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Business Case Development. Business Case Toolkit.

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1 Business Case Development

2 Business Case Toolkit

3 Business Case Working Group Paul ChadwickMicrobiologist (Chair) Brian Ward Project Manager Rob Armstrong Acute Trust Services Manager Kim Dawes OPAT Nurse Specialist Joanne EntwistleAcute Trust Commissioning Manager John HarropPCT Director Dawn Hart OPAT Nurse Specialist Brendan HealyMicrobiologist Graeme JonesMicrobiologist Carol Low OPAT Lead Nurse Ejaz Nabi Bupa Home Healthcare Dilip NathwaniChair BSAC OPAT Steering Group

4 Objectives The OPAT initiative will support, guide and encourage the establishment of standardized OPAT services throughout the UK Support for the development of a business case is central to this development This is now available as a hard copy pdf available as a download from the Now available free as an online interactive tool from

5 Online Business Case Toolkit Will enable your centre to adapt content to your local environment Should be used as a basis for discussion within your local team Outputs can be cut and pasted into your local business case documents

6 Elements of the toolkit Introduction Resources Background to OPAT Criteria for evaluating an OPAT service SWOT analyses of OPAT services Cost analysis

7 Introduction

8 Help Document pdf pdf

9 Resources

10 Bibliography

11 Main analysis section of toolkit

12 View button

13 Main analysis section of toolkit

14 Sections Drop in text sections for editing – Background rationale for OPAT – Antimicrobial requirements for OPAT – Checklist of costs to include – Worked examples of costs Interactive sections to reflect local needs – Criteria for evaluating an OPAT service – SWOT analyses – Cost analyses

15 Evaluation Criteria

16 SWOT analysis for different OPAT models Administration of iv antibiotics in hospital (status quo) Self-administration of iv antibiotics by patient Administration of iv antibiotics by visiting nurse – District Nurse – OPAT Nurse – Home Healthcare Company Nurse Administration of iv antibiotics in an infusion clinic – Hospital OPAT clinic – Hospital ambulatory care clinic – Hospital discipline-specific specialist clinic – Community-based intermediate care clinic Ability to develop risk scoring for each model

17 Edit section

18 Financial analysis for including in an OPAT business case Fixed and variable costs Worked examples based on established OPAT services and successful business cases

19 Financial assessment checklist

20 Interactive cost model

21 Main analysis section of toolkit

22 Edit section

23 Final screen

24 Final Word Document.doc.doc

25 Next steps Available here at the meeting to try Register to download the interactive toolkit at BSAC would value your feedback

26 Sponsors

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