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DNP Update Wendy Likes, PhD, DNSc, APRN-Bc

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1 DNP Update Wendy Likes, PhD, DNSc, APRN-Bc
Associate Professor & Associate Dean, Advanced Practice and Doctoral Studies Dept

2 DNP Admissions UTHSC College of Nursing 2013 Admission Cycle (07/16/13) PROGRAM/OPTION/TRACK APPLIED ADMITTED ACCEPTED ENTERED PROGRAMS DNP 224 123 107 101 Acute Care 24 16 14 CRNA 5 3 Post-BSN/CNL 19 13 11 Family 48 31 28 26 FNP 10 8 7 38 23 21 Acute/FNP 25 20 Anesthesia 54 Neonatal 6 Pediatrics 12 Psychiatric-Mental Health 15 Post-MSN 4 Forensics Public Health 43 PhD Nursing Science

3 62 DNP Students Graduated
Convocation May 31, 2013 62 DNP Students Graduated

4 New Programs

5 PNP: How it began …… Community Partners interested in bring Pediatric programs out of abeyance (offered in 1980s) 2012 College of Nursing examined needs and resources Proforma accepted in 2013 Three programs on a timeline – PNP-PC, PNP-AC, and NNP-BC Resources included additional faculty, administrative support, and recruiting funds


7 Pediatric Nurse Practitioners – Primary Care
Response to decline in its primary care workforce, infrastructure and access to primary care services for several years. The number of physicians in primary care is falling. It has been estimated that in 2008 only 17% of medical students chose primary care as a career path. The breakdown was 5% going into internal medicine, 6% into family medicine, and 6% into pediatrics (Sherman, Moscou, & Dang-Vu, 2009). No public university offering PNP-PC preparation in the region within 150 miles (UAMS), within Tennessee 400 miles (UTK)

8 Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Neonatal Nurse Practitioners have provided the 24/7 care that cannot be met by medical residents and Neonatologists alone since the 1990s. NNPs - healthcare provider within an interprofessional team, the NNP functions in many settings that include but are not limited to transport, all levels of neonatal inpatient care, acute and chronic care, and outpatient care. He or she may practice in academic and private community settings Six level III NICUs in Memphis alone. Others in Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Johnson City Income average $90,000 / year

9 Admission 2013 Profile Totals By State Part Time vs Full Time Employer
NNP PNP 15 By State TN AR 1 MS 2 Part Time vs Full Time Part Time 6 (3 NNPs) Full Time 12 Employer Regional Med 3 (all NNPs) St. Jude 2 LeBonheur 8 Baptist 2 Vanderbilt 2 Other 1

10 Needs and Resources Recruitment support from Partners
Students from Baptist System, Methodist Le Bonheur, Regional Medical Center, St. Jude and Vanderbilt Ongoing local recruitment and expansion to enlarge region Financial support for Students Some hospital funds Academic Common Market Pending

11 Needs and Resources Recruitment of Preceptors for PNP
Fall – Boling Center, Newborn Follow-up, LEAD program, Vanderbilt Spring - Specialty Clinics (Chronic Illness) Fall – Medical Homes (Common childhood illness) Recruitment of Preceptors for NNP Clinical begins Fall 2014 Level III Nurseries Newborn follow-up (0-2)

12 Student Scholarships (2013)
Total $99,070.00 Chancellor’s Award- $52,250 Unmet needs- $388,861 Need student support to fill the gap

13 Needs for the DNP Time, Talent, Treasure
Support for scholarships, student travel Preceptors Networking

14 Get To Know the Department
Department of Advanced Practice and Doctoral Studies

15 New Faculty Members AP & DS Department
Lisa Rinsdale RN, DNP, CNE, PNP-BC, JD Assistant Professor Pediatrics Acute Peds Evaluation of Practice and Methods of Evaluation Previously with Keiser University and Florida Southern College

16 New Faculty Members AP & DS Department
Dona Clarin DNP, FNP-BC Assistant Professor FNP Clinical Placements/ Clinical Visits

17 New Faculty Members AP & DS Department
Stacey Emerson MSN, EdD (c), FNP-BC Instructor FNP Theory and Philosophy Previously with Arkansas State University

18 New Faculty Members AP & DS Department
2 new Faculty with Appointments: Lisa Cox, DNP, FNP/PMHNP-BC, FAANP Psych Mental Health start date: December 2, 2013 Amy Bieda, PhD, MSN, PNP-BC, NNP-BC NNP start date: July 1, 2014 Case Western Reserve University

19 New Staff Members AP&DS Dept
Florine Burch Senior Administrative Services Assistant New to the Department, not new to the CON Served the University for 30 years

20 Open Positions Faculty Staff Core DNP CRNA FNP Acute Gero DNP
DNP Coordinator Anesthesia/PhD Coordinator

21 Whoo Hoo’s

22 Pass Rates 100% Pass Rate FNP (15/16) 100% Pass Rate PMH (5/5)

23 Students/Grads Brandy DeWeese (May 2010)- working with Action Coalition Nurse Advocacy—webinars to educate nurses Heather McCarthy (DNP Student) has been selected as one of 30 recipients of the 2013 NAMS/Pfizer Medical Resident, Fellow, and DNP Awards. Dr. Marye Bernard recipient of the John Runyan Jr. Community Nursing Award. A recent graduate of UTHSC's PHN DNP program; Marye is well known as an employee of the Adult Special Care Clinic in Memphis, TN where she is a Family Nurse Practitioner. 

24 Students/Grads Janette McCrory, DNP, PHN DNP graduate 2010, is Mississippi’s Director of Nursing Education Darlene Byrd, FNP, FAANP, PHN DNP graduate 2011, is running for State Representative in Arkansas.

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