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Clinical Psychology Post Graduate Training at UWA.

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1 Clinical Psychology Post Graduate Training at UWA

2 Revised DPsych programme 2012 DPsych (Clinical) 3 tracks Neuro Pediatric Health DPsych (Clinical) DPsych (Clinical and Clinical Neuropsychology) MPsych (Education and Development)

3 Two Programs MPsych/PhD (clinical) –Approximately 4 years full time (72 points + PhD) –48 points of teaching units –24 of practicum units –PhD research (3 years FTE) DPsych (clinical, with tracks) –Approximately 3 years full time (96 points + 48 res) –66 points of teaching units –30 of practicum units –48 points of DPsych research (1 year FTE)

4 Coursework: Year 1 Foundations in Clinical Skills 1 Foundations in Clinical Skills 2 Assessment and Intervention – Childhood disorders Assessment and Intervention – Emotional disorders Thesis preparation (DPsych - only) Thesis proposal (DPsych - only) MPsych/PhDs prepare proposal with supervisor

5 Coursework: Year 2 Assessment and Intervention - Adult complex disorders Assessment and intervention - Working with and through others Methods and analysis of change Select one of: –Neuropsychology –Pediatric psychology –Health psychology Case Presentations MPsych students spread these out across Yrs 2 & 3

6 Coursework: Year 3 Further optional advanced units in: 1.Neuropsychology e.g. brain injury, rehabilitation, stroke, dementia 2.Pediatric psychology e.g. neuropsychology and psychopathology 3.Health psychology e.g. physical health, pain, PNI, medical decision making

7 First Practicum Clinical work commences with intensive skills and professional training in the School of Psychologys Robin Winkler Clinic within the Psychology Hub Students see their first clients in the Robin Winkler Clinic, towards the end of Sem 1 Students have opportunities to gain experience in: –Individual and Group therapy ( e.g., Social Phobia, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation) –Clinical assessments (e.g. neuropsychological assessment of individuals with autism, Parkinsons, ID, children)

8 External Practica Students complete three placements in agencies external to the School of Psychology One of these is a "capstone placement with more intensive experience in your chosen track There is a wide range of placement options

9 External Placements Royal Perth Rehab Hospital SCGH (Pain) SCGH Graylands KEMH RPH Changes Program (Personality Disorder Program) PMH Family Pathways PMH Eating Disorders Perth Clinic (Adult) Hollywood Hospital Centre for Clinical Interventions Bentley Clinic (Adult) Avro Clinic (Adult) UWA Counselling Occupational Services Head Injury Unit (SGGH) Selby Lodge (Gerontology) Next Step (Alcohol & drugs) Juvenile Justice Youthlink CDC Midland, Perth Bentley CAMHS DSC Autism Hillarys CAMHS Selby CAMHS Child Protection - Perth Mirabooka Clinic (Adult)

10 Registration post qualification All students (DPsych and MPsych/PhD) will be eligible for registration by the Clinical College DPsych students following the Neuro track should meet the teaching component requirements but may require additional practicum hours, post qualification to be eligible for registration by the Clinical Neuropsychology College

11 Prize Winning Publications: Best UWA 2011 Publications Awards Byrne, Shannon. L., Hooke, G. R., & Page, A. C. (2010). Readmission: A useful indicator of the quality of inpatient psychiatric care. Journal of Affective Disorders, 126, 206-213. Robinson, Monique., Oddy, W. H., McLean, N. J., Jacoby, P., Pennell, C. E., de Klerk, N. H., Zubrick, S. R., Stanley, F. J., & Newnham, J. P. (2010). Low–moderate prenatal alcohol exposure and risk to child behavioural development: A prospective cohort study. BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 117, 1139–1152.

12 Selection Competitive but not impossible! Intake of around 15-20 students Academic record and personal suitability considered Interview includes a clinical task and a research task

13 Career Destinations Excellent employment options –Health Department –Justice –Community Development –Disability Services –Private health clinics/hospitals –Private Practice –Universities

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