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Introduction to Clinical Social Franchising Private Sector Healthcare Initiative (PSHi)

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1 Introduction to Clinical Social Franchising Private Sector Healthcare Initiative (PSHi)

2 Introduction and History

3 NGO or Hospital Private Clinic Private Clinic Private Clinic Problem: Many private clinics but limited range of services, uncertain quality Social Franchising: Common Situation

4 Private Clinic Private Clinic Private Clinic Franchisor Franchisee Clinic Franchisee Clinic Franchisee Clinic Branding Training Standards Commodities Branding Training Standards Commodities Membership fee Goals: Access/Scale Cost-effectiveness Quality Equity Social Franchising: Components

5 Franchises around the world

6 PSHis Role in Franchising

7 Funding

8 Compendium Origin: modeled on DKTs Social Marketing compendia – 4 annual updates to date Intent: designed to give the casually interested party an informative document outlining the social franchising landscape – Includes both broad information general franchising scope and then specific information about each franchise Target audience: donors, implementers, donors, and donors Timing: surveys go out in Jan/Feb, data collected in March, compiled and written in April, published late April/early June 2013 changes/additions – Incorporating our pilot for health impact reporting – Formatting adjustments – one page per franchise, more infographics

9 Metrics Working Group History: Begun in 2010 (?), Watamu meeting in Nov 2011, Toronto meeting planned for April 2013 Partners: members come from PSI, MSI, Pop Council, JHMI, UCSF, WHP, DKT, Gates, Rockefeller, USAID, IPPF, (R4D), [IHME] Products: – Metrics to match the 5 pillars of social franchising: equity, cost- effectiveness, health market expansion, health impact, quality – Completed metrics: equity, health impact (still being piloted) Timing: monthly meetings with periodic in-person meetings, often around conferences Process: design, pilot, analyze, vote, promote Toronto plan: Quality and Health Market Expansion Advocacy and engagement: – How do we actually get everyone to start using our metrics? – How do we impart to organizations the importance of using standardized metrics? Why is it important to know the poverty status of your clientele? – What technical assistance will smaller franchises need and how can we facilitate that?

10 Demand Side Financing Working Group History: Franchising taken by UCSF, DSF by R4D. Left fallow for some time, revived in Dec 2012. Partners: MSI, PSI, Pop Council, Options, UCSF, [others?] Products: Still writing scope of work, but preliminary conversations on similar indicators as SF MWG – equity, health impact, cost-effectiveness, health market expansion, quality Meetings: once every 4-6 weeks, more once scope of work and targets are defined Process: Similar to SF MWG – design (or adapt), pilot, analyze, vote, promote

11 Case Studies Stakeholders from the SF4Health community are increasingly undertaking qualitative case studies to encourage comparison and cross-pollination among programs worldwide. The GHG and partner organizations have published a series of case studies on social franchises around the world. The case study template is now available for public use. DKTs Andalan Indonesia, October 2012 World Health Partners, February 2012 Tinh Chi Em (Sisterhood), February 2012 Child Family Wellness, January 2012 Top Réseau Madagascar, September 2011 BlueStar VietNam, July 2011 RedPlan Salud Peru | Spanish, June 2011 Smiling Sun Bangladesh, April 2011 Tunza Kenya, January 2011 Sun Quality Health Myanmar, September 2010 Suraj Pakistan, July 2010 BlueStar Pilipinas, April 2011 Amua Network Kenya, January 2010 BlueStar Ethiopia, January 2010 BlueStar Ghana, September 2009 CareShop Ghana, World Resources Institute, April 2008 Green Star Pakistan, Population Council, October 2005 Green Star Pakistan, September 2001

12 The First Global Conference on Social Franchising 165 participants Representatives of franchise organizations and managers, government, donor organizations, researchers Implementer-focussed Unique components: quality awards, new service contest, trainings, field visits

13 Conferences Conferences planned for early 2014 and late 2015(?) Seed funding from CHMI (Gates) but need to fundraise to cover full costs Planning for 2014 is a priority!

14 Growing the Community of Practice Sf4health Newsletters Communications Twitter Blog Conference communications Improve engagement among CoP members Increase our external communications Goals

15 Social Franchising Officer Goals Compendium Work with Eric to produce the 2013 compendium of SF programs An ongoing goal is to think about how this resource can be improved and made more useful each year Conferences Planning for 2014 needs to start immediately Steering committee Location/venue Participants Draft Agenda Case Studies One Case study for 2014 Think about how to improve case study methodology Work with programs to conduct their own case studies using template CoP Maintain and improve SF4Health website Create social franchising communications strategy to improve dissemination and engagement Metircs Participate in metrics working group Work with Eric on specific metrics projects and metrics dissemination activities and tools as they arise Engage community of practice members Document current practices and programs Create useful tools and resources Disseminate available tools and resources

16 Questions and Discussion

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