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Santosa Hospital Group 4.

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1 Santosa Hospital Group 4

2 GROUP 4 Adi Utomo (13700191) Aden Bagus Wahyu Luthfi Y (13700177)
Mochammad Ramadhan S ( ) Mohammad Lutfi Fauzan ( ) Rizka Rosa Dwi Mulyani ( ) Neilavery Winda Suci P ( ) Rossa Setyowati ( ) Septiari Dwi Wicahyani ( ) Desyana Kasim ( ) Biendha Ulfatullaily ( ) GROUP 4

3 Santosa Hospital Standing in the area of 1,3 ha with the total area of building 36,000 m 2 located in Central Business District (CDB) Bandung, santosa hospital consisting of 9 the floor and 2 basement for parking. Furnished with medical equipment that sophisticated and supported by more than 200 doctor, some of them are full time, 60 doctor medical personnel and paramedics trained and professional make santosa hospital as private hospitals leading in west java. In addition to cooperate with the faculty of medicine padjajaran, university santosa hospital also good collaboration with institutions / hospital abroad as victoria hearth the centre -- epworth hospital melbourne, australia;

4 Facilities and services
Outpatient a) 24 hours emergency room b) Health Care Center, Clinical Specialist and Specialist Sub Child Development : 1. Pediatric Centre: Child gastroenterology Child Nutrition Children hematology

5 2. Obstetrics and Ginecology Centre
Infertility, Menopause, Hormones Disorders fetomaternal Oncology Uroginecology Skin health and beauty center Facilities and services available among others: Thermage Laser Med Lite C6 Laser Cool Touch CT3

6 Dental and Oral Care Centre:
Respiratory Centre Dental and Oral Care Centre: Orthodontic Prosthodontic Pedodontic Oral Surgery Orthopedic reconstruction and sports medicine center 1. Clinical internal Medicine: Lung and Respiratory Heart and Blood Vessels Kidney and Hypertension Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Blood and Cancer Gastrointestinal and Liver Rhematologi

7 General Surgery Clinic Special Surgery clinics:
Thorax and Cardiovascular Surgery Vascular Surgery Plastic Surgery Hand Surgery and Microsurgery surgical Oncology Digestive Surgery Neurosurgery Bone Surgery Gastrointestinal Surgery Pediatric Surgery

8 Mental Health Clinic: psychology psychiatry
Eye Clinic ENT clinic Clinical Nutrition Hemorrhoids clinic General clinic Sexual Dysfuntion clinic

9 Intensive care unit/ ICU
INTENSIVE CARE UNIT SBIH intensive care unit created for the treatment of patients with the condition of critical now, intensive, post-major surgery, detoxification supported by WASHER WASHING KIDNEY and LIVER (CRRT AND MARS)

10 CT Scan 64 - Slice Computed tomography (CT) uses
x-rays to take pictures of sections of the body. A CT scan shows the body’s organs more clearly and in greater detail than regular x-rays. CT scans help: Find abnormalities in the body which may indicate disease Determine how far a disease has spread Show the effects of treatment and how your body is responding to it

11 MRI 1,5 Tesla MRI is one of the imaging modalities of Diagnostic Imaging Unit to help diagnose a disorder by using the principle of magnetic and radio frequency waves without using X - ray or laser beam, so it does not cause radiation

12 USG 4D Advantage 4D Ultrasound:
In visualizing the surface and texture of the body of the fetus, so that satisfactory inspection. Ability to view, monitor and motion capture exactly fetal movement indeed. The sophistication of this examination inevitably produce more precise examination. Can see abnormalities talipes Display more attractive To know the face of your child in the womb too, can perform this inspection

Unit Operating Theater (operating room) at Santosa Bandung International Hospital consists of 5 operating rooms, which each have a specialized operating room use a separate room.

14 Healing garden To provide holistic health services, SBIH provides a garden to help healing (healing garden) which is equipped with a variety of plants / flowers, pagoda-shaped resting place with the music, stepping stones and reflection that can be used by patients and their families. Healing Garden is located on the 4th floor and 9 and can be reached by elevator.


16 Center Of Excellence Neuroscience Centre
Neuroscience Centre is an integrated service from various disciplines who specialize in the field related to neurological diseases. Complete diagnostic equipment includes   Electrical Diagnostic Unit    EEG, ENMG, TCD      64 Slice MSCT      1.5 Tesla MRI      Neuro Surgery Microscope with Navigation      Cusa (Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator)

17 A team of specialists involved include:
Neurology / Neuroscience: cerebrovascular Disease / CVD, Head Pain / Headache, Epilepsy. Dementia and Neurodegenerative. Neurophysiology / Electrical Diagnostic Unit. Neurosurgery / Neurological Surgery: cerebrovascular neurosurgery, brain trauma, pediatric, brain and spinal tumors. Neuropediatri. Neurorehabilitation Radiology: Diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology Anesthesia: Neuroanestesi and critical care.

18 CARDIAC CENTER In addition to cardiac catheterization tools, there are also 64 Slices CT Scan, the body scanner equipment by utilizing X-rays, in order to obtain bone tissue imaging of the coronary arteries to the heart. In addition to advanced equipment, Cardiac Centre is supported by a team of experts with different specialties, the patient care in the Cardiac Centre will be more comprehensive. SBIH also pursue the development of human resources, one of them in collaboration with the international community.

19 2.IN PATIENT Charity Ward (8 bedded)
Isolation room Perinatology Room Nursery Room ICU CVCU NICU PICU Intermediate Care/HDU/Stroke Unit   Painless Delivery Unit a. Facility President Suite Suite Junior Suite 1 st Class (2 bedded) 2 nd Class (3 bedded) 3 rd Class (6 bedded)

20 3. 24 HOURS SERVICES Emergency Unit Ambulance Services Pharmacy
Radiology Laboratory

21 4. Diagnostic a. Sandia Biotech Diagnostic Centre (SBDC)
Clinical Pathology Microbiology Histology DNA Test

22 4. Diagnostic b. Diagnostic Imaging :
Conventional Radiology MSCT-Scan 64 Slice Slice Somatom Sensaation MRI-1,5 Tesla Cath Lab & Angiografi Panoramik Mammography Dental X-ray USG 4D EEG (Electroencephalography) ENMG (Electroneuromyography) TCD (Transcranial Doppler) Treadmill Audiometri mau Spirometri Endoscopy

23     5. OTHER FACILITIES     •  Healing Garden •  Auditorium •  Helipad •  Air Medic •  Cafetaria •  Flower Shop •  Home Care & Home Visit

24 Thank You for Attention 

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