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Spanish for Dental Professions Katya M Hall Pacific University College of Health Professions

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1 Spanish for Dental Professions Katya M Hall Pacific University College of Health Professions

2 New Course - Considerations Have/acquire the proper background Perform a needs analysis Consider the learner at every stage Evaluate, adapt and/or create material Request feedback

3 Needs Analysis Students lang. & comm. needs -> curriculum Interviews Sponsors Program Director Clinic Coordinator and Faculty Prospective Learners Observations Tour clinic Observe daily routines Check for use of interpreters Note any social language students might need Lang. Assessments

4 Director - Requirements 30 students – two groups 12 weeks - 2 hours a week with each group Dental Health tailored curriculum Importance of Spanish within healthcare Diversity of the Hispanic population Cultural aspects inclusion Interpreters role

5 Clinic coordinator / Faculty - Requests Order of Patient Care (OPC) to: Confirm appointments on the phone Greet patient by name Complete medical and dental histories Inform patients about their vital signs Give instructions to perform x-rays & assessments Discuss findings from assessments with patients (consent form signature) Tell the patient what procedures they will need to take Say farewell to the patient

6 Student - Needs Dental terminology Social language Cultural insights

7 The Syllabus Interactive/dynamic = practical Need to be willing to change General statement of objective The course will develop the skills needed to understand and communicate in Spanish at a beginner level within the dental health care environment… Unit specific objectives-OPC based

8 Assessments Mid-term written and oral exams (interview with the instructor) Final written and oral exam(interview with the instructor) Vocabulary pop-quizzes

9 Authentic Material - Picture of clinic

10 Authentic Material II - Printed Material

11 Commercially Developed Material

12 Student Developed Material - Role-play DHS: Soy la higinista dental que voy a trabajar con usted hoy. Siéntese, por favor. P: Gracias… DHS: ¿Se lava los dientes? P: Sí, me lavo los dientes. DHS: ¿Cuántas veces al día se cepilla los dientes? P: Me cepillo los dientes dos veces por día.

13 Teaching Theme: Dental Findings Objective: SWAT communicate findings to the patient Content: findings – terminology and structures Material: dental pathology model, handouts, projector, board Activity: Present new material with dental pathology model. Write phrases on the board. Pronounce the new vocabulary: caries – cariado Ask students to repeat after you. Write examples on the board to explain grammar: estar + adjective : El diente está cariado. TENER (to have) + noun : Tiene caries. Provide an illustration for students to name the findings. Role-play

14 Evaluation Course Evaluations by students Midterm – Feedback What are some features of the course that you think are working pretty well? What are some possible changes or additions you would like to see incorporated into the course from this point forward? Final Instructor and Course DHS evaluations Course assessment summary and action plan Strengths Weaknesses Future Plans Start Stop continue

15 Successes Students can go over the OPC in Span. Less use of interpreters Students perform dental education in Span. Syllabus flexible enough to accommodate students needs Cultural awareness: patient loyalty A plus when students applied for jobs

16 Challenges Variety of language competence levels among the students Students do not see the importance of the class until they go into the clinic First clinic experiences and Dental Spanish classes run simultaneously Material development – time consuming Cultural component – Hispanic representative of the population of the area ideal

17 Next Steps One year of college Spanish will be required from students A review Medical Spanish class will be offered in the Fall Dental Health Education activity will be their final oral examination. Continue assessing and adapting in accordance to students needs Hybrid environment: incorporate technology to the traditional classroom environment

18 Questions

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