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Influenza Clinic Volunteer Orientation

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1 Influenza Clinic Volunteer Orientation

2 Introduction to Operation Immunization
Leadership Operation Immunization Co-Chairs- Michelle Hancock, Melissa Sanders Operation Immunization Committee Leaders- Kathleen Drobnicki, Carline Joseph, Alex Miller, Verona Xhixhi Operation Immunization Advisor- Dr. Ohri, Dr. Castillo Shoo the Flu Vaccine Clinic Coordinator- Sue Weston OISSE- Kate Martens Stricklett Additional Event Coordinator- Dr. O’Brien

3 Introduction to Operation Immunization
Activities Vaccination Clinics Screening, Education & Promotion Events

4 Introduction to Operation Immunization: Vaccine Clinics
Shoo the Flu at CU Community Engagements Doses from the Dean

5 Introduction to Operation Immunization: Screening, Promotion & Education
Goal: Spread awareness of certain disease states preventable through immunizations in children, adolescent, adult, and elderly populations

6 Introduction to Operation Immunization: Screening, Promotion & Education
Binational Health Week Events Youth Emergency Services (YES) Clinic Holy Family Church Clinic Joy of Life Ministries Mexican Consulate


8 Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
Introduction to Operation Immunization: Screening, Promotion & Education Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Vaccine Promotion

9 Introduction to Operation Immunization: Screening, Promotion & Education
Opportunities to get involved “Shoo the Flu at CU” advertising campaign Vaccine promotion poster creation

10 How to Volunteer Clinic Dates Eventbrite Approved for Service Hours

11 How to Volunteer: Clinic Dates
(Mon) 3:00 – 6:00pm Boyne 149C (Tues) 11:00 – 2:00pm Skutt 104 (Thurs) (Mon) 11:00 – 1:00pm Brandeis Lab (Thurs) Boyne 137 (Mon) Harper 3027 (Thurs) Criss III L-60 (Wed) Skutt Ballroom (Mon)

12 How to Volunteer: Registration
OISSE Eventbrite Community Engagement Cues

13 Operation Immunization Training Video


15 Special Circumstances
Addressing Patient Anxiety Emergency Response Fainting Needlestick Anaphylaxis

16 Special Circumstances: ABCs of Addressing Patient Anxiety
A = Assess your patient – Look for signs of anxiety (patient admits to fear or history of fainting; joking but appears nervous; pale, trembling; resisting vaccination) B = Be prepared and empathetic – Practice what to say & do to help nervous patients; No razzing! C = Comfort – Offer privacy and support; Ask supervisor/another vaccinator/ patient’s companion to assist you in supporting patient through process (hand on shoulder or hold patient’s hand); Care for behind screen D = Distraction – Ask patient about school, work……… Chat about trivia / Tell a joke; Ask patient to try whistling – Afterwards: Compliment patient on bravery in going through with vaccination even when nervous; Review benefits of vaccination

17 Special Circumstances: Emergency Response - Fainting
Fainting: - Patient becomes pale or dizzy, especially upon rising from chair; may indicate that they are feeling “funny” Action: - Help person to sit back securely, and support to prevent falling OR help person to lay on the floor and elevate feet Notify supervisor immediately The patient will typically recover within a few minutes, but should not be released to leave until checked by the clinic faculty or staff supervisor.

18 Special Circumstances: Emergency Response – Needle Stick
Needle Stick – injection of a used needle onto or below the skin of a person other than the individual just injected with the needle - Exposure to bloodborne pathogens is possible with any such exposure regardless of knowing the vaccinee, or the extent of exposure (volume or how deep under the skin) Seek assistance of supervisor immediately with any such exposure Next step will be to clean the area thoroughly with soap and water. Supervisor will direct further action.

19 Special Circumstances: Emergency Response - Anaphylaxis
Symptoms of concern may present as rapid onset itching, skin redness, swelling/hives; sneezing, hoarseness, wheezing, increasing breathing difficulty; passing out Seek assistance of supervisor immediately Epi Pen: An auto-injector used for the emergency injection of epinephrine, medicine used for life-threatening allergic reactions - Must always be available during clinic. Supervisor will direct on use, and on triggering of 911.

20 For more information go to:


22 FluMist

23 Influenza Vaccines Two types of influenza vaccine:
1. Inactivated vaccine - Does not contain live virus components - Administered by injection Live, attenuated vaccine - Contains weakened virus (quadrivalent) - Administered in a Nasal Spray. Available in Student Health—$20/dose

Circle one 1. Is this the 1st flu vaccine you have received? YES NO 2. Are you under 19 years of age? YES NO 3. Do you have a fever or active infection today? YES NO Do you have a history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome YES NO (severe paralytic illness)? 5. Do you have a severe (life threatening) allergy to the following? A. Eggs or chicken? YES NO B. Thimerosal (mercury derivative)? YES NO 6. Have you had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine? YES NO If yes, explain: ______________________________________________________ “I have had a chance to ask questions that were answered to my satisfaction. I believe that I understand the benefits and risks of the Fluvirin® vaccine and ask that the vaccine be given to me or to the person named below for whom I am authorized to make this request.” NET ID: ____________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH: ______/______/______ NAME: LAST FIRST MI Signature of person to receive vaccine or person authorized to make request (parent or guardian) X______________________________________ DATE: ______________ Lot: ________________ Exp: VIS: Injection site: L / R deltoid Administered By:_________________________________________________________________DATE:____________________ Student/Staff Student Health Services

25 Thank you! Questions? Please contact: Michelle Hancock Melissa Sanders Dr. Ohri Sue Weston

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