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Science Olympiad 2014 Coaches Clinic MSU Circuit Lab (C)

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1 Science Olympiad 2014 Coaches Clinic MSU Circuit Lab (C)

2 2 Changes from 2013 Theory 50-75%Practical 25-50% –Was 50-50 New topics –History, Wheatstone Bridge –Digital Logic Combinatorial only, no sequential circuits Schematic Symbols Boolean Logic, equations Circuit Simplification

3 3 Electronics is Problem Solving Draw a schematic of an actual device Identify real parts (R, C, …) Read part parameters: values, tolerance, wattage, working voltage …

4 4 Engineering Terminology Metric Prefix Engineering Units 3.15 k, 0.22 μF 1,255 kwh 4.7 mH Not Scientific Notation Confusion m (milli) M (mega) s (second) S (Siemens)

5 5 Hints Answer the Question !! Units –If it asks for volts, dont answer in amps Dimensional analysis – sanity check Shouldnt get more out than in Get hands-on familiar with the real stuff

6 6 Practical Portion Open ended – not cook book –Build something from a bucket of parts, power it up, then measure some things. –Draw a schematic, ID parts and values from a circuit board.

7 7 Problem Areas (from 2013) Familiarity with parts

8 8 ??? How to hookup? What goes where?

9 9 How to Measure? Hook up the meter ? –Ohms –Volts –Amps Auto Scale vs. Manual AC vs. DC Common Sense Sanity Check

10 10 Hands On Practice Students need to build circuits Measure voltage and current in circuit –Voltage Across –Current Through –Blow fuses ??? –Ground ?

11 11 Regional Level Broad topic coverage General basic concepts Mostly single step Forward problems But thought provoking, not just memory

12 12 State Level Teams have already succeeded at Regional We assume they can do Ohms law and other simple one-step problems Memorization of formulae will not be successful – teams will need to APPLY the fundamental principles to solve the problems.! Multi Step Backwards solutions

13 13 Sample Questions Taken (modified) from 2013 Do NOT take as a definitive sample 2014 will have topics not shown Intent is to show level of complexity, word problem context, and schematics. NOTE: Digital logic not in 2013, but will be in 2014.

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