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Chairmans Report 2009-2010 Edinburgh Direct Aid. END OF AN ERA: FALCON IS NO MORE.

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1 Chairmans Report 2009-2010 Edinburgh Direct Aid


3 End of an Era



6 Goodbye to convoys then And a 1000 thank-yous to Jim and David and all the hundreds of others who have at one time or another driven, or fixed, or loaded, or helped in one way or another, and even to those who got in the way but went along for the ride –

7 And a thousand more thank yous to all who risked their lives in those convoys especially Sandy, Claude and Norrie who have died and to Christine whose life was taken from her and to Allan, Paul and Julie who lost Christine.

8 2009-2010 Year of the Wonder- Women ???

9 Wonder woman number 1: Maggie Tookey did wonders in Kashmir and Kenya

10 Mostly by charm and persuasion, little cash ! ------- After strong arming of Unicef and Electricity utility, water and electricity supplies no on-stream to Konkan village, Clinic, and Medical Residence After meeting with Minister of Health and Prime Minister, EDA Konkan Clinic now officially recognised and supported as Basic Health Unit Konkan Clinic nr Muzaffarabad, Pk. Kashmir

11 a few indicators at Konkan Inoculation program up and running lame girl from village trained as nurse in clinic "staff at Konkan really are stars - on 24 hour duty - in one 2 week period they delivered 4 babies at all hours of the night, having to make their way by torch light down to the clinic.The numbers of women seeking family planning is now rising month on month and more women from the higher areas are attending the clinic - Pattika BHU has seen a drop in their births because women are coming up to Konkan from the lower areas. Konkan Clinic nr Muzaffarabad, Pk. Kashmir

12 Kogony Community Centre Things Done: Container converted – 2 Workshops/ 1 Office. Verandah. 500 litre water tank supplying water tap into double sink in Workshop 1, the Soap Making room. Workshop 2 – Dressmaking with 8 machines. 60 Water barrels supplied to 60 Community Widows with guttering and holding brackets. 8 Solar Cookers supplied to 8 Desperate Widows. Some basic repair of Widows houses – provision of door locks etc Kogony Community Centre – Kisumu – Lake Victoria - Kenya

13 Things pending Application to Kenya Power for 90% reduction of power supply to Arise and Shine and surrounding area. Decision due in Jan 2010. Proposal to Unicef re Protected Spring Water Scheme for Kogony Community. Possible supply to around 1000 people initially plus sanitation facilities and 12 Water Points. To be implemented in partnership with the Lake Victoria South Water Authority Kogony Community Centre – Kisumu – Lake Victoria - Kenya

14 Application to Kisumu Round Table for infrastructure funding for Arise and Shine Community site development. Plan submitted for new Toilet/Shower Block on site and then further development through 2010. Decision due Jan 2010. Things pending Kogony Community Centre – Kisumu – Lake Victoria - Kenya

15 Not a great year for fund raising for Edinburgh Direct Aid BUT….

16 Wonder woman number 2: Sister Margaret Duncan (91) raised £12,000 by a 24 hour knit-in

17 and one more….

18 Minute taker Volunteer coordinator Warehouse activist Chief nagger Flyposter Organises everything Money raiser HON SEC Wonder Woman Number 3: Lisa Anderson


20 MEDICAL CPD IN GAZA When the combined EDA/Scottish Parliament X-Party Group on Palestine/Glasgow Central Mosque Team visited Gaza in April 2009 one clear message emerged: medical professionals in Gaza felt isolated and cut off from the mainstream of medicine. It would be of reall benefit if EDA could help to marshal expertise and goodwill of Royal Colleges and Universities in Scotland to help in establishing and cngoing professional development program in the medical field. EDA is working on it.

21 Maybe Projects Continuing Professional Development in the medical field in Gaza (CPD) House Building in Gaza Energy Economy in villages in Pakistan Kashmir (possible funding from Scottish Govt International Development)

22 Energy Economy, PK Villages The object of the project is to develop locally appropriate, community-controlled, and environmentally friendly sustainable energy solutions that will benefit the health, living standards and economic activity of very poor communities in hill areas of Pakistan. A proposal to the Scottish Government International Division – South Asia Development Programme

23 In partnership with Indus Earth Trust World Wildlife Fund Programme for Mountain Areas Conservation (Govt. of Azad Kashmir) Budget: £200,000 over 2 years.

24 Gaza Homes A project to rebuild houses in Gaza in partnership with Muslim Aid Pilot: 10 homes

25 So far …. 1. agreement with Dr. Jafer Qureshi of Muslim to develop a memorandum of understanding between EDA and Muslim Aid to work together on the project 2.Draft program submitted for comment to Ministry of Works in Gaza. 3.Pauline McNeills June 1 st fundraiser brought in £800 for the project 4.(that leaves £199,200 to go)


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