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Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan Working for the empowerment of the Homeless in Delhi since 2000.

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1 Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan Working for the empowerment of the Homeless in Delhi since 2000

2 Our Beginning and Approach We are working on the issue of Homelessness in Delhi since 2000. We work with the homeless people in and around Delhi motive of Empowering them and helping them the join the mainstream society. Aim Mobilize, Empower and strengthen homeless so that they can assert their rights and live with honor and dignity. Make citizens and the State value inalienable rights of homeless and their responsibility towards dignity of homeless. Beginning Work We began by conducting a survey of the homeless people in the Delhi region. At that time we counted 52,276 homeless people in Delhi. Considering the rapid growth in population and urbanization we can estimate the magnitude of the problem we are dealing with. In year 2000 itself we started our night out program for the assistance of the homeless people in Delhi during night

3 Our Organization Shelters Law Research and Advocacy Health Outreach Sensitization School Going Children Research And Documentation Food for elderly and Sick people

4 Our Operations Shelters In running our shelter management operations our key mantra is sustainability. AAA runs shelters in the following kind of buildings: Permanent shelters in buildings provided by the DUSIB. Temporary shelters in buildings provided by the DUSIB during winters. Temporary shelters in the tents erected by the Government during winters Facilities Provided 24 hours shelter Placements of music system and TV Better cleanliness Monthly Panchayat at Shelters Postal Service Free for children and elderly Medical Facilities Canteen Identity Cards Capacity building of the homeless AAA winter campaign has served 34 lakh homeless people in the biting winter of Delhi

5 Empowering Homeless by Collective Actions In Shelters Regular street meetings Formation of Collectives Panchayats Mahapanchayat Capacity building Progms Sharing Sessions Festival celebrations Skill based trainings Theater,Cultural group Citizenship Id-Voter Id,ATM On Street

6 Our Operations Law Research and Advocacy Law Research and Advocacy focuses on the facilities of the law which are adversely affecting the lives of the homeless. The following functions are performed: Providing legal aid to the homeless people of Delhi. Understanding various laws against homeless people and actively challenging them Coordinating with the government so that future laws are favorable to the homeless. The intervention currently focuses on the Bombay prevention of Begging Act 1959 which criminalizes homelessness in the name of preventing begging Each year our legal aid program reaches out to more than 2000 people. Intervention at beggar court: 2000+ cases Appellate court: 80 cases ( all released) Research and Documentation Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan has been undertaking primary research to find out the needs, aspirations and problems of homeless people using participatory research tools. AAA also brings out various types of publications for society as well as for homeless people like reports, updates, etc.

7 Our Operations Health Outreach HomelessMentally Ill AAA also runs a program for the mentally ill people. Metropolitan Magistrate is present at our clinic providing the necessary orders for the treatment of the mentally ill. AAA brings the mentally ill to the clinics for treatment and tries to maintain proper records for continued treatment. AAA runs a mobile health outreach clinic at the following locations: Jama Masjid (Mon & Thurs 7-9 pm) Araambagh (Tuesday 7-8 pm) We provide street based medical counseling and also works on building cadres of volunteers to reach homeless people more effectively Each year the Health Outreach program of AAA provides medical assistance to thousands. Here are a few figures: Medical Treatment -250000 people Emergency Hospitalization – 150+ cases Special treatment for mentally ill – 100 cases De addiction clinic -2500 cases

8 Our Operations Sensitization One of major goals of AAA is to make the general population aware of the plight of the homeless. This will help in achieving better support and empathy for the homeless in the general population. AAA has worked with the following institutes to generate better awareness and sensitization of general population for the plight of homeless Indian Institute of foreign trade School of Planning and Architecture Colleges,Schools, Police stations Social work school /college Councilors,Legislature,M.Ps.. Learn about the Homeless Respect the Homeless Educate others about the Homeless Stand up for the rights of the Homeless Volunteer at AAA The Sensitization Process Identity Issue AAA believes that Identity is the major issue and will lead to massive empowerment of the homeless. Hence we are trying to solve this problem in the following way: AAA photo ID cards & Election Commission ID cards. Bank ATM Debit Card facilities for the homeless- in 2009-10 2000 ATM cards were issued

9 Milestones May 2000 AAA starts operations May 2000 first homeless headcount May 2000 started the NightOut program Aug 2002 First ever shelter for women and children Sept 2002 Health clinics for homeless

10 Milestones Dec 2002 started Winter Campaign Feb 2003 started Mahapanchayat May 2003 started Homeless postal service June 2003 created cadre of Homeless volunteers July 2003 started the 24 hours model shelter concept

11 Milestones May 2004 first homeless casts his vote Dec 2005 head counting of Homeless women in Delhi Feb 2008 first ATM cards and Bank Accounts for homeless Dec 2008 Mental Health Clinic Feb 2010 Supreme Court Admitted AAAs work for replication at other places

12 Priorities for the Future Research,Documentation and Publications of AAA work Expansion of AAA work in central and north India. Capacity building on the Homeless issue. Road Show for awakening homeless by Beghar Adhikar Yatra. Work together with State on comprehensive policy/legislation on homelessness Challenges Homeless is not a political constituency.. Yet Mobile population therefore difficult to work with Not many existing successful models of ground level intervention Lack of identity is a problem in getting benefit of state schemes

13 Thank You

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