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Dear Open Wide Foundation Donor, On behalf of myself and the Open Wide Foundation Board of Directors I would like to thank you for your commitment to bringing health and hope to communities in need. Your support means a great deal to us; together we’re not only providing critically needed dental care, we are creating a new platform for long-term and sustainable change in the oral health of underserved communities worldwide. Our goal was simple: to provide quality care to people who need it most desperately. In our 2012 inaugural year, over 150 dental volunteers donated their time in our first OWF clinic in Peronia Guatemala. The clinic has served over 3000 patients and performed over 1.7 million dollars in dental services. In addition to providing patient care, we have partnered with local Guatemalan private and public universities to join us on-site. Guided by the experienced hands of our Open Wide dentist volunteers, we have provided hands-on experience, mentoring and training to many young Guatemalan dental students. OWF has also trained local practicing dentists and our on-site clinic staff in office procedures, clinic management and patient care. Within a five-year period, our goal is to turn the Peronia Clinic over to the local community while we go on to replicate this model in other underserved areas. What better gift to give than sustained oral health for generations to come? Thank you for opening your hearts and calendars to make this amazing project get off to a tremendous inaugural year. Sincerely, Glen Wysel Co-Chair & Founder IMTIAZ MANJI CEO Spear Education & Winter Laboratory OWF Co-Chairman/ Founder GLEN WYSEL Partner Spear Education LISA WYSEL OWF Secretary/ Founder HONORARY BOARD FRANK SPEAR Founder & Director Spear Education PAUL GUGENHEIM President Patterson Dental COMMITTEE CHAIRS EVELYN PAIZ Int’l Relations Specialist OWF Co-Chair Development MATT O’SHEA Dentist OWF Co-Chair Development DR. MIKE JOHNSON Dentist OWF Chair Dental Clinic JOE A. BLAES, DDS Chief Editor Dental Economics OWF Co-chair Outreach MICHAEL AUGINS President Sirona Dental Systems OWF Chair Industry Equipment PAUL ISLER Dentist OWF Co-chair Outreach

Open Wide Foundation is dedicated to making a significant, measurable and lasting change in the state of oral health in impoverished communities worldwide. Sustainable change is an outcome that can only be realized though a multi-faceted initiative. Open Wide has a comprehensive and unique model that offers a paradigm shift in humanitarian dental care. “The mission of Open Wide Foundation is to bring health and hope to communities in need.” Imtiaz Manji

4 SETTING THE COURSE VISION: To bring lasting change to the state of oral health in underserved communities worldwide; through the development of sustainable clinics built in conjunction with the communities they serve. OUR GUIDING PRINICIPALS dictate these requirements for choosing a location for Open Wide Foundation Clinics: NEED We work only in communities that have great need, and ask for our help. LOCAL SUPPORT Government Support Invests in project (capital & staff) Agrees to sustain the clinic LASTING Local Universities are committed to OWF mentoring local dental students Clinic will be independent within 5 years OPEN WIDE FOUR PHASE CLINIC TRASITION PLAN: PHASE 1 : Mission / Outreach PHASE 2: Restorative Care - BASIC PHASE 3: Restorative Care - ADVANCED PHASE 4: TRANSITION CLINIC TO COMMUNITY

5 MORE DENTAL HEALTH WORKING TOGETHER TO BETTER ORAL HEALTH Guatemalan dentists from the Municipality of Villa Nueva have been working at the clinic during the weeks when no U.S. Dental team is scheduled. Open Wide Foundation has provided these dentists access to advanced training materials on best clinical practices and access to online clinical assistance through SPEAR Education Online. A University of San Carlos 5th year dental student Mario Mayen, has interned in the clinic for most of The program is expected to continue in OWF is also adding a practicum/mentoring program in partnership with private University Mariano Galvez. The reach and influence of OWF to enhance the education of the next generation of dentists in Guatemala is going tremendously well. Mario Mayen PREVENTIVE CARE Mario, the fifth year (5th) dental student intern from the University of San Carlos, has been giving fluoride washes & oral health talks to as many as 1,700 Peronia school children weekly. Data collection is also being accumulated as part of an ongoing Nationwide Oral Health Study. HOME CARE Every person receiving service at the clinic receives a complimentary toothbrush/paste home care package, thanks to a large donation by Proctor & Gamble Central America.

6 HOPE MADE REAL VILLA NUEVA COUNTY The Municipality of Villa Nueva is ready to start the construction of a Dental Training Center adjacent to the Peronia Clinic. It is set to break ground in early 2013. “The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn't even think to ask” CITY OF PERONIA Has started planning four (4) more initiatives: Preschool Girl’s vocational high school Youth Literacy Program Respite care facility

7 DENTISTS OPEN WIDE “…you get back far more than you give,…you are going to feel fulfilled personally. - Mary Ann Salcetti “… you know when people appreciate something at that level , you feel it down really deep. .. you feel a thankfulness that goes beyond thank you . You see it in their eyes and I get emotional about it.” - Jim Merriman “… there is nothing quite like it when somebody looks up at you with that look and I know you get it every once in a while, it happened every day in Guatemala” - Gary DeWood



The incredible generosity of our individual sponsors covers the administrative cost of the foundation. Because of them, we are able to allocate 100% of your donation directly to the clinic. $25,000 DONATIONS IMTIAZ MANJI FRANK & CHARLENE SPEAR SPEAR EDUCATION GLEN & LISA WYSEL Left to Right: Frank & Charlene Spear, Jake Chalmers, Glen Wysel, Imtiaz Manji, Kaleim Manji, Rezwan Manji, Carl Choscano,

Each of the following dentists contributed clinic service, and the following monetary donations: $15,000 DR. MATT O’SHEA $10,000 DR. DUKE HERRERO $5,000 DR. JAMES SLAMAN $2,500 DR. STEVE RATCLIFF $2,000 DR. GINO BRINO, AND DR. ALEXANDRA GERMAIN $1,000 Dr. Joe Alan Dr. Karen Gordon Dr. Jim Merriman Dr. James Say Dr. Uzma Ansari Dr. Nikki Green Dr. Rick Miller Dr. Larry Saylor Dr. Andrew Arnouk Dr. Miles Guyton Dr. Thomas R Miller Dr. Daryl Shinkewski Dr. Will Baker Dr. Karen Harris Dr. Melissa Minger Dr. Paul Barton Dr. Brett Helton Dr. Armen Mirzayan Dr. Jason Shook Dr. Richard Boehme Dr. Everett Heringer Dr. Jim Moran Dr. David Stevens Dr. Ileana Carreno Dr. Scott Morse Dr. Edwin Stewart Dr. Tim Christian Dr. Joseph/Janice Holliday Dr. Mitch Mortimer Dr. Sheldon Sullivan Dr. Scott Clinton Dr. Melissa Musolf Dr. Jarrod Cornehl Dr. Gary Jacky Dr. Jon B Musser Dr. Patrick Sweeney Dr. Dan Custis Dr. Michael Johnson Dr. Vannah Nantz Craft Dr. Thomas M Taylor Dr. Anna Dalavurak Dr. Chad Johnson Dr. Johanna Tesoniero Dr. Russell Danner Dr. Jason Juarez Dr. Darin O’Bryan Dr. Jeffrey Danner Dr. Marc Kaplan Dr. James Ott Dr. Rick Timm Dr. Amparo David Dr. Gary Kaye Dr. W. Lee Payne Dr. Berrnie Villadiego Dr. Claudia Denes Dr. Ron Kent Dr. Rob Pearce Dr. Walter Denham Dr. David R Kerr Dr. Rose Perpich Dr. Peter Virga Ms. Teri Dervenis Dr. David Konikoff Dr. David Poelman Dr. Kent Wagner Dr. Gary DeWood Dr. Roger M. Kriete Dr. Larry Puccini Dr. Andrew & Anita Wells Dr. Anna Douglas Dr. Walter J Leckowicz Dr. Melman Rastegar-Lari Dr. Jason Ehtessabian Dr. Susan Whiteneck Dr. Brian LeSage Dr. Murali Ravel Dr. Alicia J Willette Dr. Alex Fay Dr. Christie Leedy Dr. Polly Reese Dr. Jim Fay Dr. Robert Leedy Dr. Jeffrey Rempell Dr. Chris Wilson Dr. T.Gary Forester Dr. Cheryl Lindgren Dr. Jay Reznick Dr. Melissa Zettler Dr. Tom Froning Dr. Val Ludlow Dr. Ray Ricci Dr. Marc Gainor Dr. Phil Mamolito Dr. Steve Rogers Dr. Peter Gardell Dr. Kevin Mansell Dr. Mary Anne Salcetti Dr. Steven Goguen Dr. Rex Menke

SEEING IS BELIEVING 2012 FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTORS $5,000 DR. TERE NELSON DR. NANCY ROTROFF $2,000 DR. JULIA McGARY DR. AMY SCRIVEN DR. JOHN SWEENEY $1,000 Dr. Daniel J Armstrong Dr. Lisa Ference Dr. Nick Nguyen Dr. Scott Barrix Dr. Mark Fleming Dr. Glenda Owen Dr. Jerald Bates Dr. William Frasersmith Dr. Gregory Phillips Dr. Barbro Beckett Dr. Troy Gombert Dr. Barbara Preussner Dr. Susan D Bernstein Dr. Darren Greenhalgh Dr. Sam Puri Dr. Chad Biggerstaff Dr. Scott Hicks Dr. Richard Roccanova Dr. Anthony Benassi Dr. Jeff Holmberg Dr. Richard Rosenblatt Dr. Kirk Bond Dr. Mark Hyman Dr. Nancy Rotroff Dr. Scott Branyon Dr. Mary Isaacs Dr. Donna Sahutske Dr. Bridget Burris Dr. Mira Iskandar Dr. Daniel Sahutske Dr. Marilyn Calvo Dr. Timothy Jacobson Dr. Doug Sandquist Dr. Christine Campbell Dr. Thomas W Kauffman Dr. Dave Sandquist Dr. Paul Cannariato Dr. Sylvia Kowalewski Dr. Parisa Seperi Dr. Catherine Cech Dr. John Luker Dr. Susan Spoto Dr. Peter Chung Dr. Costin Marinescu Dr. John Sweeney Dr. Audry (W) Crawford Dr. Julia McGary Dr. Beverly Taylor Dr. Stanley (H) Crawford Dr. Shairoz Meghji Dr. Rodney Thornell Dr. David Curry Dr. Martin Mendleson Dr. Daniel Vasquez Dr. Jeffrey D Day Dr. Orlando Morantes Dr. Michael Velling Dr. Randall Deaton Dr. Tere Nelson Dr. Calvin Yang Dr. James Definnis Dr. Ryan Nelson Dr. Duke Yang Dr. Brian Dennis Dr. Christopher Nelson Dr. Mike Doty Dr. Thuan-anh Nguyen

13 OUR MISSION “The mission of Open Wide Foundation is to bring health and hope to communities in need.” Imtiaz Manji 7201 EAST PRINCESS BOULEVARD SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA 85255

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