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Ms Marlo Henderson Brief CV

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1 Ms Marlo Henderson Brief CV Marlo Henderson graduated BA (summa cum laude) in psychology and oppression studies from the University of Alabama, Tuscalusa in She earned an MS in clinical psychology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in Marlo then undertook doctoral studies in clinical psychology in the University of Massachusetts and completed the coursework for the PhD degree in After 2001 she was involved both in teaching psychology and research methods and in clinical practice in the University of Massachusetts and in Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts.

2 Dr Marios Loukas Brief CV Marios Loukas was born and raised in Greece. He studied medicine in Warsaw Medical University in Poland and graduated MD in He earned a PhD in 2003 from the Institute of Rheumatology in Warsaw, his research thesis being concerned with inflammatory aspects of atherosclerotic lesions. Dr Loukas held a teaching appointment in the Department of Pathology in the Warsaw Medical School and a joint appointment as tutor-lab instructor in the Departments of Cell Biology and Medical Education and Development at Harvard University. In 2003 he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Embryology at the American University of the Caribbean in St. Maarten. In 2005 he was appointed as Chairman of the Department of Anatomy, Embryology and Histology. Dr Loukas has served as a research visitor at Harvard University since 2001 and is the author of an extensive list of research abstracts and scientific journal articles.

3 Dr Ronald Payne Brief CV Ronald Payne was born and raised in Northern Ireland. In 1966 he graduated with a double honours degree in botany and zoology. He earned a PhD in biological sciences in 1974 at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Dr Payne held research appointments Fisheries Laboratories first in England and then in Newfoundland, Canada. In 1977 he was appointed to an Associate Professorship of Biochemical Genetics in Memorial University of Newfoundland and occupied that post until He received the Faculty of Medicine Outstanding Teacher Awards in 1996 for his teaching of medical genetics, medical biochemistry. Dr Payne’s research work was concerned with metabolic diseases, in particular hepatic porphyrias in pediatric patients and he offered counseling to families affected by such diseases. In 2003 Ronald Payne served as a visiting professor in the Medical Genetics Course taught to second term students in the SOM.

4 Dr Margit Elisabeth Trotz
Brief CV Margit Trotz was educated at the Gymnasium Hamburg in Germany. In 1975 she earned a diplom biologin, the equivalent of an MS degree in biology, and then in 1980 a PhD in biochemistry at the University of Hamburg. After postdoctoral studies she developed a research career, first in Schering AG and the University of Duesseldorf, then in the Free University of Berlin. In 1985 she emigrated to the US where she held research posts in the Department of Medicine at the University of California at San Diego and subsequently in the Department of Medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago. In 1992 Dr Trotz joined the faculty of the American University of the Caribbean in St. Maarten as a Professor of Biochemistry and Chair of the Biochemistry Department. She was appointed as an Assistant to the Dean of Medical Sciences (1995), Assistant Dean of Medical Sciences (1998) and then Associate Dean of Medical Sciences (2002). Thus, Dr Trotz brings to SGU a wealth of research, teaching and administrative experience.

5 Dr Cristofre Martin Brief CV Cristofre Martin was born and educated in Canada. He earned a BSc in zoology (1992) and an MSc in zoology at the University of Manitoba. He graduated with a PhD in anatomy and neurobiology from the University of Ottawa in Thereafter, he undertook postdoctoral work , first in Temple University and then in the University of Saskatchewan; he was appointed in 2000 to a faculty post in the Department of Biology in University of Ottawa. There he continued to develop his research and teaching interests in the application of molecular biology techniques to the understand of development of fish embryos. Dr Martin is the author of 16 research papers, 5 book chapters and the editor of a book entitled Environmental Genomics in the Methods in Molecular Biology to be published by Humana Press in 2006.

6 Dr Tarman Aziz Brief CV Tarman Aziz was educated at Loara High School, Anaheim, California and subsequently earned a BA degree in molecular and cellular biology from the University of California at Berkeley in In 1994 he entered the Medical School of St. George’s University and graduated in After obtaining his medical degree Dr Aziz held resident positions at the State University of New York, Brooklyn and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before joining the Department of Physiology and Neuroscience Tarman Aziz was a lecturer in The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

7 Dr Nicole Perrotte Brief CV Nicole Perrotte was born and raised in Grenada. After graduating from St. Joseph’s Convent School, she earned an Associate Degree in science at T.A. Marryshow Community College where she graduated as the ‘most outstanding student’ in the science division. In 1996 she entered the Pre-medical program of St. George’s University as a Grenadian scholarship student and graduated MD in After her graduation Dr Perrotte served as a Resident in the Department of Internal Medicine in the Drexel University Hospital in Philadelphia and was American Board certified in internal medicine in On her recent return to Grenada she was admitted to the Grenada Register of Medical Practitioners and provided clinical care in the SGU University Health Service Clinic.

8 Dr Vikas Mehta Brief CV Dr Vikas Mehta graduated MB BS in 1999 from the Karnataka Medical College in Hubli in India. In 2001 he joined the Department of Pathology at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital in Ludhiana to work as a tutor and to pursue research in pathology. He earned an MD in degree in 2004, his research thesis being concerned with the pathologic spectrum of renal cell carcinoma. His most recent appointment before joining SGU was Senior Resident in the Department of Pathology in Dayanand Medical College and Hospital.

9 Dr Stanley Friesen Brief CV Stanley Friesen earned a BS in biological science at Colorado State University in 1965 and then enrolled in the Veterinary School. He graduated DVM in 1967 from Colorado State University and subsequently entered private practice. Dr Friesen served in veterinary practice first for six years as an employee, then for 13 years as a partner and finally for 17 years as an owner and solo practitioner. During his career he provided medical and surgical services in an outpatient clinic, using the facilities of a central hospital for the more complex needs of his patients. In addition to his teaching duties in SVM, Dr Friesen will provide routine medical and surgical care of small animals at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital under the Director of the Hospital.

10 Dr Wellington Moore Brief CV Wellington Moore is an Associate of Arts and member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society of Manatee Community College in Venice, Florida. He entered the Charter Class in St. George’s University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999 and graduated DVM in Prior to joining the faculty of the Veterinary School, Dr Moore was employed in the Sunnybrook Animal Hospital.

11 Dr Tiffany Jordan Brief CV Tiffany Jordan was born in London and left at the age of 20 to complete her university education at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, New York. There she earned a BS in business administration. In 1986 she graduated MBA (human resources management and marketing) from Clayton University. In 2000 the University of South Florida awarded her a PhD in international business and management. Dr Jordan then was appointed as an assistant professor in the American Intercontinental University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There she was promoted to be Coordinator of Adjunct Faculty and Assistant Dean. After returning to the US in 2004 she worked for Webster University Worldwide campuses where she taught management and international business courses and for Aspen University Online in education. Dr Jordan has published work including journal articles on NAFTA & CARICOM, Human Resources and Performance Evaluation.

12 Mr Michael Cappy Brief CV Mr Michael Cappy studied mechanical engineering at Pennsylvania State University and graduated BS in He earned an MBA at the Harvard Graduate School of Business in Between 1968 and 2005 Michael Cappy has been involved in business, first as a project engineer and latterly as the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and President of several his companies. He has developed business interests in the US, Brazil and Italy. His entrepreneurial skills have led to numerous invitations to be guest lecturer in several universities in the US, including the Harvard Business School, Dartmouth University, Northwestern University, University of Louisville and the University of Virginia) as well as Syracuse University in Italy.

13 Dr Oliver Benoit Brief CV Oliver Benoit graduated with a BSc in sociology from North London University in 1988 and in 1990 he earned an MA in agrarian studies at Sussex University. Brandeis University awarded Oliver Benoit a PhD degree in 2005 for his thesis entitled Causes of Social Change and Conflict and the Emergence of a National Consciousness in Grenada. Between 1990 and 1997, Dr Benoit was the Senior Planning Officer in the Department of Agriculture in Grenada and from 1998 to 2000 he held a teaching assistant post at Brandeis University where he was involved in teaching courses in sociology. Thereafter he held a teaching post in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tufts University.

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