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2011 HAR Education and Information Session Amy Camp, MDH Jonathan Peters, MHA Lucas Hovila, MHA.

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1 2011 HAR Education and Information Session Amy Camp, MDH Jonathan Peters, MHA Lucas Hovila, MHA

2 2011 Education and Information Topics Changes to the 2011 Formset & Extension Requests Data Requests & Usage Capital Expenditure Hospital and System Level Reporting Diagnostic Imaging Reporting Clinic Reporting on the HAR Self-Pay and Charity Care Reminders, Resources, and Tips Medical Care Surcharge Estimator

3 2011 Formset Changes Removed: –GAMC Payer Information –PGAMC Payer Information –Prescription Drug Purchases –PFSR – However, DI and Capital Expenditures still need to be reported.

4 Extension Requests Increasingly, the legislature and the public are looking for more up-to-date information from government. MDH wants to work with MHA and hospitals on reducing the need for data filing extensions beyond the initial 30 days. We hope MDH will need to grant longer extension requests only in the most extreme cases, where sticking to the timeline would pose and undue hardship on hospitals or compromise the quality of the report.

5 Who Requests HAR Data? Other Areas of MDH MN Legislature MN Department of Human Services Media MN Nurses Association Researchers in Public Policy

6 What HAR Data is Requested? Uncompensated Care Community Benefit Capital Expenditures Staffing Payer Mix Financial Performance of the Industry Trends in Utilization

7 How is HAR Data Used? Community Benefit Report to the Legislature Capital Expenditure Reporting Minnesota Health Care Markets Chartbook (section 8)

8 Minnesota Hospital Community Benefits by Type, 2008 to 2009 Source: Source: Community Benefit Provided by Minnesotas Hospitals in 2009, Health Economics Program, Minnesota Dept. of Health, forthcoming In Millions

9 Use of Capital Expenditure Information Capital expenditure information is used by MDH to fulfill statutory requirements to review major spending commitments by hospitals and other providers. MDH also uses capital expenditure data to produce informational documents to inform the public on spending trends.

10 Analysis of Capital Expenditure Information

11 Trends at Minnesota Community Hospitals, 2007 to 2010 Percent Change from Previous Year *Actual Value Source: Trends from Minnesotas Community Hospitals, Health Economics Program, Minnesota Dept. of Health, forthcoming

12 Capital Expenditures A Guide to Minnesota Capital Expenditure Reporting

13 Contact Information A Capital Expenditure Contact is required by all hospitals. This should list the individual responsible for any questions relating to Capital Expenditures. The Capital Expenditure Contact is required, and is not optional.

14 Reporting Requirements There are two separate reporting requirements for Capital Expenditures Reporting of major capital expenditure commitments greater than one million dollars (see HAR sections 56 & 57). Providing sufficient project specific information about capital expenditure commitments for MDH to complete a retrospective review of each project greater than one million dollars (see capital expenditure project specific tab of the formset).

15 Reporting Forms Providers submit capital expenditures on existing annual financial reports Hospitals - Hospital Annual Report (HAR) Surgical Centers – Freestanding Outpatient Surgical Center (FOSC) Report Imaging Centers - Diagnostic Imaging Facility Report Physician Clinics or Clinic Systems – System Capital Expenditure Report Health Care Systems - Capital Expenditure Report

16 Health Care Systems Decision Chart

17 Contact Information: Amy Camp HCCIS Administrator Minnesota Department of Health 651-201-3575

18 Clinic Reporting Reporting Guidelines for Clinic Information on the Hospital Annual Report

19 Clinic Decision Flowchart

20 Offsite Locations Tab All outpatient departments, clinics, and components not located on the hospital's premise Offsite locations where services provided are billed under the hospital's Medicare and Medicaid provider numbers Verified against hospital license application

21 Offsite Locations Tab Reminder: –This tab is matched against Gross Clinic Charges (account 0207) and Other Institution Charges (account 0208). –If there is an offsite entity being listed in account 0207 and/or 0208, please list these entities on the Offsite Locations Tab. –For each entity that is listed on the Offsite Locations Tab, please fill out all data fields.

22 Diagnostic Imaging Reporting Guidelines for Diagnostic Imaging

23 Diagnostic Imaging Provider For Diagnostic Imaging Services, if your hospital has the service available on site (either by the hospital or contracted services), you will be asked to provide the name of the provider. This is being asked to help tie diagnostic imaging provider information (which is collected on separate report) to the HAR data. Contact your Radiation Safety Officer to confirm the DI equipment available at your facility.

24 Diagnostic Imaging If the hospital has a fee per scan/exam plan, the service should be listed as available and must list the owner of the equipment. If the hospital has a Capital Lease for a scanner then for purposes of HCCIS, the scanner should be listed as being hospital owned.

25 Diagnostic Imaging There will be an audit check to match the availability of service, the machine type, and the owner of the machine to what was reported the previous year. If anything has changed, please provide a note describing the change. This information is also verified against a report that DI providers supply MDH.

26 Self-Pay and Charity Care Reporting Self-Pay and Charity Care on the HAR

27 Self Pay and Charity Care The percentage discount offered to Self Pay patients will be collected. Please note that this will be non public data. Charity Care Adjustments will be broken out into Insured vs. Uninsured. Within Uninsured, three further pieces of data will be collected: Amount that was 100% discounted Amount that was only a partial discount of full bill The average partial discount given to uninsured patients

28 Self Pay and Charity Care Remember that only Uninsured Patients Charity Care needs to be broken out into Full and Partial Charity Care (accounts 7573 and 7574, respectively), not the total charity care adjustment amount. Partial Charity Care (account 7574) is now an auto- calculated cell to aid preparers in filling this section out correctly.

29 Reminders, Tips, and Resources for Preparers General Guidelines and Places for Further Information

30 Medical Care Surcharge Estimator A Medical Care Surcharge Estimation Tool has been included on a separate tab in the HAR 2011. After completing the HAR, please review this tab to verify that the information reported on the HAR for these key accounts is accurate. DHS remains the sole determiner of your surcharge, and this tool is to be used only to give guidance and help in the correct completion of the HAR.

31 MCR and Audited Financial Statement Submission MHA has the ability to receive the Medicare Cost Report in the ECR file format. ECR format is the preferred format for the MCR. Your hospitals AFS and MCR should be submitted as soon as they become available.

32 Data Transmission Method Available HTTPS data transmission available –Transmission encrypted and secure –As easy as web e-mail or online banking –Hospitals can download their prior years Commentary or Hospital Profile report from same site as well. –More safe and secure than postal mail or e-mail –No file size restrictions, unlike e-mail This method is highly recommended by MDH and MHA for data transmission Please contact MHA to receive your login and password Web address: https://har.mnhospitals.org

33 Places for Further Information Both MDH and MHAs website have further information on HAR related issues. –MDH Website: –MHA Website: All Deadlines and Events are posted on websites. Power Point presentation of 2010, 2009 and 2008 HAR Education and Information Sessions available at sites above. Electronic Newsletters covering the following topics: –Getting Started –Microsoft Excel Tips and Useful Tools –Expense Allocation Methodology –Primary Payer Charges and Adjustments –Outpatient Charges If a question or problem arises while completing the Hospital Annual Report, please contact Jonathan Peters or Lucas Hovila at MHA or Amy Camp at MDH (see last slide for contact information).

34 Contact Information MHA staff at (800) 462-5393 or (651) 641-1121 Jonathan Peters, MHA (651) 659-1422 Lucas Hovila, MHA (651) 603-3536 Amy Camp, MDH (651) 201-3575

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