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Lets Help the poor… Lets come together and take a Step towards HUMANITY …

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1 Lets Help the poor… Lets come together and take a Step towards HUMANITY …

2 Venus Charitable Medical Centre By Venus Cultural Association Venus Charitable Medical Centre was inaugurated by Late.Shri.Pramod Mahajan former Union Minister and Shri. Ram Naik former Petroleum Minister on 20th March 2005, the Services during the beginning of medical centre were X-ray, Pathology Lab, E.C.G, Sonography, Color Doppler, 2D Echo, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Clinic, physiotherapy, Dental Clinic, ozone therapy. 26 th January 2006 the organization started a dialysis unit in name of RAJYA DEVI GAJANAND GUPTA DIALYSIS CENTRE Donated by Shri. Jay Kumar Gupta and it was inaugurated by Sadhvi Rhitambara Didi & by Shri.Gopinath Munde, Ex-Deputy C.M.,Maharashtra.

3 Certification & Registration of Trust: Income-Tax Exemption Certificate (80G Certificates Given by IT department.)(Regd. No. DIT(E)/ITO (Tech)/80G/1148/2010-11) Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) approved by Ministry of Home Affairs, India. (Registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010.) (Regd. No. 083781269)

4 The trust has 9 dialysis machines. Every day the trust carries 27 Dialysis, so the number of Dialysis per month goes to around 700. Out of these 700 Dialysis more than 500 Dialysis are totally free of cost. And the remaining patients are charged Rs.600/- Per Dialysis.

5 Team of Doctors: Dr. Ashok Singh (M.S. ENT Surgeon) Dr. Rajesh Kumar (M.D.D.M Nephrologist) Dr. Rajesh Pandey (MBBS. D. Ortho) Dr. Deepa Shetty (BDS Dentist) Dr. Brijesh Pandey (BDS Dentist) Dr. Rajeshwari Buch (B.A.M.S) Dr. Sumit Khaparde (B.H.M.S) Dr. Kiran Nemani (B.H.M.S) Dr. Rashmi Mishra (B.Th.O. Physiotherapist) Dr. Rajesh Nayak (MD Radiologist)

6 Free Medical Camps & Patient awareness Camps Regarding Diseases. Kidney Diseases Detection Camp is conducted on World Kidney Day.

7 Osteoporosis Detection Camp Diabetes, E.C.G and Ayurvedic Camp. Ozone Therapy Camp. Hepatitis B Camp (Around Thirty-Nine thousand Vaccination of children of Western Suburb was carried in this camp)

8 Medical Aid by the trust: Trust also provides Medications to the poor & needy patients suffering from Cancer, Diabeties, Blood Pressure, & Kidney Diseases. Many Patients are funded for Operations and Surgeries through the trust. Since past 6years TheTrust have helped the patients in Kidney Transplants.

9 Education: Every year Free Note Books are distributed to poor students of slum areas in Mumbai. Bright Students are helped financially by the trust for their further studies.

10 In 2009, Carrier Utsav, an Educational Seminar was carried by the trust for all fields around 500 students of schools and colleges participated in this seminar. There were different stalls for job placements from every field.

11 Social Activities by Trust: Anna Dhan (Free Foodgrains distribution to Neera Dhaar i.e. poor & needy, around 500 families are provided with foodgrains every month.)

12 Every Year poor womens are given free sarees. Every year around 1000 sarees are distributed.

13 Every year before monsoon, the trust provides umbrellas to senior citizens totally free of cost the no. of umbrellas distributed on an average is around 800-1500.

14 From past 15 years, the trust provides free of cost senior citizen cards. Around 4000 cards are made till now. The cards are processed by Govt. Every Senior Citizen is delivered their cards at home as the cards are ready.

15 Save Female Feticides Campaign was carried on by the trust at DG Khetan School Malad, Mumbai. Around 200 girls of Dalmia College attended the seminar and around 500 other womens from different backgrounds participated in the seminar. The Chief Guest was Smriti Irani, Member of Parliament. And the Speakers for the seminar were Dr.Indu Singh, Dr.Hansa Naik, Dr. Sonali Mishra, Dr. Neha Shah, Dr. Neelam Singh and Dr. Anjali Mhatre.

16 Even tree plantation is carried on by the trust in Mumbai suburb.

17 The trust provides financial help to the poor patients by collecting raddi(old newspapers) from houses, schools, Hotels, Shops, Offices, Corporate Offices, etc. Around 800 people help in giving the raddis.

18 The work carried on by The trust is Great. Everyone cant do so much but, even a bit is too much… Just an Old pair of Clothes or Some old Newspapers can Help Many Humans… This is a Charitable Trust, you can make Charities in Various ways and can help Thousands of Poor & Needy people. Mother Teresa Quoted: At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by "I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.

19 If want to make any donations then please give a cheque in favor of Venus Cultural Association or Venus Charitable Medical Centre Or Contact Mr. ________________. Lets do Our Best… Lets Live like Humans…

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