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Hovid Berhad GERMISEP Division- Disinfection & Sanitation Products.

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1 Hovid Berhad GERMISEP Division- Disinfection & Sanitation Products

2 Message from Hovid’s MD
We offer you a warm welcome to Hovid, a Malaysian pharmaceutical company that is active in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical specialities, special drug delivery systems, and phytonutrient products. At Hovid, we strive to make quality, reliability and innovation our business culture. Innovation is the key to our growth; excellent customer service our priority. We are committed to delivering quality products on time with service second to none. Our goal is to be a major manufacturer and distributor of superior and innovative pharmaceutical and health products. We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business to achieve total customer satisfaction, as reflected in our motto, "Continuous Innovation & Quality". We emphasize on developing the full potential of our employees by providing them opportunities and appropriate training to enhance their skills and know-how. We believe that by having the right people with us, we will be able to play our role more effectively as a reliable healthcare provider. David Ho Managing Director

3 Hovid Berhad Hovid has grown to become one of Malaysia’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of high quality and innovative medicinal preparation, health supplements and disinfectant products since 1941. Today, the name Hovid (a cGMP, ISO 9001:2000 and IEC certified) spells familiarity and quality among the healthcare industry, with various divisions in the organization that have been established through years of experience, we are able to deliver speed, innovation and above all “Continuous Innovation & Quality”. Hovid Berhad was successfully listed on The 2nd Board of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on the 5th of April On 6th of June 2006, Hovid has moved to the Main Board. For latest updates, kindly log on to

4 Research & Development
Continuing in its endeavor to improve people’s health, Hovid allocates a substantial percentage of its total revenue into R&D annually. House in 2 different locations, R&D Division in University of Science Malaysia directs its effort towards pre-formulation studies, drug-characterizations & product development. Our R&D team at manufacturing plant focuses on product development, improving production processes and formulations of existing products to meet the latest standards.

5 Our Many Firsts Hovid’s reputation for pioneering and technological advancements has achieved many firsts in Malaysia: First to pack herbal tea in dried form and easy-to-use teabags. First soft gelatine encapsulation plant in Malaysia with pioneer status from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. First to produce the film-coated analgesic. First to produce ampitab in dispersible tablet form. First in Malaysia and the world to provide the process and apparatus for extracting valuable carotenes and vitamin E from palm oil. And now First NaDCC manufacturing plant.

6 Today, the entire globe has been reduced to a simple roadmap
Today, the entire globe has been reduced to a simple roadmap. This is good for the global economy but it is also a boost for the global transmission of infectious pathogens. One only has to look at the recent epidemics in various global areas of SARS, influenza, avian flu, foot and mouth disease and illnesses that have caused popular cruise lines to turn back to port, to grasp how fast and thoroughly any disease has the potential to wreak havoc. Aside from imported diseases, there are plenty to deal with. The medical institution recognizes the fact that many are evolving into very antibiotic resistant strains, making them harder to cure. Poor disinfection and hygiene practices were cited as the main cause of all the infections. “The emphasis must first be on prevention of the spread of infectious diseases and then on the cure.” Ali M. Javadian, PhD, MPH, manager of technology development at Wyeth Vaccines Research in Pearl River, N.Y.

7 Disinfection Why is disinfection important?
Fundamental in reducing pathogens load in the environment to decrease the risk of diseases. Disinfection in : Healthcare Industry- control/reduce pathogens to safe level to prevent Hospital-acquired infection (HAI) Child Care Industry - provide hygienic environment for healthy children Food Related Industries - kill microbes that cause food-borne illnesses Poultry & Livestock Industry - break the cycle of diseases and control over new infections Pet’s Hygiene - healthy pet and healthy home Water Purification - kill pathogenic organisms including those causing cholera, polio, typhoid etc “disinfectants play a serious role in the reduction of disease transmission, directly through biocidal activity……” Stuart Reid, professor of comparative epidemiology and informatics at the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde in Glasgow, U.K.

8 Hovid and Disease Outbreaks
Hovid Bhd’s continuous innovation and quality in R&D has recently developed Hovid’s NaDCC based products in view of the recent disease outbreaks. The result is a product that is effective, safe and convenient. In Malaysia, we are the leader in manufacturing of NaDCC tablets. With the latest technology at our production plant, our main focus is to deliver quality products to our customers. Coupled with our dedicated R&D team, we ensure that all our products reached the customers that meet the latest standards. Apart from that, we at Hovid takes up the challenge to continuously develop and produce innovative products to meet current needs and demands.

9 Advantages of Hovid’s NaDCC tablets
Effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms Economical- no wastage due to overdosing Organic resistant Do not cause resistency due to prolong usage Convenient and easy to use Non-toxic, no occupational health risk Do not cause irritation (eg. Allergic Contact Dermatitis) pH (mild on skin) Not corrosive and safe for use on all surfaces Short exposure time Biodegradable, do not require neutralization before discard Long shelf life Easy storage, non-bulky and space saving

10 Hovid’s NaDCC Tablets Specifications
Appearance: White tablet Molecular weight: Chemical name: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Chemical formula: C3HCl2N3O3.Na Solubility: Completely soluble in water Dissolution: Clear solution with faint chlorine odor Tablet strengths: 17mg, 0.5gm, 1.25gm and gm

11 Antimicrobial Action of NaDCC
HOCl causes chlorination of cell protein and enzyme systems, which leads to hydrolysis of the peptide chains of the micro-organisms cell membranes and results in destruction of the micro-organisms. HOCl Cell’s Enzymetic System ADP  ATP X HOCl Cell Wall HOCl Metabolic function disrupted Membrane cell rupture

12 % of Undissociated HOCl  pH
The NaDCC solution at pH releases over 90% of undissociate hypochlorous acid (HOCl) as compare to liquid hypochlorites, which in-use solution is at pH greater than 9 only release 10% HOCl. At pH greater than 9, the remaining 90% of HOCl will quickly dissociate into H+ and the hypohlorite ion (OCl- ) that possesses only 1/100 of HOCl’s antimicrobial activity. Our R&D department ensures Hovid’s NaDCC tablets dissolve rapidly in water and release HOCl instantly at a solution of pH

13 Hovid’s NaDCC-based Products
Puri-Safe Water Purification Tablets GERMISEP Disinfectant Tablets GERMSORB Disposable Biohazard Spillage Kit FoodGUARD Sanitiser Tablets GERMISEP Granules

14 Other Product Quicklean Instant Antibacterial Hand Gel

15 GERMISEP Disinfectant Tablets
Description An effervescent disinfectant tablet used for high level infection control and disinfection of equipment, medical instruments, work surfaces in the hospital and medical environment. It is highly effective against broad range of micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores to provide highest hygienic standard required by the health authority. Strengths available GERMISEP 0.5gm 500’s GERMISEP 1.25gm 250’s GERMISEP 2.5gm 100’s Usage for Hospital Disinfection Child Care Industry Food Related Industries Poultry & Livestock Industry Pet’s Hygiene Water Purification

16 FoodGUARD Sanitising Tablets
Description An effervescent tablet suitable for disinfection and sanitation of all food contact surfaces as well as fresh produces, meat, poultry & seafood. It gives the best solution to fulfill sanitary and hygienic requirements without affecting the taste, appearance and nutritional value of the food. It is safe, stable, compact and easy to use. It can be diluted to the right concentration simply and accurately, when and where required. Strengths available FoodGUARD 0.5gm 500’s FoodGUARD 1.25gm 250’s Usage For Food Related Industries

17 Puri-Safe Water Purification Tablets
Description Purifies water to make it safe for drinking by destroying micro-organisms which may cause water-borne illnesses e.g. typhoid & diarrhoea. It is safe and easy to use. It provides a convenient method for water purification suitable for travellers, campers, explorers, military forces and disaster services groups. Instruction of use Add 1 Puri-Safe tablet to 1 litre of water. Leave for 10 minutes before consume/use.

18 Quicklean Instant Antibacterial Hand Gel
Description Quicklean is an alcohol-based waterless hand sanitiser that kills 99% of germs instantly without water, soap or towels. Hand hygiene is a major cause of spreading of diseases and CDC has endorsed alcohol hand rubs to control infection in healthcare setting. Quicklean Antibacterial Hand Gel contains ethyl alcohol at concentration of 70% was found to be: More efficacious than soap-and-water More accessible than sinks (it can be carried in a pocket) Effective against many micro-organisms Safe for everyone including children

19 GERMISEP Granules Description
GERMISEP Granules is used to disinfect and coagulate bio-hazardous spillage for safe handling and disposal. This will minimise the risk of infectious diseases especially to maintenance & health care personnel. Extremely useful in areas such as hospitals, ambulances, clinics, veterinary clinics, nurseries & kindergartens, nursing homes, aircraft, hotels and any public places.

20 Germsorb Disposable Bio-hazardous Spillage Kits
Description Germsorb Disposable Biohazard Spillage Kits provide a complete and effective solution for the clean-up of infectious body fluid spills. It is convenient and easy to use. The kit is designed to give complete protection for maintenance and health care personnel from all body fluid spills be it on or off site. Each kit contains the following: 1 Sachet of GERMISEP Granules 2 Biohazard Bags 1 Pair Disposable Examination Gloves 1 Disposable Scoop 3 Disposable Paper Towels 1 Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel

21 Sales & Marketing Hovid Pharmacy Sdn Bhd is a 100% subsidiary of Hovid Bhd responsible for the sales & marketing and distribution of Hovid Bhd’s pharmaceutical and healthcare products in Malaysia. Set up in 1981, Hovid Pharmacy Sdn Bhd now has 6 GSP distribution centres in Malaysia. Hovid Pharmacy Sdn Bhd also handles the sales & marketing for the new NaDCC based disinfectant range internationally as well as locally. We welcome new business partners to collaborate with us to provide perfect solution to disinfection and sanitation. For more information, please log on to our website

22 Contact Us Hovid Pharmacy Sdn Bhd (71816-T)
40 Jalan TPJ 10, Taman Perindustrian Jaya Subang, Selangor MALAYSIA Tel: Fax: Website: Contact Person: F.W. Choong

23 Thank you

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