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IVAN PAVLOV Una Chung – Ms. Wicks – 03/05/12.

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1 IVAN PAVLOV Una Chung – Ms. Wicks – 03/05/12

2 Background Born on September 14, 1849 in Ryazan, Russia.
Abandoned his theological studies and to study physiology. Director of the Physiological Laboratory at the clinic of S. P. Botkin , a famed Russian physician. Showed that there exists a basic pattern in the reflex regulation of the activity of the circulatory organs.

3 Background Con’t Experimented with dogs, studying the relationship between salivation and digestion. Surgically made fistulas in animals' stomachs, which enabled the functions of various organs to be observed continuously under relatively normal conditions. Studied the laws on the formation of conditioned reflexes. Died in Leningrad on February 27,1936.

4 Physiology to Psychology
Pavlov's research into the physiology of digestion led him to also study what signals triggered related phenomena, such as the secretion of saliva.

5 Physiology to Psychology Con’t
Pavlov became interested in studying reflexes when he saw that the dogs drooled without the proper stimulus. No food was in sight but they still salivated In the end, the dog was reacting to the lab coat because when the food was served to the dog, the person who served the food was always wearing a lab coat. And so the dogs reacted as if food was on its way whenever they saw a lab coat.

6 His Experiments Pavlov was determined how these phenomena were linked.
An experiment he conducted included that he struck a bell when the dogs were fed. If the bell was sounded around the same time with their meal, the dogs learnt to associate the sound of the bell with food. Therefore, at the sound of the bell, they responded by drooling. This reflex produced by the stimulus is “conditional reflexes”.

7 Unconditioned Reflex Unconditioned reflex – an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus. Ex. When the doctor taps below your knee cap, your leg will automatically swing out. In the same way, dogs drool when they encounter food.

8 Conditioned Reflex Conditioned reflex – an acquired response that is under control of (conditional on the occurrence of) a stimulus. No relation to a given reflex (such as a bell sound) could, through experience, trigger a reflex (salivation).

9 Video of Conditional Reflex

10 Better Understanding

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