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Doug Gesme, MBA, EMT-P Dave Johnson, CP, CCEMT-P.

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1 Doug Gesme, MBA, EMT-P Dave Johnson, CP, CCEMT-P

2 Our program at present One Community Paramedic M-F 0700-1600ish 15 Current regular clients 20 clients is goals load Ages 7 to 105 ~50 total client interacted with Ideal and Actual clients are often different

3 Target Population Chronic, Non-Transmittable Disease Cardiovascular, Diabetes Most have subordinate Chemical Dependency / Mental Health Issues High-Risk for readmission or avoidable ER use Ineligible/Unwilling/Inaccessible to Home Care RN/PHN

4 Identify your Players Advanced Practice Providers Innovative, Respected and ACCESSIBLE Administration Care Coordination groups Healthcare Home, Clinical Coordinators, Case Managers, Discharge Planning

5 Our next steps Executive Leadership Blessing Completion of Clinicals for 12 students 10 HTC, 2 Inver May have three certified late January 2014 When EMS wants to do something, we do it. When the corporate world wants to do something, they have meetings about meetings. Patience!

6 Clinical Process Hennepin Tech has quality offerings Not a perfect match for HCMCs program Clinicals should be based on organizational needs Great opportunity to identify needs Clinicals are a great relationship building opportunity

7 Clinical Experience HCMC ER Coordinated Care Center Clinic Senior Care Clinic Home Visiting Program Burn Center ICU Medicine Clinic Community Health Workers Hennepin Co HSPHD Healthcare for the Homeless Project Homeless Connect Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency Home Care Hospice of the Twin Cities Hospice of the Valley St. Stephens Human Services Street Outreach Scott County PH Mobile Free Clinic Golden Valley Health/Rehab Wound Care

8 Our Resources VisiCAD Integration EMS-CP1 PNC EMS Scheduled Event used ARMER Radio Resources HC_BUS for primary operations HCMC IT Connection Epic Department HCMC COMM PARAMEDIC Sprint 4GLTE Connection Cell Phone & Pager iSTAT Point of Care (CHEM8, CG4+, PT/INR) EMS Administrative Vehicle (Thanks Doug)

9 Our Learning Points Relationships are Everything Ensure you are not stepping on toes Less Productive time is VERY Productive time Understand your target population Dont try to re-invent to wheel Share in and support existing success Profit is a very funny word ~3% reimbursement of our pittance Cost Avoidance

10 Relationships Some are obvious Primary Care Home Care Agencies Ambulatory Care Many are not Laboratory Pharmacy EHR Social Services Food Shelf Homeless Services Interpreters And on and on and…

11 MY Learning Points You are not managed by dispatch. Productivity is no longer UHUs Design your workload and manage it well Work Life / Personal Life Balance You will bring work and Progress Notes home with you Your SO will get sick and tired Client Access is key Dont let admissions bother you. They are inevitable.

12 Questions David Johnson 612 396 6935 Doug Gesme 612 393 5437

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