparency of quality assurance process, client references, financial stability, commitment to allocate only proven staff for XTRA projects, technical skills, and competitive pricing.

12 what are the benefits of being an XTRA partner? To name just a few of the benefits of working with us: partner-type, respectful treatment of your company and your staff, competent and professional project preparation and management, reasonable rates, payment within 14 days after receipt of invoice, the possibility to expand your companys expertise and competitiveness.

13 contact If you feel that starting a partnership with us could be mutually beneficial, please feel free to contact me. XTRA Translation Services GmbH Calwer Straße 7 71034 Böblingen Phone +49-7031-213 66 53 Stefan Lampert Founder and Managing Director XTRA Translation Services GmbH

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