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Oak Knoll Elementary School Title I Meeting/State of the School Address/Curriculum Night September 4, 2012 Angela K. Parham, Principal Adrienne Grainger.

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1 Oak Knoll Elementary School Title I Meeting/State of the School Address/Curriculum Night September 4, 2012 Angela K. Parham, Principal Adrienne Grainger Smith, Assistant Principal

2 Oak Knoll Elementary Schools DREAM TEAM Pre-K Team KDG Team 1 st Grade Team 2 nd Grade Team 3 rd Grade Team 4 th Grade Team 5 th Grade Team Special Education Team Special Area Team/Tech Specialist ESOL Team EIP Team TAG Team Paraprofessionals Clinic Assistant Parent Liaisons Front Office Secretary Data Clerk Bookkeeper Media Specialist Psychologist School Social Worker Instructional Support Teacher School Counselor Instructional Coach Curriculum Support Teacher Assistant Principal

3 What is Title I? Title I is the nations oldest and largest federally funded program. It provides over $7 billion to school systems across the country for students at risk of failure and living at or near poverty.

4 What is the purpose of Title I funding? The purpose of Title I funding is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach, at minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic standards and state academic assessments. Schools with large concentrations of low-income students will receive supplemental funds to assist in meeting students educational goals. Low-income students are determined by the number of students enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program. For an entire school to qualify for Title I funds, at least 40% of students must enroll in the free and reduced lunch program.

5 How are Title I funds used? The use of Title I funds rests with each school. Oak Knolls Title I funds are used to: Purchase Early Intervention Program (EIP) teacher in order to support struggling students Provide Professional Development for Teachers (Consultant & Trainings) Common Core Resources Purchase ELA/Reading Coach Extended Learning and Saturday School(3 rd – 5 th grades) Parent Liaison & Parent Workshops Parent Resources (supplies, books, periodicals & subscriptions) Professional Learning for Principal & Assistant Principal

6 Parent Involvement Policy & Student Parent School Compact Parent Involvement Policy –Strategies to increase parental involvement Weekly & Month Newsletters Parent Workshops Monthly Student on the Month Receptions Volunteer Opportunities in School Events Student Parent School Compact –As a student, I will… –As a parent, I will… –As a teacher, I will… –As a principal, I will…

7 5 th Grade Reading-CRCT

8 5 th Grade ELA-CRCT

9 5 th Grade Math-CRCT

10 5 th Grade Social Studies- CRCT

11 5 th Grade Science-CRCT

12 5 th Grade GA Writing Assessment

13 4 th Grade Reading-CRCT

14 4 th Grade ELA-CRCT

15 4 th Grade Math-CRCT

16 4 th Grade Social Studies- CRCT

17 4 th Grade Science-CRCT

18 3 rd Grade Reading-CRCT

19 3 rd Grade ELA-CRCT

20 3 rd Grade Math-CRCT

21 3 rd Grade Social Studies- CRCT

22 3 rd Grade Science-CRCT

23 2nd Grade Instructional Assessment

24 1st Grade Instructional Assessment

25 Our Districts Big, Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGS) Graduation Rate – 90% of Fulton students will graduate on time College Readiness – 85% of Fultons high school seniors will meet the average SAT score of the 25 th percentile of students Career Readiness – An aggressive percentage of students will meet an objective standard for work readiness in the areas of applied math, reading for information and locating information

26 How to do WE support the BHAGs? EVERY teacher delivers quality instruction to meet the needs of EVERY student in EVERY classroom EVERY day. College Daze on Wednesdays –College Fun Facts are read during announcements –Staff Wears College Paraphernalia –College info is posted outside of classrooms Career Day Careers on OK Live Class of 20__ on Each Hall College Display in Front Lobby

27 Narrative of Our School District Performance Management Strategic Plan (BHAGs) Common Core Curriculum Charter System

28 Oak Knolls School Improvement Plan Objectives Improve student performance in Math (Numbers & Operations and Measurement) Improve student performance in Reading (Informational Reading) Improve student performance in Writing.

29 What is Curriculum? Curriculum is defined as a plan for learning. It encompasses all the learning experiences a student encounters under the guidance of the school. Georgia is currently implementing a new standards-based, world-class curriculum for Reading and Mathematics in grades K-12 called the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards or CCGPS. The CCGPS outline clear expectations for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level and in each core subject. Interactive learning and hands-on experiences are central to the Board of Educations vision for the effective delivery of instruction and increased emphasis on higher academic achievement for all children. All students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade receive curriculum instruction in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.

30 What parents need to know about Common Core Georgia Performance Standards? Georgia joined with 47 other states well over a year ago to develop a set of core standards for K-12 in English language arts and mathematics. These standards provide a consistent framework to prepare students for success in college and/or the 21st century workplace. These standards represent a common sense next step from the Georgia Performance Standards. The Georgia State Board of Education adopted the CCGPS on July 8, 2010.

31 What does CCGPS mean for Georgia? Students of Georgia: Rigorous knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college and/or careers Consistent expectations across states, regardless of whether they decide to go to school at Georgia Tech or UCLA, or find a job in Georgia, Maine or Indiana Relevant content and application of knowledge through high-order skills Educators of Georgia: Clear, focused expectations that assist them in being on the same page and working together with students and parents for shared goals A common-sense next step that is aligned to our Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) Taxpayers of Georgia: Long-term potential savings on textbooks and instructional resources that come with consistent materials developed throughout the country

32 We believe effective teaching and increased parental involvement will help our students to EXCEED achievement goals.

33 New Guidelines for Volunteers On July 1, 2012, Georgia law changed to include school volunteers in the group of people who are required to report any case of suspected child abuse or neglect. With these changes, school districts can better protect children and ensure their safety and well-being. School Volunteers are now considered mandated reporters. A mandated reporter is someone who must notify DFCS within 24 hours of s/he suspects a child is being abused or neglected. We are requesting that our volunteers attend an orientation session on either September 11 or 18, or contact our Parent Liaisons to receive the training after September 18.

34 Here are some strategies we are using to increase parental involvement: Automated telephone call-out system (School Messenger) to notify parents of important school activities Home Access: an online tool that will let you see your childs progress at school. Parent Resource Center Parent Volunteers Parent Workshops Our weekly newsletter to parents Monthly grade-level newsletters PTA and LSAC

35 Positive Behavior Management and Discipline Oak Knoll Elementary School Adrienne Grainger Smith

36 Kindergarten

37 First Grade

38 Second Grade

39 Third Grade

40 Fourth Grade

41 Fifth Grade

42 Owl show courtesy and respect for others. Owl support and participate in the learning process. Owl show respect for property. Owl be prepared, ready to work an don task until finished. Owl use safe and responsible conduct at all times. School Wide-Discipline Plan School Rules

43 This system is used in the classrooms and the cafeteria. –Owl Card- Excellent Behavior –Blue Card- Warning –Green Card- Time Out –Yellow Card- Loss of Privilege –Red Card- Phone call or note home Owl Behavior Color Coding

44 We will incorporate a golden spoon incentive for the classes that have A-1 behavior all week. Cafeteria

45 Students/classes can earn links by exhibiting appropriate behavior and receiving compliments. Teachers give rewards once the class has reached a specified number of links (25). –The rewards should be created by the teacher and class. Examples of Places where links can be earned Hallway Specials Cafeteria Link System

46 Students can earn Positive Behavior Point slips for exhibiting appropriate behavior. The value of slips are designated in the same increments as real money ($1.00, $2.00, $5.00 and $10.00). 1 point = 1 dollar Points/dollars can be saved and turned in for prizes/rewards. Slips will double or triple in value during high traffic times (ex. week before or after a holiday) Owl Behavior Incentive Program

47 Oak Knoll Elementary School Positive Behavior Matrix Behavioral Expectations Everywhere Classroom PlaygroundCafeteriaHallways Bathrooms Bus Computer/ Mobile Lab Be Respectful Use kind words and actions Participate appropriately in classroom activities. Respect the differences and opinions of others. Follow game rules and demonstrate positive sportsmanship Respect equipment Practice good table and line manners Calm behavior at all times Use inside voices Use appropriate tone of voice Keep hands/feet off walls and student work Give people privacy Be in your own space Use appropriate language and gestures Respect the driver Respect property Listen to and follow directions given by the teacher Maintain set preferences Be Responsible Own your actionsBe attentive and prepared. Complete your work. Use respectful methods to solve problems Return equipment Clean your seating area Know what you ordered and take that item Calm, quiet behavior at all times Flush toilet Observe time limits (be quick) Place towels in garbage Keep bathrooms clean Board your own bus unless you have a pass Be on time Keep the area clean Log off your account when finished Be Safe Keep hands, feet, objects to self Get adult help when you need it Follow adult directions. Keep to your own space. Use materials/ equipment appropriately. Be aware of games and activities around you No wrestling, play fighting, football, or rough play Stay seated until dismissed Keep food on your plate. Clean up your spills. Walk single file to allow others to pass Walk directly to your destination. Use soap and water for washing hands Keep water in sink Line up in single file to enter/exit the bus Remain seated Know your own space Sit appropriately in your seat Only use designated internet site Be There and Care Lend a helping hand Put things where they belong. Take care of the room. Invite others to participate in games and activities Share equipment and space Help clean around youHold the door open for others Inform adult of low supplies and other bathroom concerns Keep the bus cleanQuietly assist the person next to you

48 $1.00- $2.00 –Pull from treasure box $5.00 –Pull from treasure box –$1.oo credit at school store –Interest based free activity $10.00 –10 minutes extra recess/computer time –Raise and take down flag for two days –Choose mystery envelope/package Prizes

49 $15.00 –Help with Student of the Month Program –Help during PE –Perform on Friday in cafeteria $20.00 –Guest appearance on OK Live –Lunch with staff member If everyone in the class puts in 5 points, the class can play a kickball/basketball/volleyball game (coordinated by teacher and Coach Sanders) More Prizes

50 This year we will incorporate discipline related data in identifying areas of need. Students will use the matrix to self monitor and correct behaviors. Any feedback or suggestions for improving the program are welcomed and appreciated. Where are we going from here?

51 Grade-Level Meeting Rooms for Curriculum Sharing Kindergarten Team: Room 15 1 st Grade Team: Room 22 2 nd Grade Team: Room 18 3 rd Grade Team: Room 56 4 th Grade Team: Room 44 5 Th Grade Team: Room 32 Special Education Team: will meet with their assigned grade level EIP Team: will meet with their assigned grade level Special Area & ESOL Teams: Hallway & Answer Questions

52 Visit Classrooms 2 rotations – 15 minutes

53 Thank you for coming out and please enjoy the remainder of our Curriculum Night activities!!!

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