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MCC Respiratory Care Student Society Attends The : The 2012 Fall Conference Bavarian Inn Lodge Frankenmuth, MI October 8, 2012.

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1 MCC Respiratory Care Student Society Attends The : The 2012 Fall Conference Bavarian Inn Lodge Frankenmuth, MI October 8, 2012

2 Students Gained New Information and Knowledge by Attending Lectures Targeting Use of Humor in the Workplace Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension ARDS Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Respiratory Exhibiters Show the Latest and Greatest Concepts in Technology and Care Bio-One, Inc. Boehringer Ingelheim Borgess Health Cadwell Laboratories Covidien Electromed, Inc. Epocal Masimo Monaghan O.E. Meyer Co. ResMed Corporation Senior Home Health Care

3 PRESIDENTS ADDRESS Teena Culhane, RRT – As an attendee, you will explore advances of respiratory care in the fields of Acute Care, Pulmonary Rehab, Diagnostics, Sleep and Home Care. – The featured presentations exemplify our commitment to excellence by bringing together a blend of science, technology and industry which is built on evidence-based medicine and best practices of Respiratory Care. – Legislative Update: Report on activities in Washington D.C. and information regarding the attempt to de-regulate RT in the State of Michigan – Our Fall Conference is also a powerful platform for peer networking to strengthen our sense of Respiratory Care as a community and to standardize best practice.

4 Walt Stasinsky The Power of Fun at Work Moomba – Lets Get Together and Have Fun Humor is a great way to deal with conflict and stress Greatest stress at work is people and people are not going away Take Your Job Seriously, Take Yourself Lightly

5 ARDS: Current Management Approaches Lena Napolitano, M.D., University of Michigan This session addressed : Etiologies: Trauma, Shock and Pneumonia Revised Definition of ALI / ARDS (mild – severe) UM has ARDS Clinic / Utilizes Algorithm to Treat ARDS – Low Tidal Volume – Proning – Recruitment Maneuvers – Nitric Oxide – HFOV – ECMO

6 Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Satya Ramachandran, M.D., University of Michigan This session addressed : Clinical Presentation: Snoring, Daytime Sleepiness, Reported by Spouse Importance of Sleep Study Treatment with CPAP Under Diagnosed thus Under Treated Condition

7 Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Presented By: Cassandra Lickert, MD Chronic condition which affects the right side of the heart Etiologies: Lung disease, Scleroderma, Idiopathic, Valvular disease Elevated Pulmonary Artery Pressure and Increased Pulmonary Vascular Resistance Supportive Care: O2, anticoagulants, diuretics, fluid restrictions

8 What We Learned From The Exhibitors QVAR – Anti-inflammatory medication – Approved for treating children as young as 5 Nellcor SpO2 Monitor -Monitors O2 Saturation, Pulse Rate and Plethysmographic Waveform -Allow for monitoring multiple patients via a centrally located system 5 - Alarm system which can be integrated to detect reduction in air flow

9 What We Learned From The Exhibitors Combivent / Respimat – New preparation of Albuterol and Ipratropium – Does not contain any propellant – RTs need to learn new method of administration Prolastic C: Alpha-Proteinase Inhibitor - Medication for Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency - Weekly IV infusions - Specifically used for Genetic type of Emphysema

10 What We Learned From The Exhibitors Beclomethasone / QNASL – New dry preparation of a nasal corticosteroid – Dry puff rather than liquid spray – Used to prevent allergy symptoms Phillips Respironics Trilogy 100 Ventilator - Home / Alternative Care / Hospital Setting Use - Weighs only 11 pounds -Portable / Battery Powered - PCV & VCV, Invasive and NIV

11 In Summary Students chose the topics that interested them the most and attended those lectures. The students were able to see a wide variety of equipment and products in the vendor hall. There was networking with potential employers as well as established RRTs. Students had opportunities to ask questions and gather information regarding advancements in respiratory therapy. This experience brings students closer to their Professional Society. Seminar Assignments: The students were given assignments to be completed following attendance of the seminar. – Two written papers from the seminar: 2 lecture papers or 1 lecture and 1 equipment paper Papers were completed and submitted to the instructor, David Panzlau on October 17 th, 2012.

12 RT Students with Keynote Speaker

13 RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED BY THE RESPIRATORY CARE STUDENT SOCIETY We would like to thank all the members of CLEF for providing us with the financial support to attend the MSRC Fall Conference. This seminar is beneficial for giving us the opportunity to learn new information as well as network with respiratory therapists and potential employers.

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