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Planning for Tomorrow Today. 41 Years Strong Mission Education Patient Care Research Service.

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1 Planning for Tomorrow Today

2 41 Years Strong

3 Mission Education Patient Care Research Service

4 First DDS Class

5 DDS Class of 2009

6 Issues Challenging Dental Schools Increased costs Reduced government support Faculty recruitment & retention Increasing diversity Aging facilities & equipment

7 LSUHSC School of Dentistry Funding FY 2009 52% State of Louisiana 1% fees 19% student clinics 13% state grants and contracts 14% federal grants and contracts 1% interest income

8 Reduced Government Support In FY 2009, 15% budget cut & future cuts expected; Funds sustain only basic operations; Increased clinic income, federal funding & private support a must.

9 LSUSD Cost to Educate One DDS In FY 2001: Mean - $83,154 LSUSD - $80,967 State Appropriation: Mean - $29,906 LSUSD - $42,990 In FY 2007: Mean - $108,416 LSUSD - $105,977 State Appropriation: Mean - $21,973 LSUSD - $25,477

10 LSU is still a Great Bargain In FY 2001(public): Mean - $11,565 LSU - $5,465 Private: Mean $29,579 In FY 2007(public): Mean - $20,301 LSU - $10,230 Private: Mean $41,945

11 DDS Freshman 2009/10

12 Increasing Diversity Enrollment of minority students does not adequately represent the population; Most dental schools have poor record of enrolling/matriculating minority dental students.

13 Distribution of Race Among Professionally Active Dentists, 2006

14 Increasing Diversity (cont) Established Summer Enrichment Program for minority and disadvantaged students in 2008; Mission is to build diverse student body; Funded by private donations; Campaign to support and expand the program on the horizon.

15 2009 Summer Program Participants

16 Faculty Recruitment & Retention LSU requires quality, experienced faculty; Faculty salary levels often not competitive; Education and research opportunities for faculty necessary; Faculty practice opportunities must increase; LSUSD lost 30% of faculty following Katrina.

17 Many Retired (Drs. Chiche & Mohamed)

18 Dr. Chadhas Retirement

19 Good News 10 new faculty have accepted positions; 4 more offers extended; Average faculty age is 50.

20 New Department Heads Drs. Van Himel & Dale Ehrlich

21 New Faculty: Drs. Mairi Noverr, Pooja Maney, & Shelley Joachim

22 Facilities (Key Priority) LSUSD was built in 1968. Since then, few major renovations have occurred; Due to Katrina, the school has completed or is in the process of multiple renovations.

23 Completed Facility Projects Two main teaching auditoriums with up- to-date technology/distance learning; 1 st Floor of the E.E. Jeansonne Clinic Building; Digital radiography in clinics.

24 Auditoriums

25 Clinic Lobby

26 Research Facility Projects Approximately $670K in renovations: Core statistical office (Rm. 6333); Biomaterials research lab (Rm. 6335); Dept. of Oral & Craniofacial Research Labs (Rm. 8405); Two new sterilizers for labs (Rms. 8404 & 6311A); Four renovated cold rooms (walk-in coolers to store research/lab materials).

27 Biomaterials Lab

28 Dr. Xu: Clinical Director Biomaterials

29 Funding for Completed Projects Federal Grant Dollars State Allocations

30 Future Renovations Student Wet Labs (Floors 2, 3 & 7) Funded by private contributions; Labs never renovated; Clean, asbestos free countertop space; Lathes and model trimmers replaced; Stone and water dispensers replacing old plaster bins.

31 Wet Lab on 2 nd Floor

32 Rendition of New Wet Lab

33 New Annex Building Est. Completion 2012 FEMA to cover majority of cost; 1 st Floor – parking; 2 nd Floor – faculty practice & clinical research; 3 rd Floor – animal research facility electrical & mechanical guts housed in the new annex to protect from flooding.

34 Architectural Rendition of Annex Building

35 Another View

36 Preclinical Lab Modernization Original equipment (1970) still used; Instruction inefficientclass divided; No audio/visual communication between rooms; Technology outdated.

37 Preclinical Lab Bench

38 Current Configuration

39 Layout of New Labs

40 Rendition of New Lab Configuration

41 Lab Modernization (cont.) Two labs planned; Phase 1: 79 simulation/bench top workstations with one instructor station; Phase 2: 79 bench tops equipped with audio/visual consoles to improve instruction with one instructor station; Each lab expanded for increased class size and CE participation.

42 Key Funding Priorities $3.5 million Lab Modernization Campaign Non-endowed Funds for Faculty & Student Development & Facility/Technology Upgrades Summer Enrichment Program Increase Endowments for Future Stability

43 Why Endowment Funds Income supports academics and research; Chairs & professorships receive a 40% match; Endowed fund balance has decreased 36.5%: from $10,443,205 to $6,640,611 (1 year); Strong endowment offsets budget cuts & strengthens programs.

44 Labs are First Priority Goal: $3.5 Million

45 Communication Email Communication is more cost efficient & timely than print; New LSUSD ENewsletter launched this summer; Email acquisition is key; Forward newsletter or share email addresses if appropriate.

46 Thank you! Causes dont need workers so much as they need informed and dedicated advocates. Harold J. Seymour (1894-1968)

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