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Personas for Psychiatric Clinic App June 10th, 2013 Hubert Park Joan Storey Analicia Villanueva.

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1 Personas for Psychiatric Clinic App June 10th, 2013 Hubert Park Joan Storey Analicia Villanueva

2 Persona #1 – Belkis Rosario Working mom in early 40s History of abuse Suffers from depression Originally from Dominican Republic Limited English She lives with her mother, grandmother, and five kids. CC: I forget to take my medications and I suffer from bouts of severe depression

3 Persona #1 – Belkis Rosario Her story…

4 Persona #2 – Caroline Walker 24yo African-American female. Attends city college and lives in inner city. Boyfriend whos not always faithful. Individual therapy for 2 years for depression. Low self-esteem and moody. Rx: Celexa to some improvement Patients Chief Concern: Wondering if I should stop the medication

5 Persona #2 – Caroline Jackson Her story…

6 Persona #3 – Irving Johnson African-American gay male in his early 30s; Dx with HIV+ in 1990 Current t cells 300, Viral load undectable. Rx: Combivir, Prozac (80mg). Marijuana and ecstasy on weekends. Depression, anxiety; HTN and hypercholesteremia due to HIV meds. Anonymous sex but wishes for a long-term partner. Very active in pro-gay movement. Likes to look buff, worried about weight gain. CC: 80mg Prozac is beyond FDA recommendations

7 Persona #3 – Irving Johnson His story…

8 Needs of the psych patients Easy, comfortable, and relaxing Will need something appealing on the app to maintain her interest in future visits Ensure privacy/confidentiality Information on current medications: risk, benefits, and alternatives Facilitate efficiency in time spent with MDs – can send queries ahead of the actual visits so the physician can prepare with relevant information

9 Evaluation of personas Accuracy Realistic Comprehensive Any missing information?

10 Thoughts or suggestions for the app design?

11 Mobile App User Personas Mobile Health App Design June 10, 2013 Sami, Sue, Toby, Joelle

12 Goals & Organization Organization/context: a hospital system with outpatient clinics Widespread, relatively quick adoption Connect with patient EHRs Institutional support Strong need for improved efficiency within this setting Goals: To improve the efficiency and quality of the time spent during the patient/provider interaction Streamline communication Enhance patient satisfaction, adherence to treatment/care and retention Improve patient health outcomes

13 Patient with Chronic Illness Robert, 65 Living with fibromyalgia and other medical complications as well. Never married and recently retired although he had a tough time holding a job throughout his 40's and 50's due to his illness. Has been managing his symptoms for years but still requires frequent trips to multiple doctors. On a variety of medications. Financially insecure and concerned about finances. Doesn't have a big social/family support system. Reluctantly bought a smartphone after his antiquated flip phone died last year. Doesn't use it for much beyond basic phone capabilities.

14 Robert A Day in the Life Morning routine: medications, breakfast, review upcoming doctors appointments Afternoon physical therapy appointment: paperwork, late start to appointment, discussion with PT Evening routine: medications, dinner, early bedtime

15 Busy Parent with Children Suzanna, 41 and Becky, 13 Suzanna is a single mother, living in an apartment in Boston with her daughter Becky. She is very busy working as a manager of a CVS/pharmacy and taking care of her daughter. Although she cares a lot about her daughters health, her schedule is not very flexible leaving limited time to spend at doctors appointments. Suzanna is worried about Beckys recent weight gain but at her last yearly check-up Becky was overall healthy. Suzanna also struggles with her weight and was told at her last doctor's visit a few years ago, she had prehypertension. Suzanna has a Smartphone that she uses often. Becky does not have a Smartphone but spends a lot of time on the internet when she is at home.

16 Suzanna and Becky A Day in the Life Downloads app and fills out forms on corresponding website the night before appointment Day of appointment, uses app while waiting for daughter, to note questions and concerns she wants to discuss at the appointment After appointment, uses app and online component to obtain relevant health information Continues to uses app to track weight and blood pressure and receives reminders about scheduling appointment

17 Healthy, Young Adult Angela, 23 Angela is a healthy young woman who grew up in the suburbs with her parents and younger brother. She has not had any medical issues, though hypertension and breast cancer run in her family. Angela was the first in her family to attend college. She recently graduated from a large state university in western Massachusetts where she studied marketing. Though Angela had a difficult time finding a new job, she just started working in the city as an administrative assistant for a large advertising company. Angela lives in an apartment with 2 other roommates in Boston. Angela is very comfortable with her smartphone, which she uses for work and personal use.

18 Angela A Day in the Life Wakes up early and gets ready for work. On the T, completes medical/insurance info for her doctor's appointment in the afternoon Notified via app of time in appointment change Receives personalized brochures/information when arrives at clinic NP reviews questions/concerns Angela had submitted prior to appointment; notes and prescription added to app Angela schedules next appointment

19 Recent Immigrant Francisco, 50 Francisco recently immigrated to Boston from Cape Verde. He spent most of his life on the island of Santiago, where he worked on a sugar cane farm and raised 3 children with his wife, Linda. Their children all emigrated to MA and RI over the past 5 years and he and Linda followed. Francisco is fairly healthy although he has had increasingly severe back pain over the last several months, stemming from an injury he sustained at work years ago.

20 Francisco A Day in the Life Wakes up early, has breakfast, takes aspirin. Cousin Mathias arrives to take him to his appointment. Mathias shows him the app, received from the doctor's office. Together, they complete the background forms. o Link to request interpreter, Portuguese translation o Record questions/concerns o Notification that doctor is running late o Readings on back pain, video demo of stretches Arrive on time, greeted by interpreter and doc Spend appointment discussing stretches, exercises, likelihood of working again soon Track pain and PT regimen on app, online, or on a tablet at the office before next appointment

21 Liz Rafferty Kim Paull Katia Miller PATIENT-DOCTOR COMMUNICATION

22 TARGET USER POPULATIONS High School Students o Freshman and Sophomore Females College Students o Freshman and Sophomore Females o Junior and Senior Males

23 CHARACTERISTICS Chronic illness Behavioral health need Acute illness Latino Black/African- American White Rural college campus Urban college campus High school

24 PERSONA 1 Black/African-American female Freshman or sophomore in college Has a chronic illness Attends college in an urban environment Name: Kayla Johnson

25 SCENARIO 1 Today is Kayla's yearly appointment with her primary care physician (who happens to be her pediatric doctor, she still has yet to find another doctor for this stage in her life). She makes this appointment to renew the prescription for her inhaler, used to control her asthma. Her doctor's appointment is the one time each year she has the opportunity to ask questions regarding her illness. The waiting time before her appointment allows her the opportunity to ask questions using the app we created regarding her asthma and not be embarrassed or scared to do so. The questions allow for a true and honest conversation between Kayla and her doctor that leads her to better manage her asthma.

26 PERSONA 2 Caucasian female Freshman or sophomore in suburban high school Usually healthy; currently has mono Keeps a busy schedule with academics and extracurriculars Has on again, off again boyfriend Says she would "just die without her cell phone" Name: Melissa Bridges

27 SCENARIO 2 Melissa has been feeling run down over the last few weeks. She has been staying up nights to catch up on studying. Lately she is feeling increasingly fatigued and her throat is sore. She uses the internet to search her symptoms. Someone on Yahoo! Answers board on mono suggest an app to a previous poster that gives you a list of helpful questions to ask your doctor at your visit. You can customize the app to better suit your pre-existing condition, or it will tailor suggestions for your symptoms. Melissa downloads the app before an appointment with her doctor to see about her symptoms. This way Melissa is prepared and better educated with mono symptoms and treatments even before she sees a doctor. She can also use the app to optimizer her post-visit care.

28 PERSONA 3 Latino Male, upper-level college student (20-22 years old) in a rural (non-urban) higher education setting Has struggled with undiagnosed anxiety and depression since puberty Agricultural sciences major, dean's list since Freshman year; high achieving Joab has a few close friends and is most comfortable alone. He does not know anyone else who has sought mental health counseling or treatment, but does trust the campus' primary care team. Name: Joab Cano

29 SCENARIO 3 Joab's recently experienced homophobic treatment, which triggered physical and emotional symptoms of depression and anxiety. He now has headaches, loss of appetite, an accelerated heart rate, lack of motivation to socialize or attend class and has developed a social paranoia Joab few close friends know the academic and superficial side of him well but have not developed deep, emotional relationships. They are only now noticing his isolation and abnormal behavior. Joab hopes to receive treatment for the physical symptoms of his anxiety and depression, but won't ask about the mental/emotional side of his struggles unless prompted by the provider

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