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Comprehensive Health & Wellness Clinic Anna Marshall Miriam Slaugh.

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1 Comprehensive Health & Wellness Clinic Anna Marshall Miriam Slaugh

2 A Small Business Plan by: Anna Marshall Miriam Slaugh

3 A Business Plan Anna Marshall Miriam Slaugh

4 General ServicesWellness Services Pre-employment physicals Wellness education, classes Monitor chronic diseases Dietary education Treatment of common minor illnesses Exercise & weight management program Work-related injuries & illnesses Vaccinations: tetanus & influenza

5 Acute TreatmentLab & Diagnostic URIs, sore throats, allergy-related symptoms, sinus infections Phlebotomy services Routine lab Urinary tract infectionsInfluenza screening Skin: Insect bites, minor burns, rashes Pregnancy testing Ear: infections & ear washes Diabetes screening Drug screening

6 Product Definition: Onsite Health and Wellness Clinic serving the employees at XYZ corporation. Comprehensive health solutions will work to keep employees at work, decrease employee turnover, increase productivity, & prevent employee injuries by improving the health of individuals.

7 Market Analysis of XYZ: Demographics: Corporate Manufacturing & Distribution Center that employs 700+ employees. Employee Age: 18-65 years of age Salary Income: $10.00-25.00 per hour Competitors: Primary care physicians, Prompt Care, First Med, Lawrence Memorial Hospital emergency department, and Walgreens Take Care Clinic.

8 Market Analysis of Lawrence: DemographicsRace/EthnicityAge Distribution Population 102,914White 87.5%Under Age 19 - 22.4% Living below poverty level: 20.7% Black 4.1%Age 19-64 - 69.1% Median resident age 26.6 years American Indian 2.1%Age 65-84 - 7.3% Current college students 25,640 Asian/Pacific Islander 3.8% Age 85+ - 1.2% Median household income $46,394 Hispanic origin 3.6%

9 Mission Statement: To provide high-quality individualized care promoting optimal health practices and service excellence while at work.

10 Operational Projection A three-year contract with Corporation XYZ will be signed with the ability to negotiate for additional services and increased compensation every 12 months. CHWC will provide high quality primary and preventative health care services to the 700+ employees of the XYZ Corp. in a convenient clinic setting. The clinic will be housed in a 600 sq ft space, within the companys building. Location was chosen for ease of accessibility & reasonable rental costs.

11 Operational Projection 2 APRNs will each provide $35,000 to cover start-up costs for the business. The APRNs will each work 20 hours per week, at $50 per hour to staff the clinic 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday. Services will be provided by appointment or on a walk-in basis to the employees of the Lawrence- based XYZ Corporation Care rendered will be based on the individuals health needs and the professional opinions of staff APRNs. Referrals for additional care & services, such as laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, therapy, and physician consultations made, as appropriate.

12 Operational Projection Data will be collected and reported to the management of Corp. XYZ in regard to the amount of care provided by the clinic. Corporate account obtained with McKesson Medical Supplier for acquisition of supplies needed. Plan to keep one months worth of inventory on hand. Core inventory list will be generated and changes made based on the emerging needs of the population being served.

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