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Wyatt Packer HealthInsight Health Information Technology Community Progress.

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1 Wyatt Packer HealthInsight Health Information Technology Community Progress

2 Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Wyatt Packer Wyatt Packer is the HIT Operations Director for HealthInsight (UT) and the project manager for the Utah HIT Regional Extension Center He will be discussing current EHR adoption and Meaningful Use of EHR rates in our community. Some of those attending may be eligible for REC consulting services. No other conflict of interest

3 Objectives Understand the status of your community in relation to major Health IT initiatives, to include: EHR Adoption & Meaningful Use ePrescribing Health Information Exchange Engage in discussion that will drive to action around adoption of and patient engagement through Health IT.

4 Looking at HIT Adoption in communities around the state Community events Inform and educate Ensure the Health IT discussion is happening at the local level e-Healthy Communities

5 A snapshot look at Health IT adoption Aligned with local health district geography e-Healthy Community Profile

6 EHR Adoption Rates

7 cHIE Participation

8 E-Prescribing Utilization Rates

9 Utah e-Prescribing Utilization* * eRx Utilization defined as electronic prescriptions/total prescriptions Source data: Medco

10 Meaningful Use EHR Incentives* Utah Providers & Hospitals MedicareMedicaidTotal Paid Count Payment Amount Paid Count Payment Amount Paid Count Payment Amount 442$13,059,589232$12,495,611674$25,555,200 Nearly $7 billion paid out across the country * January 2011-August 2012 Data source: Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/DataAndReports.html

11 Meaningful Use Priority Area #2: Engage patients and their families through: timely access to data, knowledge, and tools to make informed decisions and manage their health Patient Engagement through Health IT

12 Meaningful Patient Engagement Clinical Visit Summary Patient Portal Patient Education Patient Reminders & Patient Lists – utilizing registries for population care management Summary of Care Record – sharing between providers of care, accurate information avoids duplication and waste

13 Utahs Health IT Regional Extension Center Materials on our website - EHR Adoption & Implementation Tools Meaningful Use Education & Tools Privacy & Security Templates & Tools Seminars and presentations In-office Meaningful Use education

14 Utahs Health IT Regional Extension Center Direct technical support services Over 950 Providers (~160 Practices/Hospitals) EHR Selection and Adoption System and Process Improvements Meaningful Use Attainment and Attestation Reaching Meaningful Use Over 225 Providers (~50 Practices/Hospitals) REC Support Services still available to both Primary Care and Specialty Providers

15 Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE) Building the cHIE – The Time is NOW

16 Utahs state-designated HIE named Clinical Health Information Exchange or cHIE (prounounced chee) Connects healthcare organizations in Utah to exchange clinical health information across disparate medical record systems Utahs cHIE

17 Patient Data is Available

18 Providers Contributing Data

19 Join the Effort– Build the cHIE Collect Consent from your patients Use the Virtual Health Record (VHR) for your patients Connect to contribute data

20 Discussion In your groups, discuss the following: Your organizations current state of Health IT adoption (EHR, cHIE, e-Rx, etc.) Three (3) things that you can do in your organizations to engage and support patients more using Health IT

21 eHealthy Community Website: HealthInsight Wyatt L. Packer cHIE www.mychie.orgQuestions?

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