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NURSELINE A Service of United Healthcare

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1 NURSELINE A Service of United Healthcare

2 Save time and money by choosing the right care
My doctor, urgent care, or emergency room – WHERE SHOULD I GO? Did you know that the cost of treating common medical conditions such as sprains, flu, respiratory infections or earaches can be up to FIVE TIMES MORE if you go to the hospital emergency room? These are conditions that can be appropriately treated by your physician or at an urgent care center.

3 When in doubt call NURSELINE to help you decide on what type of medical care you should seek and get answers to questions concerning illness and ailments.

4 NURSELINE services provide employees the ability to speak directly with an experienced registered nurse, ANYTIME – 24 hours, every day of the year

5 Call NURSELINE services for:
Choosing appropriate medical care Routine illness Minor injuries Chronic conditions Recognizing symptoms Men’s, women’s, and childrens health Medication safety Heart health Working with your doctor

6 Choosing the right health setting for your illness or injury
Primary Care Physician Urgent Care Center Emergency Room

7 Primary Care Physician / Doctors Office
When you or a loved one is hurt, you want the best care. Your doctor knows you and your health history. He or she can access your medical records. And, he or she can provide you follow-up care or refer you to specialists. If it’s not urgent, it’s usually best to go to your own doctor’s office.

8 Urgent Care Centers / Walk In Clinics
Sometimes, you may need care fast. But, your Primary Care Physician may be unavailable. You may want to try an urgent care center. They can treat many minor ailments. Chances are, you won’t have to wait as long as at the ER. You may pay less too.

9 Urgent Care / Walk In Clinics can help with:
Sprains Strains Minor broken bones (ex: finger) Minor infections Small cuts Sore throats Rashes

10 Emergency Rooms You may be tempted to go to the emergency room (ER). But, this may not be the best choice. At the ER, true emergencies are treated first. Other cases must wait – sometimes for hours. And, it may cost you more.

11 Go to the ER for: Heavy bleeding Large open wounds
Sudden change in vision Chest pain Sudden weakness or trouble talking Major burns Spinal injuries Severe head injury Difficulty breathing Major broken bones

12 How much will it cost??? $$$$$$$$$$
Nurseline FREE Call Nurseline is staffed by UnitedHealthcare and paid for by your employer Primary Care Physician/Family Doctor $87.00 The average cost to visit your primary care physician is $87 Urgent Care Center/Walk In Clinic $141.00 The average cost to visit your local Urgent Care clinic is $141, however the cost may vary by location. Emergency Room/ ER $596.00 The average cost for an Emergency Room visit is $596, however the cost may vary by location and illness.

13 “Wise use of your benefits allows The Vermilion Parish School System to maintain affordable healthcare for all employees”

Vermilion Parish Schools Wellness Department

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