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Quest Property Associates Investments for Todays Market.

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2 Quest Property Associates Investments for Todays Market

3 Welcome to Quest Property Associates About the founders of Quest Property Associates: Roger and Jackie Owens of Jefferson City, MO have owned and operated a Health and Wellness Clinic since 1990. Jackie, now a stay at home mother to their four children was an elementary school teacher. In conjunction with owning a clinic and running a household, they have managed rental property and investment property. Our goal is to share with you one of the safest most lucrative investment methods you can have in this day and time; real estate investing through tax lien certificates. Over the next few slides you will find out why we feel this is one of the best Investment for Todays Market.

4 What is a tax lien and how does it work? Briefly what happens is the state, county and local governments raise money to provide benefits and services via taxation. One type of taxation, is a tax on "real property." Pursuant to statute, the owner of a parcel of real property is assessed a dollar amount to pay based on the value of that real property. This tax, in virtually all cases, is collected by the county where the property is located. If the owner of the property fails to pay the tax, the amount of the tax becomes a lien against the property. A lien against the property, however, does not help the county and local governments pay for the services and benefits they have promised to provide for their citizens. The County needs that money in order to fulfill its budgetary obligations. By state statute, each county is authorized to collect the taxes due that remain unpaid by selling at public auction, either a Tax Lien Certificate or a Tax Deed. When you invest in property tax liens only two things will occur, you get your money back plus the interest (8%-25%), or you acquire a Tax Deed/Conveyance to the property. We at Quest Property Associates are here to assist you through each step of the process.

5 So how do you make money? When you purchase tax liens only two things can happen: (1) The property owner pays the taxes + penalty (redeemed) during the allowed redemption period, which varies from state to state. You will receive your principal back plus interest of 8% to 25% depending on the state statute and type of auction the lien was purchased at, or (2) you receive a tax deed to the properties that secured the lien! When you consider a tax lien that normally only cost 1% of a property's fair market value, a 10,000% yield is possible. Where else can you have a growth potential of 10,000% while knowing your investment is secured by real property, worth up to 100 times your cost? $10,000.00 worth of liens could control 1 Million in property, $30,000 could control $3 Million in property and $100,000 could control $10 Million in property values!

6 How can I acquire Tax Liens ? Through us of course! Purchasing tax liens is not really convenient or easy. That's why we are here for you! As your Individually Contracted Purchasing Agent, we will attend a number of auctions throughout the year in various states. You will receive a flyer in the mail about 20 to 30 days prior to the auction informing you of the sale with information in regard to the interest rate and maturity for that particular state and county. How does QPA know what properties to buy? Prior to an auction, our purchasing department evaluates and does extensive research on each property going up for auction. This research includes looking at property cards, the sale history of the property, locating the property on a GIS mapping system, looking at comps of the neighborhood and being in constant contact with our real estate agents for their input as well.

7 Too good to be true… That is what we thought until we began investing in tax liens so many years ago. Here we are today eager to share what we've learned through tax lien investing with you. Tax Lien investments are a must of anyone, especially those looking for a sale investment with fantastic potential for growth. As the saying goes time is money don't let anymore time or money slip through your hands-get your money working for you today! Give our office a call and speak with Andi our office manager about how to secure your future through tax lien investing. We want to help you get started up the tax lien ladder to success! Yours for financial freedom, Roger and Jackie Owens Call Andi Blume today at 843-215-1834 Fax : 843-215-8502

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