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Kirkwood Community College

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1 Kirkwood Community College
Nursing Program Conference

2 Nursing Career Ladder Nurse Aide
75 hour course includes theory, lab and clinic Does not follow traditional semester offerings Builds confidence Exposes you to nursing The CNA is a program prerequisite in the fall of 2011 For More Information Please Contact the Simulation Center at (319) For more information on Criminal background Checks prior to the CNA, please go to the Simulation Center – 2nd floor of Linn Hall

3 Practical Nursing First 2 ½ semesters of program
Leads to PN licensure eligibility Employment: Long Term Care Hospitals Home Care Dr. Office

4 Associate Degree Nursing
Total of 5 semesters (2 ½ PN, 2 ½ ADN) Leads to RN licensure eligibility Employment Hospitals Long Term Care Home Health Clinics Community Health

5 Bachelor of Science (BSN)
KCC program articulates (transfers) to all Iowa BSN programs. Mt. Mercy, University of Iowa, Upper Iowa University Expands opportunities There are courses that can be taken at KCC toward a BSN, a brochure is available

6 Master’s Degrees Clinical Nurse Specialist Administration Education
Informatics Anesthetist Midwife

7 Doctorate in Nursing Research Nurse Practitioner Administration

8 Kirkwood’s Nursing Program
What to Expect

9 Application Process Complete an application
Attend a Program Conference Complete Placement Testing Complete ATI TEAS Complete Prerequisites

10 Complete An Application
Apply online Indicate Nursing AAS or PRE BSN

11 Advising Completed on a walk-in basis in the Nursing office in 117 Linn Hall Individual Advising Appointments available Call Nursing Department for appts.

12 Attend a Program Conference
You’re here! Did you sign in? You will receive a follow up letter in about 2 weeks

13 Take a Placement Test (This is a requirem
Computerized test of reading, writing and math Minimum scores required for advising and course placement COMPASS test available at KCC; Cedar Hall, 2055: Testing Center, ph # Degree and Course option available Math Score of 50 (Compass), 18 (ACT), or C- in a college math course, required for nursing acceptance. Scores within the past 3 years

14 TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)
4 exams: Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English Required Composite Score of 64.7, effective 7/1/11 for Version V Advising for Enrichment Coursework available at Kirkwood Used as part of admission criteria

15 Prerequisites – Day Program
Professional Roles in Health Care: (students are required to pass TEAS exam prior to enrollment) Communication in the Health Care Environment (students are required to pass TEAS exam prior to enrollment) Nutrition CNA certification and Registry Anatomy & Physiology I OR Anatomy Anatomy & Physiology II OR Physiology

16 Prerequisites- Eve/Wkend;
Professional Roles in Health Care (students are required to pass TEAS exam prior to enrollment) Communication in the Health Care Environment (students are required to pass TEAS exam prior to enrollment) Nutrition CNA certification and Registry Anatomy & Physiology I Anatomy & Physiology II General Psychology Composition I Intro to Sociology Developmental Psychology Fund of Communication Microbiology Humanities Elective

17 Nursing Application Foundations I: will vary according to application date and TEAS score Foundations I E/W: Fall and spring admission Transitions to Associate Degree Nursing: according to admission and transfer policy

18 Associate Degree Nursing Admission Transfer Students
Students seeking admission to the Associate Degree level from a program other than Kirkwood, will be required to submit a letter of reference regarding theory, clinical, and overall student conduct from the chair of the transferring institution. The letter should include the student’s eligibility to continue on to the AD level of the transferring institution.

19 Associate Degree Admission
Preadmission requirements : For transfer students and those who have completed their PN education greater than one year ago: LPN Step exam composite score of 66.4 LPN step to success course GPA of 2.5 is required for admission

20 Clinic Requirements Current CPR Card for the Health Care Provider or Professional Rescuer Current physical: Within 1 year Immunization record on file (Includes Hepatitis B, DtaP, Varicella) TB test (initial 2-step) – yearly OSHA training - yearly Proof of Health Insurance Proof of Mandatory Reporter Training of Dependent Adult and Child Abuse

21 Criminal Background Check
Criminal Background check - National FBI check required prior to any clinic rotation. Available through Kirkwood’s Human Resource office Child, dependent adult and sex offender abuse registry checks Clinical Facilities reserve right to refuse student Depending on offense, Board of Nursing may deny application for license. Anticipated drug testing in the future. This is required in addition to the CNA requirement

22 Tattoos and Piercings WHILE IN CLINIC: No visible tattoos
Only 1 stud type earring per ear

23 Day Program New section each semester – fall, spring and summer
Lecture days a week Lab hours vary Clinic hours on Tuesday, and Wednesday, or Thursday and Friday 5 semesters

24 Evening/Weekend Program
All Prerequisite and general education courses must be completed first New section each fall, spring Number of clinic and lecture hours same as day program Lecture evenings a week Lab hours on Saturday or Sunday Clinic hours on Saturday and Sunday, occasional weekday clinic possible 5 semesters

25 Practical Nurse Only Program
Same prerequisite requirements as day program New section begins each spring Must reapply for Associate Degree program Same application list as day program, those on this list, given opportunity to enter PN program, or wait for ADN program. Clinic hours on Thursday and Friday

26 Graduate As Practical Nurse
Must have at least 2.0 GPA in nursing curriculum (Foundations of Nursing I and II) to graduate Receive a Practical Nurse diploma May apply to take licensure exam and become a Licensed Practical Nurse

27 Progression to A.D.N. Must have a GPA of 2.5 to enter ADN Curriculum
Only courses required for the PN program included in the GPA Foundations of Nursing I & II and prerequisite courses Transfer grades are included

28 Progression to ADN If GPA not met, students must retake courses to improve GPA and then reapply for ADN program once GPA successfully attained Students in Foundations of Nursing II, automatically progress to the AD level if all requirements met (except PN only section)

29 Course Grade Requirements
B- in all nursing technical courses Pass all clinical rotations If requirements not met Need to apply to re-enter through Nursing Department

30 Nursing Grading Scale B- 80-83(passing) C+ 78-79 C 75-77 C- 73-74

31 Nursing is Complex The faculty are here to assist you. College 101
Being in the nursing program takes commitment of time and energy.

32 Some things you should know
You will need to be flexible with your schedule Some clinic locations are not announced until the week prior to start Day or Evening clinics possible throughout program Nights and Weekends possible during preceptorship Clinics are held in 7 county area.

33 General Rule of Thumb 1 hour class or clinic = 4-6 hours of study time

34 Weekly Time Commitment
4 hours of lecture 12 hours of clinic 4-6 hours of study per hour of class = hours of study

35 Helpful Information Full-time is considered 12 credits; summer is 9 credits Financial aid usually requires students to be at least half-time which is 6 credits Keep in close contact with Financial Aid office to make best use of available money Scholarships – Found on the Kirkwood website

36 We look forward to learning with you!!
Thanks For Being Here We look forward to learning with you!!

37 Admission Checklist Fill out the Admission Criteria Checklist – will hand in PINK carbon copy today Three-part form – write firmly Return white copy to Nursing Department Office, 117 Linn Hall once all requirements are met Keep YELLOW copy for your records

38 We’re Here to Assist Nursing Department Office
117 Linn Hall Open M & F from 8-5 T, W, Th from 8-6 LeAnn Parker, Office Coordinator Brenda Vacek Office Coordinator General Advising is conducted through the Nursing Department Office Coordinators

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