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IEC Ibn Sina Medical Clinic 2009 Alijani MD Executive Director.

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2 IEC Ibn Sina Medical Clinic 2009 Alijani MD Executive Director

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4 What is the IEC? IEC is the Islamic Education Center IEC went through 3 phases of growth: 1. In 1981 IEC was inaugurated 2. In mid eighties IEC built the 3 rd floor for use by the Muslim Community Center 3. In mid nineties IEC built the office complex In 2007 IEC helped launch Ibn Sina Clinic

5 The 3 Phases of IEC Growth 1 st Phase 2 nd Phase 3 rd Phase

6 The Vision by Dr. Ross Vision for a clinic carried out by Dr Ross Dr Ross was joined by 10 others in 1997, and the group formed Ibn Sina clinic December 1997 the Articles of Incorporation were registered by Dr. Tabibi Dr. Alijani joined in 1998 It took several years before it joined MobileMed Thus the clinic remained dormant till 3-23-2007 when it officially started to see the first patient

7 The Founding Fathers Ross MahallatiTabibiSafavianGasemySadrGueramiYazdiChehrehGharaviHijazi Alijani Joined next year

8 Basics of Starting a Clinic 1. The Medical Clinic opens Irrespective of: a. Race b. Nationality c. Religion d. Immigration Status, or e. Locality in the State of Maryland 2. Open only to patients who do not have any Medical Insurance

9 The Nucleus Right: Dr. Ross Middle: Dr. Alijani Left: Dr. Tabibi

10 5. Timing factor 4. Economic factor For Planning Methodology Consider: (According to Akram Al-Attar) 2. Political factor 3. Functional factor 1. Social factor All above factors are to be considered and weighed for every decision Consider

11 Components of Decision-Making Components 1. Analysis 2. Design 3. Evaluation 4. Implementation 5. Monitoring

12 Role of IEC At first there was no physical place for Ibn Sina Clinic to start its mission Maulana Bahraini made IEC available The space provided was deemed sufficient Arrangement with MobileMed was made Provided were 3 rooms: One for the nurse The other two for the physicians

13 Chronology 1. Clinic opened on March 26, 2007 2. Seeing patients on every Monday basis: 6pm to 8pm, 3. Office hours often extended to 10pm or beyond 4. Two family physicians, as well as one internist are in charge 5. Number of patients increased progressively 6. One nurse practitioner is employed 7. Nurse practitioner is employee of MobileMed

14 Finance: Ibn Sina Clinic 1. An optional fee of $0.00-25.00 per visit 2. If patient cannot afford, he/she is taken free of charge 3. Medicines and tests are free to the patient 4. Lab tests are done by NIH, Suburban or Shady Grove Hospitals 5. All procedures necessary are done by NIH or Suburban and Shady Grove Hospitals 6. Procedures are free to the patient

15 Collaboration with MobileMed MobileMed has a good many similar clinics in Greater Washington area 1. Has been in existence for over 40 years 2. Is supported mainly by Federal and Local government Interchangeability of patients: 1. A patient who needs medical help on days not available in his clinic, such patient can be seen by another but similar clinic 2. Appointments and referral of patients are done by MobileMed Computerized Administration of the clinics are done by MobileMed

16 MobileMed and IEC Celebrating Ibn Sina clinic

17 Select Services Rendered Two services deserve mention: 1. Collaboration with Red Cross to collect blood a. Conducted once a year b. Blood Mobile carries an average of 40-50 units 2. The Flu Immunization Drive a. Flu Vaccine is bought in volume by Ibn Sina Clinic b. The drive to immunize is repeatedly announced c. Flu shots are given free to all

18 Growth of Patient Load At first a few patients per day: averaging 5-6 Steady but slow growth: now averaging 15 Though patients are supposed to come by appointment, many just drop in The referral to NIH and/or Suburban, Shady Grove Hospitals worked smoothly The clinic consists of 3 rooms One for the nurse The other 2 for the two physicians to check the patients

19 Liability 1. Malpractice: Each physician with his personal malpractice insurance is covered 2. Stark Program: Stark Program is Federal Coverage for this kind of clinic: a. Apply, and fill the necessary documents b. It is sponsored by the Federal Government and offered completely free to participants c. Covers everyone in the clinic free

20 To Start a Similar Clinic 1. Persuade your local mosque to initiate a clinic 2. Zoning Permit to open a clinic in the County 3. Present a Blueprint and fill Application Form 4. Premise to be checked and inspected by the County 5. Once occupancy permit is given, you can start 6. Advertise it to the congregation of the mosque 7. Persistence and giving quality care will broadcast your effort

21 Staff of Ibn Sina Clinic Medical DirectorAlijani MD Exec. DirectorTabibi PhD Nurse PractitionerLeila Abedi Volunteer PhysiciansRahimian MD Rahmanian MD Khalilzadeh MD Ross MD

22 Ibn Sina Clinic Dr. Rahimian, Dr. Rahmani, nurse Leila Abedi and patient

23 Available Medical Specialties Cardiology Internal Medicine Gynecology Gastroenterology Psychiatry Ophthalmology Immunology Family Medicine Pulmonary Medicine Social Services Orthopedics

24 IEC: Ibn Sina Services Provided Services by way of MobileMed, and through NIH and Suburban and Shady Grove Hospitals are provided: EKG Echocardiography Sonography 24 Hr. BP Monitoring Pulmonary Function Testing 24 Hr. Holter Monitoring Pharmacy Complete Blood Work Among many others

25 Comparative Growth YearNumber of PatientsNumber of Visits 2007520606 20088521006 Based on ICD-9 Diagnosis

26 Growth, Patient Load: 2007-2008

27 One Year Common Diagnosis Based on ICD-9 Diagnosis

28 Patient Age Distribution

29 For New Initiatives: You Need: A Good Leader (preferably a physician) To Recruit Physicians To Recruit Staff To Update Space as needed Specialty Care Network Procuring Free Medications Womens Health Care Services Health Education Funding Identify and pursue other funding sources

30 In conclusion Ibn Sina Clinic, MobileMed and IEC formed Collaborative Effort: It is for patients with no insurance Grew fast, beyond expectation Tests and medicines are given free All who qualify can be served It can be emulated in your own mosque or center. Try to start such a clinic in you Center

31 With best wishes May Allah Bless you all

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