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LIONS EYE CENTER IN TBILISI A non governmental and a non profit organization.

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1 LIONS EYE CENTER IN TBILISI A non governmental and a non profit organization

2 Eye Diabetic clinic Project Background Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness among working-age adults. Early detection and treatment can reduce vision loss by 90%. Georgias capital and rural areas are some of the hardest hit by diabetes. Many poor and uninsured patients lack access to regular care and specialists, significant proportion of people with diabetes are not receiving adequate screening or follow-up for diabetic retinopathy. There is currently no national DR screening program in Georgia

3 Eye Diabetic Clinic, Tbilisi We have one of the most famous eye doctors in the world professor Merab Dvali (Chief of the Eye Department at Tbilisi and member of Lions Club Tbilisi as partner We have the possibility to have spaces for the clinic in a building owned by professor Merab We have professor Nino Karanadze Tbilisi State Medical University and also a member of Lions Club Tbilisi as a partner Thirty four Ophthalmology residents are currently in the Eye Department of Tbilisi State Medical University. These residents will work under the direction of the experienced physicians.

4 The possibility for a house for the clinic

5 StrengthsWeaknesses Highly trained medical staff Experienced management Existing connection Partnership with Tbilisi Medical University Low price leadership (low cap expenses) Well known surgeons The lack of system Low awareness OpportunitiesThreats Underdeveloped market low taxes Competition SWOT Analysis The strong (Strengths) and weak (Weaknesses) side, existing capacity (Opportunities) and threats (Threats) analysis will allow us to determine the main directions of the company's development strategic.

6 Budget ( Summary) Expenses Income Equipment LCIF Standard Grant NSR NSR Total estimated cost Total financing

7 Flexibility As part of the project there will be a mobile Eye Clinic Some equipment requested is therefore to be portable ensuring flexibility so it can be used in both the LIONS EYE CENTER and the LIONS EYE CENTER SUV

8 #DescriptionQuantityTotal amount USD (Including taxes) 1 Salary* 6790* General Manager Chief financial officer1 760 Chief Physician Internist/Cardiologist1 /half time 460 Endocrinologist1 /half time 460 Logistic Manager1 380 Registration1 380 Nurse2 300 Cleaner Rent Utility Gasoline Stationery Marketing1 10% of Revenue 8 Insurance Maintenance expenses Travel expenses Bank Misc expenses1 200 Total fixed expenses Total variable expenses 10% of Revenue Budget – monthly expenses

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