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Dear Classmates, One of the projects proposed by the class is a medical mission to the Philippines. During the Mini-reunion in Chicago last fall, we presented and briefly discussed the options for this potential project. The following PowerPoint slides consisted of the presentation. Kindly, take a few moments of your time to review this slides, in preparation for our reunion and business meeting in Las Vegas. This will be in the meeting agenda for the class to discuss and act upon. Thank you and please let me know if anyone has any questions. Tony Penilla Chair Committee Medical Mission

Antonio R. Penilla, M.D. - Chair Fernando V. Ona, M.D. - Member Nela V. Rodriquez- Cordero, M.D. – Member Oscar Bascug, M.D. - Member Cora Gemil, M.D. - Ex- Officio

3 University of Santo Tomas Faculty Of Medicine and Surgery
UST MEDICINE CLASS 1967 FOUNDATION, INC. MEDICAL MISSION PROJECT 2007 Antonio R. Penilla, M.D., F.A.C.C. Medical Mission Project Committee


5 From across the Pacific…..
Tony P, Got your treatise, extensive as it is, …… All the best to your meeting and warmest regards to all. I am most confident the “Chicago Mob” will ensure an enjoyable and rewarding weekend for all of you. I remember vividly when I met them years ago for approval of the CME project. Not only was I treated well but also they turned the tide in support of the CME project. I will always be indebted to them. Cheers to Class 67! Willie

Class 67 in service to others Continuing spirit of giving Compassionate remembrance for the less fortunate In celebration and commemoration of the class’ 40th anniversary

7 FORMAT/OPTIONS Traditional medical mission from US based organization configuration Medical Mission at the UST Clinical Division Medical Mission with Outreach CME activities Financial support to an existing medical facility

Sponsor organization from the U.S. Team members are U.S. based with some Philippine counterparts Financed by sponsor Variable duration: Days to a week Variable venue: Hospitals of various level of care or clinics Services provided: Medical, Surgical, Specialties, Dental, Humanitarian Mission location/site: Pre-selected, using variable criteria which may include:

9 Site of calamities Request from site residents Request from local health or government officials Request from local civic organizations Other criteria decided by sponsor

10 U.S. Based Medical Mission
All services are provided totally free to the patients- including medications/drugs, supplies, diagnostic tests expense and hospitalization expenses. Local host usually responsible for transportation, accommodation, food and security for the mission team

11 U.S. Based Medical Mission
Drugs, medications, medical and surgical supplies, equipment procured in the US from donations (pharmaceutical, equipment and device companies, hospitals and humanitarian organizations). Budget: $ 12, ,000.00

12 US Based Medical Mission Caveats
Mission site is crucial Venue is very important Types of services to be offered Availability of adequate basic facilities, equipment and support personnel Team members composition and commitment Surgical services give the most benefit Medical services of uncertain benefits This type of mission is expensive both for sponsor and host Very labor intensive for mission team members

Class 67 Foundation will be the sponsor Team to compose of US and Phil based members Mission to be undertaken in cooperation with the Clinical Division’s staff including students, interns and residents Will be financed by UST Class 67 Foundation Will be held before the 40th anniversary class reunion celebrations Duration will be at least 3 days Services to be offered: Medical, Surgical and Subspecialties depending upon the availability and commitment of Class 67 members Clinical Division In-House medical mission had been done before like the Save A Sight and Save a Heart missions* Example of special services to be offered will be Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery: cardiac caths, interventions, pacemakers, thoracic surgery; general and gynecologic laparoscopic procedures, etc. All services will be free of charge to the patient Participation by UST Class 67 in clinical conferences, rounds and teaching during the duration of the mission

14 Medical Mission at UST Clinical Division
Would be a part of the 40th anniversary celebrations Favorable and attractive points: Class 67 is coming home to give back, to the institution where we started to acquire and develop the skills that we have now Tertiary medical facility, available high tech services, support services, equipment for major and more complex procedure Familiar location, familiar environment Transportation and accommodations by individual team member Budget: Unknown but could allocate same amount as a traditional medical mission

15 UST Clinical Division Mission Caveats
Availability and commitment of Class 67 members Effect of the separation of the FMS and the UST Hospital: Should not be an issue, the ultimate beneficiaries will be the poor, needy and indigents. Approval from UST Hospital Administration for such activity Philippine based Class 67 members position on the activity

16 Medical Mission Outreach CME Program
Organized by the Office of CME USTFMS Continuing Medical Education Courses or Programs are taken to the provinces to address the CME needs of the local practitioners 2 or 3 out of town trips are being planned each year Multiple departments will participate as dictated by the subject matter offered Opportunity for Class 67 to augment and interact with USTFMS faculty and local practitioners for a mutual learning experience If Class 67 decides to participate (or sponsor), it will be called UST FMS-Class 67 CME Circuit Course for Coordination for dates of activities will be made It will be a part of UST Class 67 40th Anniversary Celebration Budget: P 150, to 200,000.00

17 Medical Mission Outreach CME Program
Favorable points: Minimal involvement by class members- only interested participants No preparation needed by the class Good objective Will provide educational benefits to rural practitioners Relatively inexpensive program

18 Medical Mission- Outreach Medical Mission CAVEATS
Availability and commitment of Class 67 members Coordination of schedules Sufficient interest and enthusiasm from Class 67 members

Hospital or Clinic Financial support in the form of Annual grant for a predetermined amount Specific programs in the institution or clinic may be designated, like: Vaccination Program Drug Assistance Program Specific diseases or illnesses or procedure Criteria for selection of facility will be created

20 Support Existing Medical Facility
Favorable or attractive points Financial support only No preparations by Class 67 needed Maximum benefit provided to the intended recipients Can be an on going and long lasting project (depending upon fund availability) Class can visit or organize periodic medical mission in the facility Budget: Unknown. To be determined by the specific program financed

21 Support Existing Medical Facility
Potential facility candidates for considerations Barrio Clinic of our classmate- Dr. Fernando V. Ona in Batangas UST Clinical Division Patient Assistance Program Specific Hospital Project to be identified Clinical Division Clinics Other facilities Charity Patient Care

22 OTHER OPTIONS Other medical but not institution related programs
Non-medical programs Pabahay Project Gawad Kalinga Botica sa Baryo


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