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1 Live Longer & Stronger! Oxygenesis Lifestyle Nutritionals Ed Nemeth Rebecca s Dad Why I created Oxygenesis!

2 Who am I? The loving and faithful father of Rebecca, a severely disabled child! Live Longer & Stronger!

3 Who am I? Rebecca s Dad! Trained as a scientist - objective Researched nerve regeneration / plasticity Department of Neurobiology, University of Vermont Medical School Businessman / Entrepreneur - pragmatic Live Longer & Stronger!

4 Our Journey Birth, Death & Resuscitation Live Longer & Stronger!

5 Our Journey Coma Live Longer & Stronger!

6 Our Journey ~~ The Journey! ~~ Live Longer & Stronger!

7 Our Journey Hyperbaric Oxygen! Dismissed HBOT in 1998 Struggled to get help for Rebecca Gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 9 times Had 1 hour long static gran mal seizures monthly Terrible bronchitis & pneumonia 6 times a year Weak, myriad challenging problems Then …. Surgical Neurology, vol 10 Oct. 78 Ischemic Penumbra 7 years post injury HBOT had to work! Live Longer & Stronger!

8 What we did! Did Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies (HBOT) to help Rebecca with tremendous results Built HBOT clinic here in Created CHERISH Foundation - provides HBOT grants, education, Sponsored Symposia, Educational DVDs, Debates, Educational programs, Research, authored in books and research papers Access to top physicians in world, including longevity experts Live Longer & Stronger!

9 HBOT Chamber Live Longer & Stronger!

10 – the Idea! We do not grow old, we simply wake up one morning and realize we are old! I realized I needed raw physical strength and longevity to care for Rebecca when Im 65 years old! Determined aging was a series of issues and found supplements that greatly helped my numerous areas of decline. Friends kept asking for and liked them Decided would be great business for our unique family needs Live Longer & Stronger!

11 Oxygenesis The Reality! All herbs and supplements are commodities at some level A dozen anti-Aging solutions – not one miracle product Education essential for success (ex. Omega dosages) Indirect Distribution Channel challenging (above) Value pricing on top quality products, while returning Distribution Channel margins to Channel creates significant low cost leader position. Live Longer & Stronger!

12 Oxygenesis Products Timelines 1. Enhancing Natural Hormone Levels ReVig (Available) Super ReVig for Women (Available May, 2012) Super ReVig (Available July, 2012) 2. Reducing Inflammation ICEE Mega Omega-3 (Available) ICEE Mega Omega-3 Enteric (Avail March, 2012) ICEE Mega Polyphenols (Avail February, 2012) 3. Increasing Enzyme Levels & Function SuperGlut - (Available May, 2012) 4. Reducing Free Radicals Oxygenesis Resveratrol (Available March, 2012) Oxygenesis Krill Oil (Available August, 2012) 5. Improving Mitochondrial Function Oxygenesis Mito-Energy 6. Weight control and loss Oxygenesis Weight Loss Powder Shakes (Febr, 2012) Oxygenesis Fat Burner Capsules (Febr, 2012) 7. Glucose/Insulin/Diabetic control Oxygenesis Insulin Control Factor (2013) 8. Circulatory System Restoration Live Longer & Stronger!

13 Oxygenesis Products Timelines cont. 9. Neuronal System Recovery or Rejuvination Oxygenesis Brain ReJuv / Clarite (Sept 2012) 10. Digestion Restoration/Recovery Oxygenesis Green Food (2013) Oxygenesis Fruit Restore (2013) Oxygenesis Probiotics (2013) 11. Restoration of Impaired Physiologies Various targeted solutions (2013) 12. Removing Toxins and Heavy Metals Oxygenesis Heavy Metal Detox (2013) Oxygenesis Pesticide Detox (2013) Oxygenesis product line: Is unique Complete Value Priced Give immediate results (ReVig, ICEE) Address dominant and universal aging physiologies Based on Peer Reviewed Medical Literature – not Wives Tales! Live Longer & Stronger!

14 Oxygenesis Competitive Pricing! Omega-3 Product EPA/DHA Mg/Cap Caps/ Bottle EPA/DHACostCost/Gram ICEE Mega Omega-3-Discount ,000$25.20$0.35 ICEE Mega Omega-3s ,000$36.00$0.50 EnergyFirst Omega ,000$19.99$0.56 Dr. Weil – Omega-3 Complex ,000$19.99$0.67 ZONE- OmegaRx Capsules ,000$50.00$0.69 OmegaRx Fish Oil ,000$50.00$0.69 Ultimate Omega-Nordic Naturals ,000$13.95$0.78 ZONE- EicoPro Capsules ,000$57.76$0.80 Nutrilite – Omega 3 Complex ,000$43.95$0.81 OmegaBrite ,000$28.99$1.21 GNC – Preventive Nutrition Omega ,800$14.99$1.39 Iceland Health – Max. Omega ,000$39.95$2.66 Antarctic Pure – Krill Oil120607,200$24.95$3.47 Live Longer & Stronger!

15 Testosterone Is Required For: Body Strength, health Mind Alpha Male Sex The good stuff! Live Longer & Stronger!

16 Testosterone and You Live Longer & Stronger!

17 ReViged Testosterone Live Longer & Stronger!

18 ReViged Testosterone Improved exercise, workouts Improved exercise, workouts & recovery Improved energy Improved energy Increased muscle mass Increased muscle mass Improved sexual function, desire, & performance Improved sexual function, desire, & performance Decreased fat mass Decreased fat mass Increased bone density Increased bone density Positive outlook, zest for life Positive outlook, zest for life Live Longer & Stronger!

19 ReVig and You Live Longer & Stronger! ReVig Sex Hormone Reinvigorating Benefits ReVig reinvigorates our sex hormones to youthful levels! Improvements men and women gain from reinvigorated sex hormone levels: Improved exercise, workouts & recovery Increased muscle mass Improved energy Decreased fat mass Improved sexual function, desire, and performance Increased bone density Positive outlook, zest for life

20 Inflammation Omega-6 Causes Aging Heart & Circulatory System High blood pressure Heart disease Cancer Coloncancer Breast cancer Prostate cancer Misc Skin disorders Menstrual pain Asthma Macular Degeneration Neurological Cognitive decline Depression Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Inflammatory Conditions Diabetes Rheumatoid & Osteo arthritis Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) Osteoporosis Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Live Longer & Stronger!

21 ICEE Mega Omega-3 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Benefits 1. Helps maintain a healthy heart and may reduce your risk of coronary heart disease. 2. Supports mental acuity, long-term cognitive health and healthy mood states. 3. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 4. Supports brain and skin health. 5. Helps reduce morning stiffness and joint tenderness. 6. Reduces cellular inflammation by reducing Omega-6 – Arachidonic Acid metabolism. 7. Protects against inflammatory diseases like arthritis, heart disease, cancer, etc 8. Supports improvements in Depression and Schizophrenia sufferers. Anti-Inflammatory Omega-3 Improves Longevity Live Longer & Stronger!

22 Anti-Inflammatory Omega-3 Improves Longevity Live Longer & Stronger! High omega-6 diets cause cellular inflammation Omega-3s wash out omega-6s Large doses required Results can be dramatic Arthritis, joint pain Arthritis, joint pain Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Inflammatory Bowel Disease Inflammatory Bowel Disease Highly proven medical science

23 Summary Enhance blood flow Improves oxygen delivery to tissues Delays fatigue during exercise Reduces post exercise muscle soreness Reduces post exercise joint inflammation Reduces oxidative stress during/post exercise Omega-3 & Exercise Live Longer & Stronger!

24 During Aerobic Exercise: (no oxygen deficits) 1. Reduced fatigue during 10 – 30 minute muscle stimulation 2. Improved contraction duration, maximum rate of tension development and relaxation throughout 30 minute muscle stimulation 3. Increased muscle twitch oxygen efficiency 4. Improved muscle contraction recovery 5. Reduced muscle oxygen consumption during recovery Omega-3 & Exercise Live Longer & Stronger!

25 Omega-3 & Exercise During Anaerobic Exercise: (oxygen deficits) 1. Reduced fatigue during 30 minutes muscle stimulation 2. Increased efficiency of oxygen use in relation to muscle twitch tension development 3. Improved caffeine induced recovery of muscle contraction Live Longer & Stronger!

26 Workout Trial Oxygenesis Will provide 3 months of: ReVig ICEE Mega Omega-3 Journals Directions Follow-up You Take products daily Keep weekly journal notes Feel better Get better workouts Get better recoveries Provide video testimonials Live Longer & Stronger!

27 Workout Trial ReVig - will provide higher usable testosterone levels Better workouts & workout recovery Improved muscle building Improved fundamental physiologies Benefits felt in 3-4 weeks, with continuous improvements ICEE Mega Omega-3 - will improve fundamental physiologies Improved fundamental health Improved workouts & workout recoveries Reduced joint pain Benefits /relief felt in 1 week (with proper dosages) Live Longer & Stronger!

28 Workout Trial You & Live Longer & Stronger!

29 Rebecca Thanks you! Live Longer & Stronger!

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