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Vocabulary Level F Unit 3 Part B

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1 Vocabulary Level F Unit 3 Part B

2 inadvertent sangfroid
nominal sedition noncommittal tenuous peculate vitriolic proclivity wheedle

3 Inadvertent

4 Inadvertent (adj.) Resulting from or marked by a lack of attention; unintentional, accidental Synonyms: accidental, unconsidered The poor fellow was stronger than ha realized, and the damage he did was inadvertent.

5 Nominal

6 Nominal (adj.) existing in name only, not real; too small to be taken seriously Synonym: inconsequential Because so many of its patients were having financial troubles, the health clinic charged only the nominal fees.

7 Noncommittal

8 Noncommittal (adj.) not decisive or definite Synonym: n/a
We questioned her quietly, carefully, and at length, but her answers remained noncommittal.

9 Peculate

10 Peculate (v.) to steal something that has been giving into one’s trust
Synonym: embezzle Investigators discovered that the clerk came up with a scheme to peculate from the company.

11 Proclivity

12 Proclivity (n) a natural or habitual inclination or tendency
Synonym: penchant Curious, patient, and fond of long walks outdoors, she soon displayed a proclivity for nature study.

13 Sangfroid

14 Sangfroid (n) composure or coolness Synonym: poise
An experienced actor can perform with what seems like limitless sangfroid, even when he forgets the line.

15 Seditious

16 seditious (adj.) resistant to lawful authority Synonym: rebellious
Dictators usually begin their reigns by searching out and silencing seditious opinion

17 tenuous

18 tenuous (adj.) Thin Synonym: flimsy
My understanding of trigonometry was tenuous until I attended the extra-help sessions.

19 vitriolic

20 vitriolic (adj) bitter, sarcastic Synonym: acerbic
Though hurt by his vitriolic language, I had to admit that some of his points were valid.

21 Wheedle

22 Wheedle (v) to use coaxing or flattery to gain some desired end
Synonym: sweet-talk The spy used charm and flattery in order to wheedle the information from the diplomat.

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