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MyConsult: Online Medical Second Opinion Prepared for employees of.

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1 MyConsult: Online Medical Second Opinion Prepared for employees of

2 For over 80 years, patients and families have looked to Cleveland Clinic for medical advice and treatment. Now you may consult with our world-renowned physicians from the comfort of your home utilizing the customized second opinion service that is right for you. With a full online medical second opinion, Cleveland Clinic experts review your medical records and diagnostic tests and offer an opinion that includes treatment options or alternatives and recommendations regarding future therapeutic considerations. Find the confidence to face any condition.

3 MyConsult provides online medical second opinions from Cleveland Clinic physicians for more than 1,000 life-threatening and life-altering diagnoses. Below is a sample of the top conditions treated: Aortic Regurgitation Aortic Stenosis Atrial Fibrillation Brain Tumor CNS Vasculitis Congestive Heart Failure Coronary Artery Disease Degenerative Disc Disease Kidney Cancer Kidney/Renal Tumor Lumbar Canal Stenosis Lumbar Disc Herniation Lung Cancer Meningioma of the Brain Mitral Regurgitation Ovarian Cancer Prostate Cancer Ulcerative Colitis

4 Let’s begin a brief tutorial of this service!
To view your MyConsult Corporate Homepage Open your browser window In the address bar enter the following







11 Username      

12 Welcome John Username      

13 Overview of the MyConsult Process
Visit your corporate MyConsult page at Register as a MyConsult user Request an online opinion and follow the 7 steps Health Advocate is available if you need assistance in collecting your medical records Your online second opinion will be available in 10 business days from the time the MyConsult Clinical Operations team receives your medical information A copy of your medical second opinion will also be sent to the physician(s) you have listed

14 Thank You For More Information About MyConsult Online Medical Second Opinion Contact your Benefits Manager View the Frequently Asked Questions section Contact MyConsult Clinical Operations Phone: or , ext

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