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An Complimentary Approach to Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Management.

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1 An Complimentary Approach to Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Management

2 Safaga : A Special Destination


4 Safaga Climatoherapy

5 What is Climatotherapy? Climatotherapy is a treatment that combines the natural elements of a geographic location. Medical studies have proved that prolonged exposure to Safagas particular climate and natural environment have positive effects on health.

6 Safaga Mountains, Beach, Sea Water and Black Sand



9 Comparison between Safaga & Dead Sea Area Safaga has sun all year round Dead Sea is 400 meters under sea level Dead Sea has high concentration of bromine

10 Science & Medicine Conferences Approved the Studies and Results of Climatotherapy in Safaga 10 national and international conferences were held in several locations in Egypt ; in Italy and U.A.E. Safaga was claimed a worldwide center for climatotherapy


12 More Research & Events About Safaga as a Climatotherapy Center American Chamber of Commerce Business Monthly National Psoraisis Foundation, Oregon, USA Medical Journal Arabisches Arzteblatt PSO Aktuell, German magazine


14 International Research Visits Professor Dr. Bruno Sansoni: Analytical Chemistry, Munchen University, Germany. Dr. Sansoni is chairman of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology and president of the International Environmental Consulting. In his report he emphasized Safaga as a destination for climatotherapy. Professor Dr. Vladimirov, MD., manager of the Psoraisis Therapy Center in Russia, visited Safaga with a group of physicians in 1996 Professor Dr. Gilles Lestringant from France represented the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates.


16 Major Organizations Involved in the Research Studies The Ministry of Scientific Research, Egypt The National Research Center, Egypt USAID Organizations Established as a Result of the Research Studies The National Committee of Health Tourism The Faculty of Rheumatism & Rehabilitation in Safaga as part of Ganoub El Wadi University, Upper Egypt.



19 Why Menaville is Your Destination?

20 Menaville Resort**** It is the only resort in Safaga that offers a climatotherapy clinic, a Spa with a wide range of international therapies. It is more than a clinic and a spa. The resort has a large pool with a jacuzzi, a diving center, surf center, all beach sports and water sports International communication center, internet café, banking services Trips to Luxor, Aswan, diving trips, glass boat trips, night entertainment and more.

21 Welcome to Menaville Resort

22 Contact Information: Nadia SerryHealth Tourism Specialist 604-568-3869 or Dr. Jan Venter MD 604-222-0743 or Sign up now for your journey to health….Space is limited Trip dates to Safaga, Egypt: January 29 to February 16, 2011

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