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2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic A Local Public Health Agencys Experience.

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1 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic A Local Public Health Agencys Experience

2 Steve Johnson Local Public Health Preparedness Coordinator Representing: Brown County Health Department City of De Pere Health Department Oneida Community Health Services

3 Lessons Learned What went well? What needs improvement?

4 Primary Public Health Activities Throughout the Pandemic Disease Surveillance & Containment Public Information Vaccine Management & Distribution

5 Funding PHER – Public Health Emergency Response

6 Legend = went well

7 Legend = needs improvement

8 Disease Surveillance & Containment Partner updates Communication PPE

9 Partner Updates Face-to-Face May 1, 2009 60+ attended Teleconferences Communicable Disease Surveillance meetings

10 Communication MediaSite Live Webcasts WI DHS Situation Reports WEDSS

11 Not Everyone On Board Experimental Some clinicians not supportive of vaccines Belief vaccine is harmful to pregnant women Its just the flu

12 Personal Protective Equipment N95 respirators in short supply Confusing guidelines for use

13 Public Information Coordinated messages Communication methods Target groups Clinics

14 Coordinated Messages Local collaboration between health agencies Timing of clinics

15 Communication Dont rely on news media as only source to get information to the public

16 Other Sources/Methods Communicable Disease Surveillance Group Chamber of Commerce newsletters Disparate groups Schools Churches Ethnic groups Fax/email distribution lists Fliers

17 Sources/Methods (continued) Billboards Yard signs 2-1-1 Websites* Twitter E-Sponder

18 Conveying Target Groups Was Challenging Who could get what and when? Nasal vs. injectable Shift from seasonal flu campaigns

19 Vaccine Management & Distribution Vaccine Clinic sites/types Equipment Signage Volunteers Just-In-Time Training

20 Vaccine Slow to arrive, particularly NE Wisconsin But…vaccination clinics werent overrun

21 Previous Planning Performed Memoranda Of Understandings (MOUs) with Points of Dispensing (PODs) Familiarity with sites Experience from exercises Incident Command System (ICS)

22 H1N1 Vaccinations 18,559 since late October 2009 By Brown County, De Pere, Oneida Nation

23 Varied Clinic Sites Successful Neighborhood clinics were popular Some intimidated by large venues

24 Clinic Sites/Types Target groups Health care workers Large mass venues Neighborhood clinics Health Department Appointment Walk-in Special needs Outreach to disparate groups

25 Brown County Arena November 12 – 857 November 14 – 1,178

26 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints November 19 – 1,099

27 Shopko Hall December 8 - 771 December 17 – 2,060

28 Lambeau Field Atrium December 2 – 1,505 January 12 – 1,322

29 Schools (General Public) Wrightstown Middle School – 411 Pulaski Middle School – 858 West High School – 475 East High School – 650 Bay Port High School – 412 Denmark Middle School – 129

30 De Pere Health Department 4,376 vaccinations Community Center November 19 - 491 January 8 – 500 Schools Appointment Walk-in

31 Oneida Nation Elementary School November 13 – 279 November 14 – 405 January 20 – 156 42% Non-Native at Oneida Clinics

32 Equipment Radios Vests PPE Stanchions Privacy screens Vaccine coolers

33 Clinic Signage Aided flow Multiple languages English Spanish Hmong

34 Volunteers Red Cross WEAVR (Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry) CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Estimated 500+ hours

35 Just-In-Time Training Temporary staff and volunteers Standardized materials Volunteer Expert Panel Recommendations Job Action Sheets

36 Most Valuable… Flexibility Strong Community Partnerships

37 Contact Information Steve Johnson (920) 448-6443

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