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Gary Wilson A H E A D O F T H E F L O W® Sr. Vice President and

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1 Gary Wilson A H E A D O F T H E F L O W® Sr. Vice President and
Chief Technology Officer March 2009

2 NIBCO Information Technology Career in Business Information Technology
Agenda NIBCO Overview NIBCO Information Technology Career in Business Information Technology Company overview NIBCO Information Services Who are we? What technologies are used Highlight our successes Main focus is on a career in information technology

3 WHO IS NIBCO? Founded, 1904 in Elkhart Indiana, NIBCO, Inc. is a world leading manufacturer of flow-control solutions to the commercial, residential, irrigation and fire protection markets.

4 COMPANY PROFILE Private company with four generations of Martin family leadership Over 100 years experience in flow-control solutions More than 2,700 employees worldwide Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana on a 100 acre campus 10 manufacturing plants and two distribution centers in the US, Mexico and Poland

5 Locations World Headquarters: Elkhart, IN
Manufacturing Locations: Blytheville, AR; Corona, CA; Greensboro, GA; Charlestown, IN; Goshen, IN; Franklin, OH; Lebanon, OH; McAllen, TX; Nacogdoches, TX; Stuarts Draft, VA and Reynosa, Mexico Distribution Locations: Atlanta, GA Locations across the US

6 MISSION To be a dominant customer-driven provider of flow-control solutions to the global construction markets while providing superior long-term prosperity to our stakeholders. Do I need this?

7 Breadth of Product Offering
Plastic fittings Metal fittings (copper & brass) Valves – metal and plastic PEX – plumbing systems Pipe supports and seismic bracing

8 END USE APPLICATIONS Residential and Commercial Plumbing
Industrial / Manufacturing Plants Chemical Processing Water / Wastewater Treatment Plating & Metals Finishing Food Processing Pharmaceuticals Ultra-Pure Chemicals De-ionized Water Compressed Air Used anyplace that needs fluid flow. Water, water solutions, air, gas, etc.

9 “The New Pittsburgh Arena” (The Consol Energy Center)
NIBCO: Bellagio Casino Mandalay Bay Intel Corporation Microsoft Corporation Google Data Center Universal Studios Walt Disney Golf Courses Pepsi Center Mayo Clinic Wide Product Reach Commercial construction is our sweet spot Hotels, schools, hospitals, prisons, etc. “The New Pittsburgh Arena” (The Consol Energy Center)


11 NIBCO Information Services

12 Information Services - Organization
(Mike Sajdak) IS Director SAP Center of Excellence (13 associates) Applications Development (4 associates) (12 associates) Technical Services IS Customer Support Small organization with about 34 people Good team with high skill level

13 Key NIBCO IT Partners Key IT partnerships that have been established over the last 10 years at NIBCO Focus here is on the fact that we use a small set of key vendors that we have partnered very closely. We believe that this allows a SMB type company to best leverage our influence and reduce technology cost over the long-term. ASUG is important to stay close to our application provider – benchmarking, learning, networking, influencing, etc.

14 NIBCO SAP ERP We are focused on maintaining our initial investment
One global instance of SAP BW One global instance of SAP R/3 upgrade every months Strategy – Continuous Improvement: We are focused on maintaining our initial investment Philosophy You should maintain the software you purchased, resist modifications. If you do not keep it current and maintain it will become a legacy application

15 H R Management System -- 2000
SAP Milestones 3.0F Dec. 1997 4.0B Mar. 1999 4.7 Oct. 2004 ECC 6.0 Dec. 2007 4.6C Mar. 2001 SAP Upgrades H R Management System Poland 4 upgrades on 10 to 12 years We upgrade the application then focus on rolling out new functionality until the next upgrade I know of no other company that has this track record Very important to protect and leverage NIBCO’s investment Business Warehouse SAP Portal

16 Major SAP ERP components
SAP R/3 – ECC 6.0 Sales and Distributio n; Materials Managem ent (w/ WMS; Productio n Planning; Financial Accountin g; Controllin g; Fixed Assets; HR- Payroll; PDM (UniGraph ics); Web sites BI – 7.0 SAP SAP Netweaver / Portals 7.0 We are at the most current release for the SAP software. We are well positioned for the future. Maintain our very large investment

Published Successes NIBCO’S “BIG BANG” A teaching case, prepared by: Carol V. Brown, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Information Systems Kelley School of Business Indiana University Iris Vessey, Ph.D. Professor of Information Systems Published in: Martin, E.W., C.V. Brown, D.W. DeHayes, J.A. Hoffer, and W.C. Perkins. Managing Information Technology: What Managers Need to Know, 6th edition, Prentice Hall [2009]. mySAPTM SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AT NIBCO (Indiana University) NIBCO IS has had several case studies written about our SAP experiences Two are included in the text book “Managing Information Technology” Big Bang and Vendor managed inventory The Big Bang was fairly controversial. Still used as a teaching case on how to implement an ERP package. in Lódz, Poland: a U.S. company integrates its Polish subsidiary Ahead of the Flow  


19 Information Technology
Career All companies large and small need information technology experts

20 Business information technology is an excellent career
I want to spend the remaining time talking about information technology in business as a career. I personally have found this to be a career where I: enjoy going to work, it has been rewarding all be it demanding

21 Two major technology roles
Businesses roles Provide service and support for a business Technology company roles Builds operating systems, databases, networks, technical applications I classify technology jobs in to two major groups. Business Technology developers Technology company roles are somewhat different than business roles. In general they are much more technical Tonight, I want to focus on the business roles

22 Consider business information technology as a profession
What's in it for you? Challenging Exciting Marketable Rewarding (financially and personally)

23 Some roles more technical than others Old stereotypes disappearing
IT roles in a business Some roles more technical than others Old stereotypes disappearing I want to talk about how information technology roles are changing. Are there any Dilbert fans in the crowd? I enjoy poking fun at technical people because I am one. But I think Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) has not done the IT profession any favors over the past decade. I do admit that some roles are technical in nature an may require a certain type of person but a lot of roles require a diverse combination of skills.

24 Software advances are enabling a shift in expertise
However, automation is making IT roles less technical and more business. Automation replaces so the technical management tasks and application development tasks with drag and drop tools. More roles are process improvement and information delivery roles that require more business knowledge. Business knowledge and skills are important. People who can bridge the gap between business and technology are in high demand and very sought after in business.

25 Roles are changing Versatile workers
Various education backgrounds are good Business knowledge Analytics A base of technical knowledge is very helpful My background (BSIE, MBA, but I can be either business oriented and technical when it necessary, I even taught myself how to read assembler code in the early days. IT associates do not need to be geeks Well respected in the company

26 20 years ago not many options for advancement or rewards
20 years ago not many options for advancement or rewards. Primarily had to move into management 10 years ago – you could advance equally in technical and management roles and move across job families, application development to Internet or project management Now – people are leveraging their technology skills both in IT organization and in the business In 10 years – IT workers will need multiple IT skills and a variety of business skills which will lead to many advancement opportunities

27 Fast paced, rapidly changing, exciting
iPod Analytics You tube Web 2.0 CRM Facebook Google Web SOA Fast changing Always something to learn Keeps work interesting One of the best rewards is learning something new and seeing the business impact of implementing a new technology or application Personal example, Say you buy new PC with a lot more memory and faster chip and a new video card. You see how much more fun it is to play you favorite game. Think about doing that on a large scale and getting paid to do it. You can learn on your own. Many opportunities to learn online. ERP Mobile TIME 1995 2009

28 Variety Project Manager Business Analyst Software Engineer
Information Technology Jobs Project Manager Business Analyst Software Engineer Web Designer Security Analyst Database Administrator IT Management User Support CIO Variety One last dimension of the roles in a company is variety Companies depend on a wide variety of technology roles to be successful. Many roles in a typical business Business functional roles (e.g. SAP) Project management Technical roles Management roles You can move between roles to keep your job interesting and learn new skills

29 IT jobs are… In high demand Rewarding

30 Certain IT skills are in high demand and hard to find
Certain IT skills are in high demand and hard to find. Most are technical however both to the two major applications vendors are on the list. Source: Gartner 2008 IT Market Compensation Study

31 U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
IT roles in high demand This chart show the top 10 job growth occupations 2006 to 2016. 5 of the top 10 jobs are information technology jobs. U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupations with the largest job growth for Bachelor's Degree graduates,

32 Computers are like Old Testament gods;
lots of rules and no mercy.  ~Joseph Campbell Just to make sure I present the full picture there is more to the IT business than having fun. IT work is: Hard work Not very forgiving. Close most often does not work in the technology world. One small mistake can be a major problem.

33 Average Total Compensation $72,000
Important to note that second highest paying job is program manager which is not a technical role. Average Total Compensation $72,000 Copyright © Computerworld Inc

34 Information Technology is a good career
Visit a business Take a class Learn more I would like them to consider information technology as a career. Challenging and rewarding Find a way to learn what it is like in the real world. You can leverage IT knowledge in your business roles

35 "The harder you work, the luckier you get."
Jonathan Schwartz CEO Sun Microsystems Inc Philosophy in a nutshell: "The harder you work, the luckier you get."

36 Questions?

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