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MENTORING RESEARCH A Collaborative Model for Undergraduates Leeann Donnelly Dip DH, BDSc (DH), MSc.

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1 MENTORING RESEARCH A Collaborative Model for Undergraduates Leeann Donnelly Dip DH, BDSc (DH), MSc

2 DENTAL HYGIENE PRACTICE 2 DHYG 404 Goals: 1.Increase understanding of health care systems 2.Provide opportunity for investigation into the role of DHs in oral health promotion in the Canadian society 3.Increase awareness of the future of the DH profession as part of an interdisciplinary approach to health care delivery 4.Provide opportunity to draft proposals for projects and identify funding sources 5.Encourage and support research in the DH profession

3 CONTENT 1.History, evolution and values of the Canadian Health Care system 2.Analysis of International Health Care systems 3.Measuring population health 4.Population-based approaches to health care delivery 5.Community service models of health care 6.Ethical issues and social responsibility 7.Inter-professional approaches and delivery models of health care 8. Health and oral health program evaluation 9. Generating proposals for research projects

4 PROJECTS 1.Dental education and the oral health care of adults with developmental disabilities 2.Easy. Breezy.. Pregnancy: The role of the dental hygienist 3.Dental education seminars designed to increase the knowledge of nurses about dental hygiene and in turn benefit the care of their patients? 4.Canadian Diabetes Mandate: Incorporating oral health care into our medical system 5.Incorporation of oral health promotion programs by dental hygienists in public elementary schools for children in grades 1-7. 6.Increasing patient acceptance on the use and benefits of fluoride: the role of the dental hygienist.

5 YOUR TIMELESS SMILE A Proposal for Change Susanne Bruneau Dip DH, BDSc (DH) Susan Blackwood Dip DH, BDSc (DH) Pamela Virk Dip DH, BDSc (DH)

6 PURPOSE … to create a visual representation of the profession of dental hygiene as change agents for oral health behaviors… … to use social marketing and semiotics that encompass oral health that people value, effective oral health behaviors and images of multicultural dental hygienists providing education, guidance, support and services available beyond the traditional office setting…

7 METHODOLOGY 1.Gathering and development of images 2.Focus groups to assess meaning and impact of images 3.Development of a mosaic of images (collaboration with multiple agencies) 4. Member check with focus group 5. Data analysis 6.Communications consult 7.Production of mosaic 8.Larger project (commercial)


9 PURPOSE … to develop a variety of educational courses aimed at increasing cultural sensitivity and competence among dental hygienists.. …improve access to oral health care services among our culturally diverse society..

10 METHODOLOGY 1.Meet and form relationships with leaders of cultural groups (values, beliefs, practices, barriers) 2.Develop presentation in collaboration with a cultural group 3.Focus group with DH study club (benefits of DH presentation and cultural member) 4.Data analysis 5.Development of education and presentation content 5.Member check with focus group 6.Dissemination

11 Dental Hygienists For Access Equality Low Socioeconomic Status Outreach Initiative Rebecca Chisholm Dip DH, BDSc (DH) Kiran Dillon Dip DH, BDSc (DH) Jillian Manthorne Dip DH, BDSc (DH)

12 PURPOSE …develop and promote a clinical oral care resource network and directory for people of low SES.. … assess the impact of table clinic presentations on oral health promotion and increased knowledge of oral health issues for people of low SES.. … improve access to care for those people of low SES..

13 METHODOLOGY 1.Focus groups with people of low SES (identify values, beliefs, wants and needs) 2.Data analysis 3.Development of table clinic educational, resource and evaluation material 4.Member check (appropriateness and value of educational material and resources developed) 5.Refine material 6.Table clinic presentations and distribution of network resource material


15 BARRIERS ENCOUNTERED 1.Students graduating 2.Only qualify for funding from BCDHA 3.Affiliation with an agency or organization 4.Ability of the agency to oversee the project 5.Qualifications of the Principal Investigator 6.Curriculum Vitae requirements

16 SUGGESTION Mentorship Networks - research methodology - proposal writing - ethics - project management - experience in alternative settings - publication experience - someone to discuss options with

17 WHAT WILL THIS ACCOMPLISH 1.Dental hygienists able to receive guidance and support 2.Increase in the amount and quality of projects, research and publications 3.Increase idea follow through 4.Increase pursuit of graduate studies 5.Increase visibility of the profession


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