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MI-WIC Release 5.6 Webcast December 5, 2013 Laurie Perrelli Julie Lothamer Terri Riemenschneider.

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1 MI-WIC Release 5.6 Webcast December 5, 2013 Laurie Perrelli Julie Lothamer Terri Riemenschneider

2 Release 5.6 Thursday December 12 th – stop using MI-WIC by 5:00 p.m. Friday December 13 th – Release available in clinics

3 2014 MI-WIC Release Dates April 10/11 August 14/15 December 11/12 WC E-Notice sent Letter sent to Health Officers

4 Bug Fixes CEVAL Mid-Cert Screens display of BF questions Mid-Cert screen not saving on Next Wrong future appointment date pulled into Care Plan Issue with Income History and some Adjunct Data disappearing Issue scheduling CEVAL appointment if a Termed client is in Active Record box Non-discrimination statement appearing twice in Compliance Letter Notes in Breast Pump Details screen not saving Proxy duplicating

5 Other Text Messaging status Wal-mart issue Clinic User Manual – plan to post on WIC website

6 Food Packages for Breastfeeding Partial Dyad

7 MI-WIC System will now enforce the policy: Partially Breastfed Infants Maximum Food Package During the 1st Month is Up to 104 fl oz reconstituted powder /1 can To Support Breastfeeding

8 During the First Month BP cannot be assigned a NPP food package SO IBP cannot be assigned a IFF food package

9 After 1 st Month Customizing IBP Food Packages

10 IBP Food Packages First Month Second Month What message does this give moms?

11 IBP Package* will come with 1 can & have to be customized up to the max *Pregestimil and Alimentum exceed 104 oz and cannot be given in powder during the 1 st month Max is based on the age of the infant

12 New TITLE – PC Education To eliminate confusion, Yes is selected ONLY if it is EDUCATION given by a PEER

13 Column Title Change PC Column confusion. Yes in this column = Educational contact But all notes made by Peers were being entered as a YES

14 Client Portal Available starting 12/20/13 at

15 Features of Client Portal Applicant Screening: Client can be screened for WIC eligibility Find closest agency Eligible clients can schedule a MI-Path (MPATH) appointment (Pcert/Cert) if agency allows or request an appointment Client can set up web access account: Next appointment Shopping list/balance Vendor listing Contact agency regarding need for appointment

16 Client Portal Website What is WIC? Am I Eligible for Michigan WIC? I am a WIC Client without a Client Portal Website account-Sign up I already have a Client Portal Web site account to Login WIC Clinics in my area WIC grocery stores in my area WIC Resources Links

17 Lets talk about the changes to MI-WIC that support the Client Portal… Client request appointments Allows clients to request appointment through client portal Local Agency monitors requests schedules appointments Client portal appointments Allows applicants to schedule appointments through client portal Local Agency Sets Client Portal (MI- PATH) appointment schedule, if desired

18 Client Portal Appointment requests

19 Client Portal Appointment screen Clinic/Miscellaneous/Client Portal Appointments For existing clients or if LA does not wish to allow applicants to schedule M- Path appointment Client requests appointment Click on row to make active

20 Client Portal Appointments MPath

21 Setting up MI-Path Appointments Admin Module Templates Add Scheduler Staff Click New, MI-Path MI-Path Template Add MI-Path Scheduler Staff (column) Designate MPATH appointments for times you want to allow client to schedule

22 Auto dialer update If LA allows appointments Update Autodialed template to include MI-PATH appointment type

23 CEVAL Process Currently BF question bug Multiple appointments scheduled on same day – bug If C-Eval and NCRD on same day, schedule C-Eval to allow access to C-Eval screen flow Note for NCRD on appointment screen When scheduling 11 month olds for a CEVAL appointment, change the Scheduling Category to C1 Set up Autodialer to include CEVAL so clients are called to remind of their appointments

24 Autodialer set up for CEVAL Admin Scheduling Tasks Autodialer

25 Policy Update December 5, 2013

26 1.11 Annual Quality Services Review Conduct an annual review of each primary clinic (including subcontractors) that ensures that WIC services are provided in accordance with MDCH/WIC policies and federal regulations Use the most current MDCH/WIC Management Evaluation (ME) checklists and chart review tools (or local agency equivalents).,4612,7-132-2947-275726--,00.html After the evaluation, develop and implement a corrective plan of action, documenting steps along the way Retain the clinic evaluations, the Corrective Plan of Action and training or feedback provided to staff at the local agency for a minimum of three years and 150 days from the end of the fiscal period that review is performed

27 1.12 Public Health Disaster/Emergency Planning and Coordination The WIC Program is not designed to be a disaster assistance program, and therefore is not considered a first line of defense Emergency situations are highly variable and unpredictable Work with MDCH WIC Program to determine allowable waivers for policies

28 1.12 Public Health Disaster/Emergency Planning and Coordination Local agencies should have a disaster plan that will include: A copy of the parent agencys disaster preparedness plan, if applicable. Local governmental/community agency emergency contact information. (Food pantries, emergency shelters…) State and local WIC staff contact information (phone tree, call in point). A plan for notifying clients of service disruption, relocation and availability of WIC services. Forward agency phones, update messages, be able to use back up cell or land line phones for messages or texting Laptops, cell phones, chargers, generators…. Review plan with staff annually

29 Newly Released Policies: WIC E-Notice 2013-132 (November 27, 2013) 2.13A Michigan Risk Codes 7.01 Food Package Determination 7.02 Authorized WIC Foods 7.04 Maximum Food Package 7.05 Customized Food Package

30 2.13A Michigan Risk Codes This policy provides updated descriptions for several risk criteria based on USDA criteria revision. All definitions noted have been in place in MI-WIC since the August, 2013 release. The affected risk criteria include: 353+ Food Allergies 354+ Celiac Disease 355 Lactose Intolerance

31 353+ Food Allergies – The definition was revised to Diagnosed adverse health effect arising from immune response that occurs reproducibly on exposure to a given food.

32 354 + Celiac Disease – The definition is expanded to include Inflammatory condition of the small intestine precipitated by ingestion of wheat, rye, and barley that can result in damage and malabsorption of nutrients.

33 355 Lactose Intolerance – The definition was modified to CPA documentation of symptoms should indicate that ingestion of lactose- containing dairy products or milk- based formula causes gastrointestinal disturbances such as: abdominal bloating, cramps, flatulence, diarrhea; the avoidance of such dairy products eliminates them.

34 The following food package policies have been revised and are already implemented in the MI-WIC system: 7.01 Food Package Determination 7.02 Authorized WIC Foods 7.04 Maximum Food Package 7.05 Customized Food Package If you have questions, please contact the Consultant du Jour at 1-800-949- 1636, option 1, then 2. Food Package Policy Revisions

35 7.01 Food Package Determination This policy wording change clarifies that when determining the need for food package for a breastfeeding woman, the question is whether the woman is nursing two or more infants from the same pregnancy.

36 7.02 Authorized WIC Foods This policy was revised to indicate: WIC Program food authorization criteria will be reviewed on a routine basis and adjusted as necessary. Local agencies shall be notified in writing of authorized food changes and their effective date. Iron fortified formula must supply 67 calories per 100 milliliters (approximately 20 kilocalories per fluid ounce at manufacturers recommended dilution and not standard dilution as previously stated). The current list of Michigan authorized foods, effective October 15, 2013. The name change for the list of authorized foods to Michigan WIC Food Guide and Infant Foods Insert.

37 7.04 Maximum Food Package This policy clarifies the statement that partially breastfeeding women must be nursing 2 or more infants from the same pregnancy to receive the exclusively breastfeeding women package. Also exclusively breastfeeding women nursing 2 or more infants from the same pregnancy will receive 1.5 of the maximum monthly food package for exclusively breastfeeding women.

38 7.05 Customized Food Package This policy extends the customization of thirty-two (32) cans of evaporated milk substituted for 24 quarts of fluid milk to include women eligible to receive the maximum monthly exclusively breastfeeding food package (pregnant women with multiple fetuses, partially breastfeeding women nursing 2 or more infants from the same pregnancy and exclusively breastfeeding women).

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