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1 DEMENTIA CARE IN MALAYSIA By Long Heng Kow – Honorary Executive Secretary ALZHEIMERS DISEASE FOUNDATION MALAYSIA (ADFM) Date: March 26, 2009.

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1 1 DEMENTIA CARE IN MALAYSIA By Long Heng Kow – Honorary Executive Secretary ALZHEIMERS DISEASE FOUNDATION MALAYSIA (ADFM) Date: March 26, 2009

2 2 The backbone of Dementia care in Malaysia is provided by about a dozen Govt. General Hospitals Psychiatric wards which take care of Dementia patients as well as those with other mental illnesses. The above Hospitals not only provide beds for their patients but also conduct Out-Patient Clinics for the less severely sick. The above Hospitals are spread throughout the country, normally situated in the State Capitals. So the basic needs for treatment of Dementia are provided by the Govt. through its Psychiatrict Wards, new and budding Geriatric Wards in KL, PJ, Banting, Ipoh, Penang, Johore Bahru and Kuching. The third Dept. in the Govt. Hospitals that offer treatment for Dementia are the Neurological Wards. As Govt. Hospitals are almost free, they are extremely crowded and not much of therapeutic activities are conducted as they can hardly cope with the large number of patients. ALZHEIMERS DISEASE FOUNDATION MALAYSIA (ADFM)

3 3 The estimated levels of prevalence and incidence of Dementia in Malaysia in 2005 as compared to the projected figures for 2020 and 2050 as taken from the ADI paper on Dementia in Asia Pacific Region, 2006, are listed below:- TOTAL POPULATION = 27.7 MILLION ( STATS. DEPT. 2008) DEMENTIA MALAYSIA PREVALENCE INCIDENCE (000s) (000s) 2005 63.0 20.1 2020 126.8 39.0 2050 453.9 138.8 (ADI - Dementia in Asia Pacific Region, 2006) We are unable to collect actual data on Dementia and figures used will surely have been estimates of population figures against an estimated incidence %.

4 4 Besides the earlier mentioned facilities for treatment of Dementia, Dementia care in Malaysia in terms of providing therapeutic activities for patients to exercise their brains, etc. are sadly undeveloped. The Alzheimers Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM) started the first and only Alzheimers Daycare Centre from September 2002 at Kuala Lumpur for Dementia patients until December 2007 when our associates in the south in Johore Bahru, JOBADA, started the second Daycare Centre and the ADFM acquired a new Head Office building which ground floor was turned into another Daycare Centre for Petaling Jaya, Selangor, not far from Kuala Lumpur which was opened for clients in September 2008.

5 5 The capacity of the existing three Daycare Centres operated by ADFM and its associates are roughly:- Max Total Current Enrolment Daily Todate Attendance Seputeh Alzheimers Care Centre (SACC), 18 pax 27 15-17 Kuala Lumpur Johore Bahru, JOBADA Daycare Centre 18 20 9-11 Petaling Jaya Alzheimers Care Centre 25 9 5-6 (PJACC), Selangor The above figures show the dismal lacking of Daycare for Dementia patients. ADFM, realizing the gross short fall in capacity for Dementia care plans to promote the setting up and growth of Daycare Centres for Dementia patients by assisting and if necessary subsidizing the setting up of branches with Daycare Centres in every State in the country, i.e., 13 in all. At this time, we have only 3 of a planned 13. The University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), a teaching Hospital, has recently added a daycare centre to their Psychiatric Ward to help patients from their Memory Clinic.

6 6 Drs. Lee Fatt Soon and Yau Weng Keong have worked towards starting new and small Geriatric Wards at HKL, Banting District Hospital, Seremban General Hospital & most recently a new Geriatric Ward at the very modern Temerloh District Hospital. In order to promote more Daycare Centres, ADFM has already set up a branch in Ipoh in the mid northern State of Perak which has an active AD Support Group and are in the midst of planning a Daycare Centre for the local community. Except for the current local political turmoil there, we were expecting the Ipoh AD Daycare Centre to be operational before end 2009 but as it is, may take a little longer. By encouraging a group of local AD carers in Melaka by conducting a few Public Forums on Dementia there, ADFM has been able to promote the start of another AD Support Group in the ancient city of Malacca where a Rotary Club has taken up the challenge to start an AD Support Group with the view to follow up with the setting up of an AD Daycare Centre to serve the local community. With some luck, it is hoped that the Melaka AD Daycare Centre might become a reality in 2010. We have been wooing them since 2007.

7 7 Typical activities conducted by our Daycare Centres are :- Morning exercises After lunch a short walk nap for those who need throwing/catching beachball other games morning-break mahjong playing games like Bingo domino card games afternoon tea-break board games chongkak (a Msian game) sing a-long checkers

8 8 We charge RM30.00 (approx. US$8.00) per day for all the above. For those who have difficulty paying, a means test will be conducted and a Finance Committee in ADFM will decide the level of discount. We have reduced up to 50%. Daycare offered:- Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Half hour earlier drop-off and half hour later pick-up can be made by prior arrangement, to accommodate working family members. (We operate Mondays to Fridays only as Nursing staff and caregivers need their rests during the week-ends).

9 9 morning exercises

10 10 Throwing / Catching beachball

11 11 Sing a-long

12 12 Playing mahjong

13 13 Playing Chongkak, a Malaysian Game

14 14 We only accept diagnosed Dementia clients because of our limited facilities and the fact that there are many old folks homes out there. All in all, if we consider that our total population is 27.7 million, the Dementia care that we presently offer is like a few drops in an ocean of need. Hence, the great urgency to keep pushing for more new Daycare Centres. Long Heng Kow – 16/03/09

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