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Correct use of computer posture an d healthy lifestyle bring Malaysia to the.

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2 Correct use of computer posture an d healthy lifestyle bring Malaysia to the

3 … E specially in this quick-paced society, computer does bring convenience to us T he greatest invention of all time, computers, has become so important in our daily life that it is inseparable for us owadays, In this modern world context, we have become dependent towards technology. N

4 Many Malaysians spend ENDLESS HOURS sitting in front of their computers. Many health problems and mood swings had occur due to incorrect postures of using computer and Laziness attitude of the users

5 Heart diseases Cancer Stroke Chronic lower respiratory diseases Accidents Diabetes Alzheimer's disease Influenza and pneumonia Kidney disease Septicemia (blood infection) Source:

6 is the leading cause of death in the United States and is a major cause of disability. narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart itself. This is called coronary artery disease and happens slowly over time. Its the major reason people have heart attacks.

7 Risk and Factor of CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE Smoking High blood pressure Being overweight and not exercising

8 Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease Angina Chest pain Shortness of breath Palpitations A faster heartbeat Weakness or dizziness Nausea or vomiting Sweating Source:

9 MALAYSIALINIC was established on 16 th September 2010 to provide basic medical services for illnesses and injuries to provide fast and cheap treatment for the poor citizen Malaysia citizens are charged RM1 for treatment and medication. Non- citizens are charged RM15

10 Perform simple procedures Treatment of mild ailments Infectious disease notification Follow-up treatment of stabilized chronic disease Provide advice and health education

11 50 Branches of Malaysia Clinics in Malaysia


13 healthy lifestyle Did you have a and good posture of using computer


15 Prevention Eat a healthy diet Keep our weight in check Exercise Don't smoke


17 Nowadays Malaysia's technology advance, Many people spends more time for using the computer to surf internet or do works.

18 Bad postures will lead the resulting of health problems. Such as eye strain, electromagnetic radiation, Obesity, muscle and joint problems, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, overuse injuries of the hand. Thus, good and correct postures is important to the computer users and to avoid the health problems.

19 Keyboard Placement Screen Placement Posture and Environment during Keyboarding Use Posture, Environment and Ergonomic Tools that we should concern Chair Document Holder Using a Mouse Keyboard Equipment and Radiation Work Surface Height Desktop Layout Lighting for Visual Display Units (VDUs) Glare and Reflection

20 The following images is during using the computer









29 Dear all the Malaysians, Lets we use the Healthy body and harmony mind to contribute our country.

30 Free Background Music Positive Feedback" downloaded from: Images downloaded from: Animation Images created using: Photo Scape Software

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