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Holy Cross Mission Parish

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1 Holy Cross Mission Parish
50 years of La Crosse Diocesan Missionary Presence Santa Cruz, Bolivia

2 MISSIONARY ZEAL Fr. Joseph Walijewsk has the opportunity to fulfill a promise to the Blessed Virgin Mary. “If ordained, I will offer three years of my priesthood in the missions to the service of the poor. Fr. Joseph Walijewski Born: ………. March 15, 1924 Ordained: ……. April 16,1950 Bolivia: …………... July, 1956 Eternal Life: .… April 11,2006

3 THE MISSION CROSS A providential contact put him in touch with newly ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Santa Cruz, Msgr. Charlie Brown, MM. Soon he received the Mission Cross from Bishop John Patrick Treacy.

4 SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA Santa Cruz de la Sierra was a dusty town on the edge of the jungle just beginning to grow due to migrations after a petroleum war with Paraguay. Pop. 1956: 50,000 2006: 1,500,000

5 A NEW PARISH “Padre José” had to travel to Brazil to buy cement for the new Church. Fr. Al Wozniak soon came to help build it. “La Santa Cruz” (Holy Cross) parish was dedicated on May 3rd, 1958.

6 PARISH SCHOOL The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa came in 1960 to support the parish and its new school. Fr. Emmitt Faber arrived in 1961. The parish founded a savings and loan cooperative.

7 Eucharistic Congress - 1960
Our altar was built for the 1961 Eucharistic Congress when the monument to Christ the Redeemer was erected a 2 blocks from our Church. It often serves for public events.

8 Eight Priests from La Crosse
1956: Fr. Joseph Walijewski 1958: Fr. Aloysius Wozniak 1961: Fr. Emmet Faber 1963: Fr. Ed Penchi 1968: Fr. Robert Pedretti 1973: Fr. Tom Donaldson 1975: Fr. John Swing 1988: Fr. Robert Flock

9 14 Sinsinawa Dominicans: 1960-2002
Sr. Cristina Feagan Sr. Emilia Emden Sr. Guadalupe Soria Sr. Helen Glynn Sr. Helen Mary Raycraft Sr. Joaquín Bazán Sr. Lou Anne Willette Sr. Maria Ann Stelbach Sr. Patricia Smith Sr. Philomena Neenan Sr. Rosaleen Hanley Sr. Rosemary Huddleston Sr. Sulpice Kortendick Sr. Teresa Auad

10 New Parishes 1969: Santo Domingo 1987: La Resurrección
1996: San Miguel Arcángel 2003: Santa Rosa de Lima


12 Future Divisions Parroquia La Santa Cruz
Capilla San Juan Bautista di Rossi Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Cristo Resucitado Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria Sagrado Corazón de María: María Reina Santa María Magdalena Natividad de la Virgen Juan Pablo II

13 La Santa Cruz Parish Center Built 1958 Seats 300

14 La Santa Cruz Parish School
Began in 1961 with the Arrival of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters Grades 1-12 AM – Private Catholic School: ~850 Students, Tuition $33 PM – “Convenio” Public School: Students, $2 fee.

15 Parish Clinic Began in 1963 in the garage, later moved to Social Center, New Clinic built in 1994. General Medicine Pediatrics Gynecology Dental Care Lab Samples

16 La Santa Cruz Rebuilding Program New Rectory: Completed 2002: $66,000
Pastoral Center: Under Construction: $181420 New Church: Convert old Church to Auditorium


18 Parish Pastoral Center
Offices Ground Floor Pastor Associate Secretary Caritas & Family Second Floor Youth Ministry and Confirmation Catechetics and CEBs Religion Teachers Other Eight Halls for Meetings and Catechesis Three measure 10 x 10 meters Three measure 8 x 10 meters Two measure 5 x 8 meters

19 Pastoral Center Ground Floor

20 Pastoral Center Second Floor

21 Pastoral Center Top Floor

22 Chapels San Juan Bautista di Rossi
For Barrios Macdonald, Avaro y 23 de Mayo Two halls, kitchen and bathrooms built so far.

23 Sagrado Corazón de María
Built by Claretianos in 1970. P. Juan Kurahashi SDB Small Church and Airconditioned Hall with kitchen and bathrooms. Offices and small priest residence. Three Sunday Masses Needs enlarging to become new parish.

24 María Reina Chapel completed in 1988 A meeting hall was later added.
Located outside parish limits

25 Santa María Magadalena
Pastoral Center built in 2002 Includes offices and caretakers residence.

26 Natividad de la Virgen María
Completed in 1990 A meeting hall was later added We are presently adding outdoor corridors

27 Juan Pablo II All we have so far is an empty lot in Barrio Dos de Abril John Paul II died on April 2nd, 2005. Roof struts from old pastoral center will be used in this construction.

28 Cristo Resucitado Chapel built in 1983 and enlarged in 2001.
A clinic was added in 1987 and in 1997 converted to a convent for the “Sisters of Our Lady of Peace”, also enlarged in 2001. There are 2 masses every Sunday in this our largest chapel.

29 La Candelaria Chapel completed in 1986
Improvements made by Fr. Roger Clarke The roof should be raised higher and the windows replaced A meeting hall is needed, bathrooms. Santa Ana Private Catholic School located nearby

30 Guadalupe First Chapel built in 1982 (Holy Family)
New Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe completed in 1992. Pastoral Center with offices and rectory completed in 2005. Ready to become a New Parish, with Cristo Resucitado and Candelaria Chapels

31 Urubó With the help of the Sisters and Catechists at Cristo Resucitado Chapel we have been crossing the river to attend this community. We replaced their “Pahuichi” with a larger structure. Unfortunely, the area is losing its population. It is surrounded by gated communities for the wealthy

32 Team Ministry Fr. Robert Flock: Pastor Fr. Ed Penchi: Associate
Fr. Juan Kurahashi, SDB Deacon Pedro Mendoza Deacon Carlos Arce Sister Virginia Gutiérrez Oscar Vargas Gregorio Saucedo Adán Chavarría Ivonne Tambaré de Vargas Marina Salazar Judith Oña María Yepez Carmen Rita Carmen de Landivar

33 Support Staff Modesto (Luly) Melgar Sonia López Petrona (Pity) Chávez
Efraín Tomichá Bismark Tomichá Victoria Aramayo Zorba

34 Parish Life

35 La Santa Cruz

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