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Managing Musculoskeletal issues in the workplace

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1 Managing Musculoskeletal issues in the workplace
Sophie Drake Graduate Sports Therapist Occupational Health Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

2 Who am I? BSc Sports Therapy UCB in June 2010
Why I got into Sports Therapy Why it differs from physio

3 Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Specialist cardiothoracic hospital, Cambridgeshire Approx staff Occupational Health – 2 nurse advisors, 1FT, 1PT, 2 admin, 1 clinic nurse Started Papworth as AP in Aug 2010 Started clinic Feb 2011 Part time job March 2012

4 Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Number of episodes & WTE days by Qtr Qtr 3 2013/14 Qtr /14 Qtr 1 Reason All Musculo-skeletal 124 episodes WTE days 110 episodes WTE days 97 episodes WTE days Anxiety/stress/depression/other psychiatric illnesses 61 episodes 986.6 WTE days 63 episodes 38 episodes WTE days Cold, Cough, Flu 309 episodes WTE days 105 episodes WTE days 146 episodes WTE days Talk about how clinic started Meetings Trial year

5 Occupational Health Musculoskeletal Clinic
Onsite – OH department Aim triage – appointment in 2 weeks or less 1st appointment 45 mins, Review 30 mins Referred via OH advisor or Self referral 1 free assessment, 3 free treatments Work closely with OH advisors, OH physician

6 Occupational Health Musculoskeletal Clinic
What is offered? Assessment and diagnosis Sports Massage Exercise Prescription Ultrasound Taping and strapping Postural education Loan of tens machines Work station assessments and recommendations Task analysis in work place / support return to work Qualified 2013 as DSE assessor

7 Occupational Health Musculoskeletal Clinic
Audited via feedback from trial 6 months Audited yearly in conjunction with Audit department

8 Clinic Metrix Month Number of appointments New Assessments Follow ups
WPA Massages Apr-13 18 10 7 1 May-13 35 19 3 Jun-13 23 12 Jul-13 38 15 Aug-13 33 13 2 Sep-13 45 30 4 Oct-13 65 29 Nov-13 56 9 44 Dec-13 46 17 24 Jan-14 72 39

9 Clinic Metrix Month Self referral? OH referral? Clinical staff
Non clinical staff Apr-13 10 8 12 6 May-13 16 19 24 11 Jun-13 3 5 4 Jul-13 7 Aug-13 Sep-13 Oct-13 17 9 20 Nov-13 Dec-13 13 Jan-14 15 18

10 Clinic Metrix Common causes of injury Link with MH
Cause: MH, static posture. Static posture

11 Clinic Metrix New Assessments Work related injury? May-13 10 9 Jun-13
New Assessments Work related injury? May-13 10 9 Jun-13 7 Jul-13 15 8 Aug-13 13 Sep-13 5 Oct-13 29 Nov-13 Dec-13 17 Jan-14 24

12 Audit results

13 Audit results

14 Audit results In the satisfaction section of the audit, 61% of participants gave the overall service a 10/10, with the remaining participant scoring 7+/10. Again 61% of participants also gave the clinic a 10/10 in regards to how beneficial they felt the clinic was to them and 66% of the participants strongly agreed, giving a score of 10/10 that the service would help to reduce the amount of sickness leave taken by staff as a result of their injury.

15 Prevention Induction Presentation Introduce clinic
Encourage early referral to OH Manual Handling Advice Advertise staff gym

16 Prevention Education

17 Prevention Squats Core activation
Static load – 3-4 seconds and how it is detrimental Think about your workers and how long they sit, carry out an activity for. Sit against a wall.

18 Prevention Key Points Keep up to date with manual handling
Good communication Speak up if there is a problem Risk assess all tasks – TILE Avoid manual handling if able – use equipment Maintain posture Bend your knees, using your legs not your back Look after yourself – eat well, exercise, manage stress levels Think about your footwear, clothing Highlight problems as early as possible even if you feel they are insignificant!

19 Future Plans Health and Wellbeing Drop in clinics Lifestyle Clinics
On site exercise classes Improve on site gym Encourage getting away from desk Came off sports and physical activity questionnaire. Showed staff that met government recommendations for exercises, better mood, motivation, happiness, energy level. Less stress, anxiety etc

20 Back to you Could you start something similar?
Look at NHS OH local services Could you pay a private physio/therapist/masseuse to come in, set up deal Bring in an ergonomist from time to time Look into purchasing desk based programmes e.g desk yoga Look at local gyms, could you set up schemes to encourage H&W Internet – free resources to hand out to colleagues – Back Care, Arthritis UK, other charities Could you put on/ arrange exercise classes (Pilates) Start a company walking group, after work running club, Perkins half marathon Come up with an induction pack/ generic office stretches/ prevention advice Ask other companies, what do they do? Ask the staff …. What do they want? What would help them?

21 Thank you for listening!
Any Questions?

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